Are We Really Ready?

The headlines today say that Facebook is creating  “an immersive environment called Horizon to tempt people into spending more time in virtual reality.”  They’re calling this virtual world “Horizon”.

I just recently finished reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which is about a future in which a worldwide virtual reality called “Oasis” has become the reality for most people.  Despite there being some seriously bad guys in the story, Ready Player One is much more optimistic about this future virtual world than I am.

Having just written yesterday about my unhappiness with my phone game addiction, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to jump into a virtual reality world with both feet. I mean, if you spend lots more time in “Horizon” or “Oasis” or “Eden”, who does the dishes and vacuums the dog hair?  My job of physically sending people to exotic destinations would be kaput.  In Ready Player One, many people got jobs in the Oasis but it still doesn’t answer the question of who makes your frozen burritos and who maintains the building you live in.

So I think I’ll pass. At least for now.

You just got a new planet for your birthday. What would you call it?  Anything special about it?

31 thoughts on “Are We Really Ready?”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I cannot say I would ever WANT a planet for my birthday. I am very certain my first move would be to unload it. “Planet Candy Crush.” I also do not want to be lost in a virtual world. My Spider Solitaire Game is the closest I have to an addiction. Candy Crush I played for a while. I remember at my aunt’s funeral my cousin Carol and I stood in line for a little lunch, discussing how addicting the game was. To be fair, she was into it a lot more than I was, spending a lot of money on the thing and playing at work. At that point I deleted the app and never even missed it much. At least the app, Word Collect, an anagram game, is good for my aging brain and requires slow thought, which I am OK with.
    I can stop playing when it is no longer fun or challenging.

    With the money I get for Planet Candy Crush, assuming anyone would ever be dumb enough to pay me for a virtual planet, I would use to pay someone else to vacuum the dog hair and do the dishes.

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    1. Well, let’s just have dogs that either don’t shed, or the hairs just evaporate after falling off the dog.
      And grass that greens up and looks nice, but never gets any longer and doesn’t need mowing?
      Dishes: Hmm, edible? Also evaporating? Self Cleaning? (see ‘Dog’) Self sterilizing? No traffic.

      And it would be called “Home”.
      Man, is that too cheesy! 🙂

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  2. So. I now have a planet. Have to channel my grandpa and ask the main question: what grows on it?

    I know we are not due for frost quite yet, but I get are talking about it up north, so I’m looking at the tomatoes in the yard in a different way…

    The closet I get to a virtual world is watching the show in DC, and I used to live there, so even that has some element of “reality” for me.

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  3. Well, my own planet will have about three moons. It will the climate of Earth from about 100 years ago. All buildings are made af stone, not wood. and there will not be any fossil fuels used.

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  4. Room for my bales, room for all my flowers, room for all my books, and room for some big freezers to put all of these tomatoes in!!

    And I think I’d like to control the weather as well. It doesn’t always have to rain at night but I’d like to choose when it rains.


      1. We may have snow Monday night. We are not at all near Camelot. Tomorrow we will cope with all the produce we will pick. I think the spinach will be ok. It will be peppers and tomatoes we deal with.

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        1. Well, we may only get rain mixed with snow, not like they are getting in Montana. 14 years ago on October 5 marks the worst snow storm we ever had here in my memory. We got 18 inches of wet, heavy snow . Lots of trees lost their limbs in that one.


    1. so you figured out how to channel the water away form the egress window and the drained the gutters away from the foundation?
      chad the drywall guy will be back if not. his sheetrock and supplies cost under $20 for the $200-500 dollar bill he will present you with. my handy man mentor was a drywall guy who did insurance work for years until his body gave out. now he is the handy man advisor at the local hardware store who can explain to folks what they need and how to do the jobs he used to teach me how to do. ill bet ive done just about every job there is in handy man land. you arent an expert until the second time so i may be ready to declare myself an expert if advice is needed for future challenges.
      i always remember the story he told about the stucco patch he had to put in a wall of a twin cities home. the other guys had gotten to color so wrong the owners wanted it done right. he was the 4th guy to try the job. the other guys had tried a cup of pink coloring in a sack of stucco mix or a 1/4 lb , 1/2 lb… nothing worked. he tried two batches one using one copenhagen snooce can of color one using two. all good stucco guys chewed copenhagen and used those empty tins to measure the stuff the measiured. he a*lways time capsules in the walls before he closed them up to leave a reference for the guy who came back in the future for whatever reason to have a fun discovery. too bad his body went bad ghe would be a treasure to keep these older homes up and running. fancy plaster work, fireplace tweaking, wall and ceiling patches form ice backups. electrical plumbing roofing windows he taught it all.
      there no such thing as OT on the trail

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      1. The problem was torrential rain and a leaf-plugged down spout. We did it to ourselves through negligence. The damage to the wall is far less than we thought, and he applied Kilz primer to some of the mildewed parts instead of replacing it.

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  5. my planet would be the first wifi bluetooth tech driven planet with the little prince as my model.
    have a rose on it and make it a volcano friendly place so i coud boil my tea.
    exupery is a good name for a planet.
    after the little prince author.
    i love that book

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  6. As you can imagine, this planet (and its universe) of mine has BEAMING, and it’s been perfected (no concern about accidents caused by partial re-substantiation). This means we can travel easily wherever we want, and are not tied to any one place. However, we have a house much like the one we live in now, but it has the screen porch (only larger) and back yard of our Robbinsdale place.

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  7. Labor Day
    Canada’s 30 days before the second-
    Suggested blogging monologue:
    almost started with an old English
    word, instead of ”tick marks” advice
    I wonna sleep with you inside me,
    let us Shag till morning light; ‘’well, it worked’!
    My ‘’’’ due on the 25th Wednesday, maybe- had a baby boy
    Undecided his fallowing name shall be,
    Ison or Lilias Adie
    Pouring new breath fancied either Salem, legendary history City in Massachusetts
    Dear reader
    A bundle of joy
    Young Niece or nephew
    We must continue this labor day reason
    9/2 September is ours
    Mothers gifts
    All wrapped tight,
    – memory too smartly quick
    Pronunciation in between history & genocide, just imagine new lives futures givin’ again, legacy!
    Noting life
    Silent whisper
    philanthropist, screenwriter ect dance & photograph, vocals multi & allies echo careful, my love

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  8. i came up with a planet concept that i have seen in a app and a creative game called sims
    the creation of all aspects of the world are created and tweaked on the app and if you change your mind its pretty easy to do it a different way.
    cool for developing city designs and creating a premise for the civilization you want to create. once you create it ti plus and minus situation becomes evident.
    i dont recall seeing an option for roses or volcanos but i could create some developers to add them in.

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  9. She came from Planet Claire
    I knew she came from there
    She drove a Plymouth Satellite
    Faster than the speed of light

    Planet Claire has pink air
    All the trees are red
    No one ever dies there
    No one has a head

    Some say she’s from Mars
    Or one of the seven stars
    That shine after 3: 30 in the morning
    Well she isn’t.

    She came from Planet Claire
    She came from Planet Claire
    She came from Planet Claire.

    – the B52’s

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