The Stuffed Headboard

Whenever I am out and about and see someone with a massively full baby stroller, I wonder why some folks feel the need to bring every single thing they might possibly need along with them every time they leave the house.

Then I get home to my bedroom. When I bought my bedframe many years ago, I got one with bookshelves because… well, you know why.  Books.  As soon as YA and I had it put together I installed a few books and a box of tissues and figured I was all done.  There was plenty of room.

Fast forward to today. Now I have a bucket of pens/pencils, ibuprofen, a hand mirror, my blood pressure monitor, my Walkman, my laptop, my journal and sticker box, my allergy meds, the land line phone, a cell phone holder, lotion, fingernail polish, some photos, a candle, finger nail clippers, two little notepads, a couple of magazine, a pig bank and a bucket w/ various things like chapstick, Neosporin, a few band-aids, aloe vera gel and Benadryl gel.  And, of course, way more books.

Whenever I try to straighten all this up, I end up leaving most of it there so it’s “handy” if I need it. Guess now know exactly what all those strollers are so full!

What’s essential in your trip kit?

27 thoughts on “The Stuffed Headboard”

  1. just back form gooseberry falls and only the basics went
    pants tee shirts two long sleeved shirts a jacket for weather ax hatchet saw matches phone laptop and matches two iron skillets a spatchula and a knife, two onions 5 potatos and three apples a couple veggie dogs and some spice for the potato onion mix. had to go to the store for eggs and oil i left on the counter but other than that i was all set.
    i had a pair of birkies and a new pair of what appeared to be viet nam era hking boots never worn i picked up at goodwill for my motorcycle that i thought i would bring along and break in on the hike. i should have known it was not a good idea to take a new pair of boots for a strenuous hike but i was save the trouble. we went to a nearby lake superior site before we left and as i walked down to the shore i felt a flapping and thought i had a stick stuck to my shoe. when i hiked down i realized the soles were of an age that the spongy rubber sole simply fell away after a few steps and i was screwed. i got to wear a pair of birkies on the hike and they were not much fun on a muddy slippery sloped up hill down hill day. i was one pair of boots short of the perfect trip. i did get to build up some serious calk muscles with that famous birky toe curl to keep the shoes on every step of the way. felt it a little yesterday and am paying for my sins big time this morning.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    These are the kinds of belongings that I really miss if I forget them–lip balm and Kleenex are especially important for my personal comfort. So is Ibuprofen. I cannot use it for a few more weeks yet. With these big weather changes I am having migraine symptoms and throbbing in my joints that I am needing to tough out with out my ibuprofen. Man do I miss it! Spa patchers help with that, too (like Tiger Balm).

    Other trip bag items:

    iPod-very addicted to the audiobooks and music
    iPad-must have (news, books, spider solitaire, word collect, etc)
    Sea Bands for nausea if I get a migraine
    Roll on migraine treatment (lavender and mint)
    Bag Balm for dry hands
    Sudafed for allergy congestion
    Clean underwear–you just never know at my age!

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  3. i took but did not sit with computer or smart phone.
    i went with the son who is the silent entity in my basement and we had a couple days to chat uninterrupted. i did have to get to my fantasy football team and started looking at other stuff til my son pointed out i had left the room so i finished up and put it away cursing the reminder of trumps latest headline making buffoonery

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  4. The only trips I now take are in my mind, and packing for them is easy.

    I have a theory about the SUV-sized baby carriages. They are so big because some new mom is so unsure of herself. She wants to be ready for anything. Having another kid usually cures that.

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  5. On the rare occasion we travel, we joke about how many suitcases it takes. Kelly says half of it is bathroom supplies for her and Amelia. (facial cleansers, hair brushes, pills, toothpaste and brushes and I don’t know what all else.)
    I pack phone charger and an extension cord. And extra long USB cords.
    I remember the first time I saw my nephew with a 10′ heavy duty USB cord and I was like ‘THEY MAKE THOSE??’. He gave me that one; said he buys them by the 10 pack. And i’ve purchased a few more myself.
    Nightlights are helpful.
    And don’t forget a clothes pin to clip the hotel drapes shut in the morning.

    I never pack enough shirts. Or the wrong styles. And we have never taken our own pillows but I think the last trip proved that’s a mistake.

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        1. I’m glad to learn I exaggerated women’s use of makeup. It will shock you, given how good I look, to learn that my own use of makeup is quite limited. Just a little pancake and discrete touching up around the eyes. I rarely resort to blush or nose powder, and my eyelashes are natural. 🙂

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        2. I wear just a little makeup, but I give up one makeup item every decade. I hated mascara, so that went first when I turned 40. I figured my days of being a “babe” were so over. In a pinch I go without it.


        1. I think you are in good company. Edith was another No Makeup person.

          Last winter when we visited Quartzite, AZ to see the gem shows and the camper cities, my friend and I walked into a crystal shop. The sales woman appeared to be about my age, with graying blonde hair that had grown halfway down her back, hippie style. She was in full and obvious makeup that was very thick. The cherry on top of that sundae, though, was that she shaved off her eyebrows and relocated them a half inch above their nature growth line with brow pencil or a eye brow tattoo (yes there are such things). And the entire space between her eyelashes and the new brow line was filled with turquoise eye shadow.

          We spent our time sneaking peaks at this lady and trying to take her picture, but we never could get a surreptitious shot of her, though. My friend and I both wear little makeup. This lady inspired us to wear even less. It was startling!

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  6. Husband needs his cpap machine and all his meds for his various health issues, hearing aid batteries, and books. He always brings a couple of books. I just need chapstick. And dental floss.

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  7. My purse contains the money, IDs, coupons, nail clippers, lotion & chapstick, flip phone, car fob, calendar, pencils/pens that I might need. That and a water bottle and I’m usually good to go – and I may grab whatever pre-packed bag is appropriate.


  8. “a truly entertaining comment- for such a post like you My name is Hilary.…”
    “The Schindler Jews were off-limits in Brunnlitz.” “Beyond this day, no thinking person could fail to see what would happen.” Oskar …”
    “Yes!”Vous êtes ingrat Shendler’s Suttogás, lanya- mond ez…”
    Taw may ih ngaw lyat – I’m in love with u
    Slan leat when someone leave
    “hope” in Irish is dóchas
    Fail te cead mile fail te – welcome; 100 thousand
    Au bhfuil tu ann -are you there
    Ta me I am
    “great! I can smell from here”
    badan (“body”), mripat (“eye”, ma’rifah,


  9. in real life an ipad smart phone laptop and some headphones are required, a pocketful of tea bags, and the rest i can fake.
    when traveling there is a book called the accidental tourist i read years ago by anne tyler (a movie was not very good) that gave some interesting readjusted thoughts for travel like dark gray polyester pants that dont wrinkle or show spilled coffee and a spare pair so if you do wash them in the shower while traveling there is a pair to wear while they dry. i dont generally need 4 pairs of underwear or sox as i can wash and hang dry while wearing pair number 2 and so a universal sports coat, two shirts (one i have on) shoes and a comb razor toothbrush and pills are all i need for a trip.
    i occasionally go to a trade show and they nowadays need to inspect your briefcase and they look at me like really? … this is not only your briefcase but also your suitcase with everything in it. if im going to be away for weeks i add a few items like peanut butter and granola bars but i can easily muddle through without

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