Husband and I are now safely ensconced at the downtown Minneapolis Marriot. We  arrived at the hotel at about 5:00 PM on Tuesday. I was so surprised that the traffic going into downtown was negligible. The traffic going the other way was horrible. We were grateful.

Last week I was very surprised to learn that the grandmother of one of my fellow Lutheran Church choir members worked for a decade or more as both the Headless Girl and  the Three Legged Woman in the circus. It isn’t often that young woman from Harvey, ND makes the big time like that. You also don’t hear of many Lutherans in the circus. At one time there were 9 headless girls touring the US in circuses. It was all done with mirrors. Look up Olga the Headless Girl.  You will be surprised and amazed.

What has surprised you lately?  Do you have any friends with surprises?

27 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. Fun story of circus Headless girls! I didn’t know!

    We have a particularly good group of theater students this semester. One surprised me the other day telling me she was on her high school weightlifting team. I didn’t know there even was weightlifting teams in HS?
    Another told me some of their home life, and again, it’s one of those things we just never know what people are going through.

    Every day in Econ class is a surprise as I never know what we’re going to talk about. It might be his Stetson hat or what Kevlar is made of or what cities are in the Quad Cities. “Someone look that up.”
    And then we cover some economics too. All that is part of the reason I took the class. I knew the teacher was like that and it’s really kinda fun.

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  2. Surprise endings: Husband and I have been watching Season 2 of the Outlander series – had read the books long ago, and it’s what I would dub “historical time-travel romance”, so it’s not for everyone. We’re getting a kick out of how there is a crisis in every episode, and almost every hour ends with some cliffhanger. (Not recommended for the squeamish – it shows much in graphic detail…)

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    1. My sister loves Outlander so I did pick up the first book years ago and then probably put it back down after less than two chapters. A friend of mine said that it didn’t get less gruesome as it goes on so I figured it’s not for me.


  3. I’ve just returned from my first Silver Sneakers exercise program. I’ve done another here that is similar. You mostly sit in a chair and do moderate exercises like kicking or waving arms. Or you sit in a chair and pretend to play tennis. Or you sit in a chair and behave like a deer.

    I’m surprised that anyone can think of this as “exercise.”
    I’m surprised to be exhausted at the end of a session.
    I’m surprised to be the only male in the room.
    I’m surprised at how embarrassed I am by this stuff.
    I’m surprised I have the will power to keep coming back.

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    1. I say anything that gets you moving, and your being tired at the end shows that something is being worked! More power to you, Steve. When our friend W moves into asst. living, probably in November, I hope he’ll take advantage of some of these things.

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    2. That’s great, Steve; good for you. Do they offer the Silver Sneaker sessions at the facility where you live, or do you take Metro Mobility to some other place? Ease into it, and don’t get ambitious all at once. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel after you’ve been at it for a while.

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      1. They have two programs of exercise in the morning, with Silver Sneakers being one. Then there is another exercise program in the afternoon. Both are located here.This place is remarkable. I struggle with my sense of looking foolish, but I understand even these silly exercises are good for me.

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  4. Well, would any of you be surprised to know that I am related to Lawrence Welk’s son in law? He was my grandfather’s cousin. I am also related to the last person to read for the Bar exam in North Dakota. My only two claims to fame.

    I was surprised to find that my great grandfather was a butter smuggler on the Hamburg docks. That is why he immigrated in 1914, to avoid being arrested.

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    1. During the Depression, Lawrence Welk was all over the Dakotas and Western MN. There was a “Dance Hall” near Pipestone, in Ihlen where he played a lot. My mother used to talk about driving by while he was playing. They were not allowed to actually enter a ballroom, which I am sure Grandma considered to racy.

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  5. Husband’s paternal grandfather somehow knew Vincente Minnelli’s family. The Minnellis; were circus people who were based in Ohio, where Husband’s grandfather grew up.

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    1. Over the weekend I saw the movie, “Judy” (Judy Garland). Judy was one of Vincent’s wives, and father of Liza MInnelli. The movie was very well done. Renee Zellweger, who plays Judy, is masterful. Louis B Mayer, head of MGM at the time, handed out diet pills and sleeping pills to Judy Garland to manipulate her, keep her skinny (they would not allow her to eat!), and to work her to death. The movie depicted him as a real monster. While I was aware of all these things, to see them depicted in the movie and to view a scene where they took her food away was appalling. I hope child stars are more protected now. She was allowed to be far too vulnerable.

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  6. I cannot think of any surprises at all today. I went back to work for a couple of hours today. I can walk just fine but sitting is uncomfortable—I guess that is my surprise. Monday and yesterday I had an adverse reaction to a pain medication—I think my body just decided that it had enough of that stuff and it will accept no more.

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  7. Just as I have reached the conclusion that nothing much surprises me anymore, DT fires off a letter to Erdogan. Has this man, DT, no sense of normal decorum?


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