Among Us?

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Ten years after the UFO incident in Roswell, New Mexico, it was on this day in 1957 that the most impressive UFO sighting happened in Levelland, Texas; the impressiveness was due to the large number of witnesses over the short period of time. Ufologists continue to argue that the Air Force investigation was too short and that the phenomenon was NOT ball lightning.

A few days later, Jim Lee, who was the head of the Interplanetary Space Patrol (perhaps named after a popular TV show of the day “Space Patrol”) stated that the Levelland sighting was indeed a visit from outer space and predicted that UFOs would soon begin to come in large numbers, large enough that there would be no more non-believers. Lee’s group pushed the agenda that humans could work and collaborate with our visitors via radio waves.

“The days of the skeptics are numbered, and they had better find a good place to hide away for even the entire populations of our large cities will see these ships as they come in from outer space. They will soon come in large numbers for all to see and the skeptic will not have a leg left to stand on. There is no need for alarm over the situation at this time.”

While I try to keep an open mind about things I can’t prove or dis-prove, I’m pretty sure that if we are visited by extra-terrestrials, it probably won’t go well. Considering how many problems we have to solve just to get to Mars, any travelers that could get themselves here would be so far ahead of us technologically (or magically if that’s your bent) that they could squash us like bugs.  That’s just my opinion, of course.

But the bottom line is that Jim Lee was wrong… we’re still not seeing UFOs in great numbers, in all our large cities.

Have you ever had a prediction of yours come true?

55 thoughts on “Among Us?”

  1. Well, I try to interpret the psychological tests I give to predict future behavior. I hope I am fairly accurate. I am glad I don’t do court ordered risk assessments. Some of my colleagues do. There are methods for insurindg accuracy. I would still be nervous doing that sort of work.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I have some predictions that come true, but they have nothing to do with aliens or UFOs. That entire area can be interesting to read about, though.

    One of my dogs has become really obsessed with water, and with colder weather, she is immediately outside in the morning licking frozen water. This behavior has become easy to predict. Most behavior is based on past behavior, so that becomes an easy prediction.

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  3. Aliens who master the tricks needed to get into our world would have no problem assuming human form and speaking our language. So we have no idea who among us might be a well-disguised alien. I say “no idea,” but I’ve got my suspicions. The likeliest candidate among Baboons would be–I’m just guessing now–tim.

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    1. There have been a number of times when I’ve said: “This isn’t going to end well,” and I was right, but generally, I’m much better at Monday morning quarterbacking.

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    2. they say as long as i stay in this galaxy i am ok. once outside of the milky way i am no linger insured. its like renting a car in ireland. if you take it into ulster you are no longer insured. same thing with the alien travel thing. damn insurance companies always flexing their actuarial numbers

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      1. Random Thought

        My blood pressure 79 over 82, could rap a lyric – disrespect
        Whose? Mine? You can’t see? I can see you
        SO true!
        we hide thoughts
        what a great writer, even child- like & I enjoy sending
        En plum Au
        I have asthma…
        A gecko
        Don’t just troll us- Irish Jews must kinder. A friend maybe; phenomenon words are empty like a chameleon


        1. You had better do some Jumping Jacks, ipb, get that blood coursing through your veins a little more enthusiastically. Or are you adapted to life forms on another planet?

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  4. I don’t doubt that if/when they arrive (or have arrived), they have the capacity to squash us like bugs. I’m hoping that their psyches have evolved to the point that they won’t want to.

    I predict things all the time in my mind, but I never say them out loud. About the only one that’s accurate is that I WON’T REMEMBER THEM.

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    1. remember the lucy episode where they were working on the chocolate factory assembly line and the candy started coming real fast and lucy lost it and freaked out… it was proven in subsequent testing that if you put a stop button in the assembly line equation everyone does fine and the button almost never gets pushed.
      i think the aliens will not need to squash us if the know they can do it whenever they want to. just take steve and a few others evey now and again on the mothership and everything is good

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    1. if you go on you tube you can do an entire segment on joni any time you want. then push the stop button and its almost like squashing her like a bug. she just stops singing


  5. Years ago, when Dale was running this blog, he asked us to make a prediction at the beginning of the year (Must have been a New Years Resolution-related post). I predicted that the entire year would be cooler than normal. Lo and behold, about a year later, Dale declared me the winner of the prediction contest! Who’d a thunk it? 🙂 Otherwise, I tend to go with the flow, roll with the tide, float with the prevailing wind, take whatever comes, or make the best of it. 100 years from now, it won’t make that much difference to me. 😉

    Chris in O-town

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      1. I suspect most future years might be rough for him. The public “boo-ings” he is now subjected to, have to be difficult for his thin skin. And then there will be the tax issues, the legals, etc, all of which he has brought on himself.


      2. one year today til next election

        i’ll bet his delight in being on the front page of every newspaper and the lead item on every news show will be fulfilled and then some
        isn’t it funny how jeb bush rubio and cruz have gone quiet,while mitch mcconnell kevin mccarthy and lindsay graham are all selling their soul never to participate in integrity again.
        interesting blip yesterday said 80% of millennials, 60% of gene and 40% of boomers would vote socialist today

        pence …


      1. Mine reset themselves. The coffeemaker, which is a pain in the rear to reset, and which I set for auto-start in the mornings, has to be manually changed. Arrrrgh.

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        1. But is it worth changing the time on your water softener?

          I think our cars change themselves now. Not sure about my truck. Two tractors I will have to change.
          And then there’s the timer for the light on the chickens. They don’t care what time it is, they just need extra light to keep up egg production. So as long as I adjust the timer to give them enough extra light in the morning they’re fine.

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        2. Like Ben’s chickens, Martha doesn’t care what time it is, but demands to be fed when she’s hungry.

          My computer changed the time sometime during the night without any assistance from me, but everything else needs to be reset manually. The only one I bother with is the clock on the stove. The one on the microwave has been signaling since the last power failure that it doesn’t know what time it is, but I don’t think it needs to know, so I ignore it. To avoid confusion, I changed the time on my wristwatch this morning.

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  6. My computer and phone adjusted automatically, but I am trying to resist surrendering to the adjustment. I have to get up at around 5am on Tuesday, and if I stick to the old clock for a couple of days, it will seem more like 6am, and that will be a little easier.


  7. Rosewell is a distraction, the real action is indeed in other places. I am of the belief that the hidden region of North Korea (as opposed to hiding themselves) is the REAL Roswell.

    Writing a series on this and the further I get into it the more I am sure that the popular UFO sites are red herrings.


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