The Hot Jupiters

I was catching up on some of my favorite science vlogs and found one on SciShow Space talking about “Hot Jupiters”. These are gaseous giant planets that orbit so closely to their sun that their year would be just a few days on Earth.  Apparently Hot Jupiters are fairly easy to detect but still not fully understood. All this aside, my first thought was “that would be a good band name”.  The Hot Jupiters.

Come across any good band names of your own recently?

22 thoughts on “The Hot Jupiters”

  1. I find band names on the Trail regularly. Wootie Hootie, McDondles, Good Pan of Eaton’s, Tante Ingeborg, Sayonara MaMa, Transite Flue Liner, Kiffey’s New Coat, Crayola Poop, 20 Somethong Gitl, Becky Pew’s House.

    Katten, Claude and Fletcher sounds like a law firm.

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  2. One need look no further than yesterday’s post for band names:
    Orange Mystery Powder, Sandwich Adder, Plant-Based Meat, Dot With Butter, 1.386 Billion Chinese, Baboon Hot Dish.

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  3. Last night I was watching Nova about the Dead Sea Scrolls when YA came in and asked what I was watching. I told her and she repeated “Dead Sea Squirrels?” I nominate that.

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  4. I don’t always get a chance to read or post in the TB, but when I saw the title, I immediately thought, “sounds like a band name” and I had to open and read it! Fun stuff!

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  5. i have always felt i am the most easily replaced member of whatever group i am involved in
    people start a band come up with a cool name then get kicked out because they are a problem
    all us creatives are a problem, just shut up and play or go start your own damn band
    the argyle wampozzles is the name of the band i start today but it may be the drugs working
    maybe paisley instead of argyle


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