I am a calendar person. I love them.  I have multiple calendars at work: one online, my Daytimer, a year-long calendar on the wall so I can look ahead and a month-at-a-time –print out on which I cross off each day as it goes by.  I started doing this last year, to count down to a program that was driving me crazy and after the program was over, I just kept doing it (I assume one of these days I will decide I really don’t need to do this anymore.)

At home I have a pretty calendar on the fridge, a handmade calendar in my bedroom that attaches to a wooden pedestal and a birthday list in my studio that “says” it’s a calendar, but it’s just a listing by month of birthdays so I think that might be stretching it. I also keep a few things on my phone calendar.

In addition to having birthdays listed on the “calendar” in my studio, I also keep birthdays in my Daytimer. This means that once a year I go through the old Daytimer pages and copy the birthdays over to new Daytimer pages.  It’s a relaxing project; this year I used magenta ink.

As I was copying over the birthdays yesterday, I came across a notation on June 27 of this year that said “Armadillos”. It was written in big letters in the after-hours section of the day.  And it had several  exclamation marks and was highlighted!   I have no idea what this was about.  Was it a southwestern-themed bar that I was supposed to go to after work with colleagues.  Was it a concert that someone on the Trail mentioned?  Was it some National Geographic special I wanted to watch?  No clue.

Any idea why I wrote “Armadillos” in my Daytimer?

31 thoughts on “Armadillos!!!!”

  1. No clue, but Bill’s suggestion sounds plausible to me. An armadillo remains one of the animals I have never seen a live specimen of. Come to think of it, not a dead one either.

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        1. possums really do play possum

          my dogs sound like coon hounds as they tree capture and proclaim victory over their prey out in the back yard
          they come in to get praise and find it stopped playing possum after they left and hightailed it for the other side of the fence or under the deck

          the dogs are confused
          fun picture

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  2. I have an electronic scheduler at work where all my appointments are listed. It is my sole appointment aid. Everyone at my agency theoretically has access to it. I sometimes list my own medical and personal appointments under the category of “Assessment Hold” without any other identifying information. Then I forget what the appointments are for, and I wrack my brain to remember if it is a dental appointment or if I have a hair cut. I also don’t wear a watch. Are these two behaviors related?

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    1. I actually bought myself a Fitbit knock off several months ago. Not because I care so much about my steps but I wanted a watch. I’d been watch-less for about four years and discovered I really missed it.


  3. Jumping off from yesterday, I was thinking it might be a good name for a rock band… even before looking at Bill’s link.

    I have four calendars, none of them electronic – the wall one near the phone; a purse-sized one that is like other people’s cell phone, and contains phone #s, a desk calendar by my chair (spiral bound, week-at-a-time) that I used like a sort of diary; and a “birthday book” that, sorta like VS, I copy into the wall calendar at the New Year.

    I’ve lost (and found) my purse calendar twice lately, and am wondering what that is trying to tell me… probably I should never own a smart phone.

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Those mystery entries in my calendar always bewilder me, too. In the words of Christine Lavin’s song, “What was I thinking?”

    I don’t have any idea better than Bill’s link above.

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    1. Good terrain for armadillos—that’s an observation you don’t hear everyday. I think I want to use that sometime.

      Out of curiosity, what makes for good armadillo terrain?

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  5. I was surprised to see Armadillos as road kill in, maybe, Missouri. (I was driving some where; don’t recall anymore). I didn’t know they were even that far North.

    Calendars- I have everything on my ‘Outlook’ calendar. Color coded and linked to home and phone.
    And then I created a new calendar for events in the theater and shared with 4 people.
    So one day when it said ‘Walk in Fieldhouse’ I was afraid, like VS, that I had forgotten some important event! People will be walking in the dark! Nope, Music teacher reminding himself to get his walks in over winter. Whew.
    Hope the Armadillo reminder turns out be be just as harmless.

    Or, had you just been reading ‘A prayer for Owen Meany’?

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  6. I need a 12 month wall calendar for my office, and I will get one in a couple of weeks when we are in New York, probably at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

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  7. I figured it out! It was a band. They played here as part of our summer of love program in June. I didn’t recognize it immediately because I don’t think I have ever written down the name of one of these late afternoon bands that come here during the Summer of Love program. In fact I looked back the last couple of years (because I have my old day timers in my desk)and not a one. And I don’t remember if I went out to see this band and maybe have a beer— maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. But I still don’t know why I wrote it like that with !s and highlighting.

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  8. I have fond memories of calendars. My marriage was in 1968, which is just about when the Sierra Club began publishing lovely wall calendars. We always had one on the kitchen wall. We would write in the little boxes for each day to note what was going to happen, and we even filled in boxes to record what had already happened. We kept those calendars as a record of our lives.

    One day I decided to create a short history of our family. We had various documents (like old photos with writing on the back side) that identified events in the years before our marriage. Filling in the history after 1968 was easy because all those old Sierra Club calendars had stored the data.

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  9. Completely OT. There is a winter solstice evening at the American Swedish institute on Friday December 20. And I’m thinking Nonny and I might enjoy that. Anybody else up for a field trip?

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  10. Another OT: my family made the news again. Last night I watched a KARE story about a very old horse that fell on the ice and could not get up. Then, shocked, I learned that this happened on the “Horse Play Ranch,” the horse boarding ranch in Hamel that is run by my niece, Mary. The horse was going to die if it couldn’t rise and stand on its legs again. After hours of frantic work, they got a sling under the horse’s belly and used a Bobcat to lift it. The horse is now fine!

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