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I got a phone call from Daughter the other night, breathless to tell me with great glee that her best friend’s dad, a rancher and veterinarian drug rep, had found the elixir for longevity. Yep. He decided somehow that dog de-wormer was the key to long life and disease prevention. He was taking a dose every day.

This doesn’t surprise me. Our region is noted for its high acceptance of alternative medicine. People who claim to cure all sorts of things by moving one’s cerebral-spinal fluid in the opposite direction with magnets thrive here.

My paternal grandmother believed that aspirin could cure insomnia. My father was a great believer in massive doses of Vitamin E.  I can’t tell you the number of bottles of vitamins and supplements we threw out after he died. He also believed that cherries would cure arthritis. He once ate a whole lug of cherries over the course of 24 hours.  My mother believed for a while that that drinking the colostrum milk from cows that had just had their calves would cure her Multiple Sclerosis. She said it tasted dreadful.  They both lived into their 90’s, so I can’t say that it harmed them. (I know for a fact, though, that had my father had a colonoscopy in his 70’s or 80’s he would have not died of colorectal cancer at 93. I don’t know why he never had one.)

What are your favorite home remedies? What are some of the more fantastical home remedies you have heard of? 

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  1. My father was extremely private about his morning bathroom rituals. With good reason. Through the closed bathroom door we could hear a series of disgusting, emphatic belches. My mother would not discuss this, for it was private, but she once said he learned when a teen to jam his toothbrush to the back of his throat. That triggered the belches. And why do this? “To get the bad air out.”

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  2. A small piece broken off an aloe vera plant for cuts.
    Gargling with salt water to head off a sort throat.
    Lemon, garlic, and honey in tea for almost anything.

    Bieler’s broth, a “restorative tonic”, either pureed or not:
    4 medium zucchini, ends discarded and zucchini sliced into rounds
    1 pound string beans, ends trimmed
    2 stalks celery, chopped
    1-2 bunches parsley (flat-leaf or curly), tough stems removed (you can freeze the stems for stock making)
    4 cups water
    (Uses found here https://pamelasalzman.com/bielers-broth-a-healing-restorative-soup-recipe/ or in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.)


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      1. No, the article states: “…Dr. Bieler felt that this combination of vegetables was ideal for restoring acid-alkaline and sodium-potassium balance to organs and glands, especially the sodium-loving adrenal glands which suffer under stress. The broth is also supportive for liver function — recall that the liver is our detoxifying organ. Bieler’s broth is highly recommended for those under stress or suffering from stress-related conditions. “

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  3. I made batch of the turkey wing and beef shank bone broth last night. The recipe is from The Splendid Table. It simmers for 14 hours. It is very healthy, and I will be drinking it today as I had a Shingles shot yesterday and now I am running a fever and have chills and aches.

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    1. Bravo for getting the Shingles vaccine, Renee. I had it years ago. It was unbelievably painful. It hurt to lightly touch my hair!

      Worse, it was on my face near my eyes. If Shingles gets in your eye(s) it can cause blindness. Very serious. I hope the chills, aches, and fever dissipate soon.

      Age 50 is not too soon to get a Shingles vaccination, Babooners. And get the new vaccine, which is two shots over several months. Hurts a bit more (Renee’s symptom post-shot sound similar to what I and my wife felt after our first shots. Second isn’t quite so bad. But it is well worth a few days of feeling punky.

      I grew up on gargling salt water for a sore throat. Still do it. I have good luck warding off or minimizing an oncoming cold with Echinacea morning and night.

      My best friend is a health nut who swears by drinking vinegar and eating the “right” foods to reduce one’s pH level. He claims most of our modern health problems are caused by our acidic pHs. He just turned 70, still runs half marathons, competes at tennis, exercises all the time(seemingly), distills his own drinking water, eats organics as much as possible, has about 10% body fat, and will probably live to 100 if he doesn’t get hit by a car while out biking or running on a country road (He lives in a small town east of Crookston.)

      Chris in Owatonna

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      1. My mother in law got shingles in her ears during a time when she was traveling and flying a lot. She said the changes in air pressure caused excruciating pain in her ears.

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      2. I just finished my second Shingles shot a couple of weeks ago. The first shot was a non-event. The second shot, my arm swelled up a little bit and it was very sore for a couple of days but luckily I didn’t do any fever or chills or anything. My mom had shingles and I saw how painful it was; that’s why I decided I needed to get the vaccine.

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      3. I have a friend who has had both shingles and heart surgery. He says the shingles was worse.
        Prompted by him, Robin and I got our initial shingles shot with the second to come soon.

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        1. I’ve had chicken pox, so I thought it wise to get the shot when they first came out with a vaccine quite a few years ago. I was disappointed to learn that’s it’s only about 65% effective. I understand the newer, two shot vaccine is more effective, but haven’t yet decided what I’m going to do. Husband declined the first vaccine but has received both shots of the more effective one and got sick for several days from each shot.


        2. l had a fertilizer campaign at mills fleet farm . it was

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          100’ x6’ banners hung on the front of each store from march 15-june 1


  4. Big list of chores today…None of which are brewing up batches of any home remedies. I’m not sure I have any home remedies. When I was younger I thought that practically overdosing on chewable vitamin C would head off the beginning of a cold but that turned out to be so wrong.

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    1. my friends dad kept vodka in the freezer and also replaced lots of the olive juice space in the bottle as he ate the green olives with vodka
      he used is as a universal cure all until he joined aa

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    1. root beer schnapps
      apple schnapps
      cinnamon schnapps peppermint
      cherry, blackberry brandy
      gold schlagger , cognac

      i like winter warmers

      egg nog
      hot buttered rum
      irish coffee

      something about it


  5. Hot tea with honey and a slice of lemon is always good, and if I sense a sore throat flaring up, as I do at the moment, a shot of elderberry/apple syrup is warranted.

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  6. At the height of the echinacea craze, staff at Theodore National Park had their hands full catching visitors who were digging up the cone flowers. You are not supposed to remove plants from the park. These folks were trying to make the flowers into medicine and make a fast buck by selling it.

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    1. That is so strange that people go get them in the national park. Cone Flowers are just not that hard or expensive to grow—the effort would be better placed in your own plants. And then there are no fines, either.

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    2. i get really upset hearing about people selling moss form the olympic rain forest. hundreds of years to grow and they go in with a shovel and a jeep and harvest $1000 bucks worth andebay amaon allows it to be sold
      like selling petrified wood


  7. Rise and Shine Baboons?

    I am in AZ for a few days for a home remedy of some sunshine and warmth. The good news is that the knew knee walked across the airport without incident. This was to be a business trip. However, several weeks ago the people who were going to hire me to train them, cancelled. Given our early, cold autumn, I decided to come Southwest anyway. Tonight I will sit in the hot tub for a bit.

    I am in the honey/lemon/tea camp when faced with a cold. That works so well. No dewormer for me.

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      1. I thought of another one—ginger “tea” for stomach problems. This is not a tea bag. Fresh ginger root, peeled and chopped—1-2 teaspoons, boiling water. Drink it. Helps a lot.


    1. Ingredients
      1/4 ounce honey 6 ounces hot brewed lemon-ginger tea 1 1/2 ounces Irish whiskey 1/2 ounce fresh orange juice 1 orange twist
      How to Make It
      Put the honey in a warmed mug. Add the hot tea and stir to dissolve the honey. Stir in the Irish whiskey and orange juice and garnish with the orange twist.

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  8. home remedies are us.
    hipoccraties was the first perscriber of stuff that ails you. he was a big proponent of willow bark. turns out willow bark has the same chemical stuff as aspirin.
    my kids were sick while growing up and the antibiotic in flavors of grape bubble gum and cherry was the way you could tell which one you had last and where they should steer you next. i started homeopatiic stuff in the 80’s and have had minimal sickness since.
    a couple years ago i did the shingles shot the flu shots and the pneumonia shot this year. i am not a fan but ill give it a shot. i do lots of stuff like garlic to keep away the crud
    chamomile for teething and different stuff for flu and general crud
    i took some arnica before my surgery monday and some bryonia after to help me heal up
    lots of aloe in the wound to get it to heal
    i do lots of my own medical stuff and also
    other stuff.. hmm automotive, household, personal medical , family medical.
    i perscruibed baking soda to some guy in the hot tub the other day. i am guessing he will report back that a huge difference was made. baking soda is a secret snake oil i use every day
    moshe feldenkraius is a guy who treats healing up and getting in shape in a very different very wonderful way. i gave that to an old guy who had a bunch of stuff rrepaired , shoulder knee and i told him to check this out.

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  9. Hey kids!
    You all have some pretty interesting cure alls. tim, I’m always interested in your ideas but I need a few more details. Should I just be eating baking soda?? Spoofulls? Dry? Mixed? What??? Or mixed in w/ cookies ok?

    I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that for my dad it was Absorbine Jr. I use that. Kelly doesn’t subscribe to my theory.
    She has grounding oil and rocks and I’m ok with those ideas too. So much of it is mental attitude anyway.

    A friend got the shingles vaccine and didn’t feel good for a few days.
    It was offered to me recently but I wasn’t in a place to deal with it at the time. I know I should. Chris, thanks for the reminder.

    I have been diagnosed with a kidney stone! 2mm. But I’ve been lucky to have atypical symptoms and not having the severe back pains very often. Hoping it passes soon. They tell me it’s already moved down to the bladder so it shouldn’t take long.


  10. baking soda in introductory phase 1/2 teaspoon in 3 oz of water mixed and drank in one fell swoop
    today i’ll grab a pinch out of my tupperware container and just throw it in my mouth water or tea is ok but not required
    i don’t mind the taste but i think it’s aquired

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  11. And then there’s this from Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory”: “for the men a homebrewed lemon and licorice and aspirin syrup to be taken “at the first Symptoms of a Cold and after Hunting.”

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  12. One instructor at the fitness center I go to recommends turning your head from left to right and back again 150 times per day to prevent dementia.

    I don’t know if it really has any effect on your risk of dementia, but it doesn’t cost anything, and probably doesn’t have negative side effects.

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  13. We are both much better today. We are processing celeriac, as we found lovely, fat, celery root in the grocery store, and are blanching and freezing it for soups and stews all winter. I think it helps to stay healthy.

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