Last Witness

Nick Clifford, the last remaining member of the team of 400 who carved Mount Rushmore, has passed away. He was 98.  Clifford got the job as a teenager because he already knew how to use a jack hammer.

Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor behind the monument chose four presidents to symbolize key events in US history. Washington represents its birth, Jefferson epitomizes its growth, Lincoln illustrates its preservation and Roosevelt embodies its development.

Leaving aside the issue of defacing a lovely mountain, what four heads do YOU think should be jack hammered on Mount Rushmore?

29 thoughts on “Last Witness”

  1. I’ve written about this before, but I can’t resist. In Ames my dad had two bosses, one of whom was married to a woman who didn’t waste a lot of time thinking. When Lydia visited Mount Rushmore, she was not impressed. She hopped up on a stone wall, her back to the monument, and worked at a knitting project.

    And said, “Humph! Of course, everybody recognizes George and Martha Washington. But who is that other couple up there?”

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  2. I was thinking Obama. But I like the suggestions of Eleanor and RGB.
    How about Tom Hanks; he sure seems to be a nice guy.
    Or Andrew Carnagie. Not sure what kind of life he led, but giving away his money must be worth something. And then there would have to be a sign because nobody would know who that was.

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  3. Maybe just chip the whole Mount Rushmore thing down to a flat slab where the celebrity or exemplar du jour could be projected. That would make it easy to change or update when the truth comes out about them or the administration of the projector changes.

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