Calendar Cuties

I just received the December 5th edition of the Rock County Star Herald, my home town newspaper. I was delighted to read a story about Generations, the local senior citizens center. The center started an ambitious campaign to raise 2 million dollars for a  building for senior activities which will provide meals and social activities for community seniors as well as for residents of all ages in the low income housing tower to which it will be connected.

The newest fund raiser is a calendar featuring,  each month,  a local  senior posed in a scene from an iconic movie. Costumes were borrowed from the local community theatre company, and a local photographer volunteered to take the photos. So, on the front page of the paper, there she was, Neva, the mother of one of my high school classmates, posed like Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music,  clad in that black dress with the white apron, standing in front of a mountain in the middle of the alpine meadow with her arms held out, ready to belt out The Hills are Alive.  George, director of Generations and a retired horticulturalist, posed as Forrest Gump sitting on the bench with a suitcase and a box of chocolates.

They got the idea from the Winona Friendship Center. It seems like they had a great deal of fun doing it. They are making plans for next year’s calendar.

What iconic film scene/character  would you like to pose as for such a calendar?

31 thoughts on “Calendar Cuties”

  1. I thought of a couple already but I think to start with I’ll do Wesley and Princess bride right about the time he says to Inigo “I’m not left-handed either”.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    What a delightful fundraiser! I love this idea. It has been around for awhile. A few years ago there was a calendar featuring nude English women of all ages with props strategically placed upon their persons. It was so cleaver. We have long made a joke to my son, the computer Geek, that we were going to do a “Geek of the Month” calendar with him in it. But unfortunately he is the only good looking Geek we know, so it is limited to one month.

    I suppose this should not come as a surprise, but this is the first role I thought of for myself: Dr. Berger (Judd Hirsch) in Ordinary People. I will need a heavy beige sweater, a sex change and a nose job for this role.

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      1. It was a very difficult day. We ran into some politics in the credentialing organization, and some conflict between the two reviewers that was not about our program, but we were caught in it. I am unsure exactly what happened. I doubt very much that we get the certification we were seeking, but we won’t even be notified until after the board meets in 3-6 weeks.

        No celebration at this time. Maybe someday. But at least the darn thing is over.

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        1. So sorry that happened! How ironic, though, given that the therapeutic strategy for which you were being credentialed is designed to help people out of these conflicts.

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  3. I think I would be in a tableau of the dying Mimi in La Boheme. I have been sick since Friday evening. I am dragging myself into work today. We will see how long I last.

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  4. I am gratified to hear that our senior center is spreading the word. These calendars are hilarious – we’ve (Winona’s Friendship Center, that is) had the movies calendar this past year, and previously there was one based on famous art, one on the great musicals, one with storybook characters… It’s amazing how close to the scene shot they can create the scene. It is funny to be expecting, say, Faye Dunnaway in Bonnie & Clyde, and be looking at someone you do t’ai chi with. (That is my personal favorite – email me if you’d like to see that photo…)

    This year Husband was in ours – the Clint Eastwood character in The Good..Bad.. & Ugly. : ) It is funny to be expecting, say, Faye Dunnaway in Bonnie & Clyde, and instead be looking at someone you know from t’ai chi. (That is my personal favorite – email me if you’d like to see that photo…or Husband.)

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  5. Maybe Scarlet O’Hara after the bridge scene in which you can see Atlanta burning in the background and it’s just her silhouette against the burning embers of the city.

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  6. A few years ago a bunch of theater types made a calendar. Sort of like Jacque and her geek calendar, it was really all types of shapes and poses. Some were provocative poses in catwalks with strategically placed lights, some were painting, some were fully clothed but showing off tattoos.

    And many years ago, our local theater did a calendar just for fun. Kelly spoofed me with all my keys. No nudity, just funny pictures.

    I love the idea of this and think it would be fun to do again.

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