Space Discovery

Photo credit:  NASA/JPL-Caltech

For all space geeks, the news this week is that a high school student, on his third day of interning at NASA, discovered a planet. For all Star Wars geeks, it turns out that it’s not just your ordinary planet, but a very rare circumbinary planet with two suns, like Tatooine, the planet where Luke Skywalker grew up.

He made the discovered this past July at the very beginning of his internship; he and other astronomers have spent the last six months confirming the find. The planet is now called TOI 1338b and looks to be almost 7 times bigger than Earth.

Apparently not only are circumbinary planets rare, they are even rarer to find since the way that most planets are confirmed don’t work due to timing of the planet passing in front of its stars.   So this is quite an auspicious start for the high-schooler who has said that he does intend to continue his studies in astronomy and astrophysics.

If you could be known as the discoverer of something, what would it be?

31 thoughts on “Space Discovery”

  1. i would like to be the discoverer of the happiness finder

    all the other stuff in the universe is going to keep on going but if the button could be found to allow people to enjoy happiness throughout the journey it would be perfect

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  2. Based on my observation, it is impossible to make people happier than they tend to be. A lesser goal, but one that might be attainable, would be the discovery of a cure for sickle cell anemia or Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or MS. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to crack one of those enigmas and relieve all those who suffer that way? It might be possible, although the odds of me being the one to make that discover look pretty long right now.

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    1. i disagree strongly that’s its impossible to make people happier
      an environmental shift and input change can turn dread into possibilities of wonder and aspiration from despair


  3. I know I’ve talked about this kind of thing before but I would also love to be the person who discovered where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, exactly what happened to Amelia Earhart, and figure out the Voynich manuscript.

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      1. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to Oak Island. My guess is we can dig up the whole thing and we won’t find a single piece of treasure..


    1. I’d like to find a way to an alternate reality where a person like Donald Trump wouldn’t be possible. A portal through the back of a wardrobe maybe.

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  4. In all seriousness, if I could solve one of the word’s big problems, I think I would like to discover a solution to substance abuse and addiction. A lot of poverty and dysfunction and physical abuse and misery would go away in a moment.

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