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I saw an article about the taboos of tattoos on yesterday. We all know that tattoos are much more prevalent  – almost a fashion statement these days – among the younger generations, but there is still a lingering social taboo against them.  Apparently it is legal in the US (and the UK) for companies to have a “no tattoo” policy.  Never occurred to me that a company would even have such a policy, much less that it would be legal!

YA has a few piercings and two tattoos. I’m not crazy about her tattoos (some style choices, some money issues) and just a few days ago we had a discussion about still being careful about tattoos and piercings until you know the acceptance level of a possible employer.

For quite a few years, I’ve fantasized about getting tattooed myself. Small, on my wrist (toward the inside), multi-colored hibiscus flower with YA’s name, in her handwriting.  She knows about this plan and every now and then tries to encourage me.  My guess is it will probably never happen, but you never know.  I know it won’t be a problem here at my company but I might have to wait until Nonny is gone!

Knowing you could get rid of it tomorrow if you don’t like it, tell me about the tattoo you would get.

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  1. I wonder how long “no ink” laws will fly before a First Anendment challenge negates them? Daughter has a tiny tattoo of a mountain range on her foot. Son has two enormous Asian inspired tattoos on his shoulders. They can only be seen if he takes his shirt off. I don’t even wear makeup, so any ink on me would have to be temporary. I think I would opt for musical notation on my foot.

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  2. The ones that bother me most are ones on the face. I don’t get that at all.
    Kelly has three small tattoos. First was on her foot, and now she has small ones on the inside of each wrist. They mean a lot to her. Reminders. And that’s pretty cool.
    If I was still milking cows and still had biceps worth showing off I’d get the barbed wire tattoo around my right bicep.
    But like all fences, these days it would be sagging and loose so good thing I don’t. 🙂

    I know a tattoo artist- it’s pretty amazing what they do. And he’s so busy he can’t fit a show into his life anymore.

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    1. saggy faded tattoos are so sad.

      i have a like for big tattoos that cover the whole shoulder and arm. some really well done stuff i see at the health club.

      i often comment to people about there tattoos.

      nice tats … is a great ice breaker.

      i have a vision of doing a transposed painting onto your body with a full screen projector and allowing you to look at yourself in a mirror with the projection on you flesh before you hit the go button. if it could be made temporary i’d go for it in a minute. starry starry night, the scream, jackson pollack, picasso, monet,

      wouldn’t it be fun to choose your tattoo like you choose your shirt.

      might be enough to motivate you to crank up your muscle tone a notch

      saggy picasso is not good

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  3. Step-son has a pretty cool tiger head covering his left shoulder. Joel had a Grateful Dead character – Shakedown Street Man – in the same position… when he’d asked me what I thought he should get for an image, I told him a big beautiful tree…

    I would, temporarily, get a small bird on sitting on a twig and singing its heart out.

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  4. I know lots of people with tattoos; who doesn’t these days? Some of the tats are beautiful works of art, at least initially.

    A neighbor friend made a trip to Europe two summers ago to meet up with a favorite tattoo artist in Berlin. She already had large tattoos on one arm, and in Berlin she got the other one decorated. She’s a school counselor, so I suppose her tats, and ever changing hair color, signal that she’s progressive and up to date. Another friend is a veterinarian. Her wasband was a tattoo artist, and all visible skin, except for her face and neck, is elaborately adorned with tattoos. My friend, Tia, decided, at the age of sixty-three, to have a small tattoo on one of her boobs! I don’t know about you, but that’s the last place I’d want a tattoo at that age.

    I’d pretty much rule out the possibility of me ever getting a tattoo, I just don’t care for them. If I were to consider one, it would have to be something small on the inside of my right wrist. Perhaps a symbol of some kind to remind me of something important, or to signal to the world my commitment to some cause like peace, justice, or women’s rights. Can’t think of one that would compel me to do it at the moment.

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    1. that’s always been my issue, what do i care enough today to proclaim as a permanent declaration til i’m dead
      a canvas is not a proclamation of commitment like a tattoo is. i’ve seen some cool ones where people had their loved ones name tattooed on and then when the divorce was complete turned the name into a part of some other presentation
      i’ll find a few
      i am also trying to figure out how to do mondrian gas tanks for motorcycles
      .. one more damn idea to launch
      i like this one too

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  5. OT – A new independent bookstore has just opened in South Minneapolis. The address is:
    5163 Bloomington Ave
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417
    and it’s called The Irreverent Bookworm . They reportedly sell both new and used books. You’re welcome.


  6. My baby sister is seriously into tattoos. She has a huge tree of life thing going on on her back and shoulder and then she’s got a full sleeve in full color of Disney motif items and on the other arm a full sleeve of a red panda and one of her cats. I gave her grief once about what was she going to do when she got older and saggy and she said “I’ll just have them touched up”. This of course is one of the reasons I don’t die my hair because who wants to have to keep touching up?

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  7. And nobody asked the question today that I was expecting. Which is why does this girl have the latitude and longitude for some place in North Carolina tattooed on her arm?


    1. I didn’t ask because I didn’t think you’d know the answer, but I’m speculating that it’s the coordinates for the place of a special event in her life. Do you know the answer, vs?

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      1. Actually I did do a little searching On the topic when I found this picture. Apparently doing a tattoo of coordinates of a place that is special to you is a thing. And I did find several instances of people with this particular tattoo and coordinates. But I could never figure out why.

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  8. It bothers me about employers and tattoos. Just because someone has a tattoo it does not mean that person cannot do the job. You could have the most qualified person for the job yet wouldn’t get employed due a tattoo on their arm? Crazy.
    I always said I would never have a tattoo, I like them but personal preference. Yet in my 30’s I got my first one on my arm which reminds me to stay strong (I have Fibromyalgia). The other near my hand represents my family. I am booked in for another soon.

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