Cataract Surprises

Husband has his second cataract surgery today on his left eye. His right eye is really improving with some surprising  sequelae.  He says that it feels like his brain is being washed with light and color now.  We have a pretty good division of labor when it comes to cleaning house. I dust and do laundry.  He vacuums,  and folds and puts away the laundry. We both clean the kitchen.  On Saturday Husband noticed, for the first time in a long time, how many crumbs were on the upholstered seats of the dining room chairs, and he vacuumed them. He ordered me out of the kitchen twice over the weekend as his vision has improved to the point that he needs far less help from me while he cooks.

I remember hearing the shock and anguish from people, usually women, who have cataract surgery and realize how dusty their homes became as their vision worsened.  I am a fairly lackadaisical duster, and I must admit that I let it go for far longer than I should.  I suppose Husband’s improved vision means I will have to dust more often since he can actually see how dusty things get now. His improved quality of life means more work for me!

What have been some unexpected sequelae after improvements in your life?

22 thoughts on “Cataract Surprises”

  1. i think of improvements first and then the complications involved in their existence and come up with nothing renee.
    after my neck back surgery to try to get some feeling back in my hands i went from not being able to lift anything over 25 lbs to being ok’d to do that again but i am afraid i messed up my healing by fudging the lifting ban during my trip to visit my daughter in the uk
    it’s really hard to not lift when stuff needs to be done.

    my heart went whacko again last month and required some attention. it was beating too fast and they were going to put the paddles on it and zap me until it was discovered by my daughter that farmville got me to calm way the heck down and slowed my heartbeat to a huge degree. the result is farmville is my new therapy for well being. stupid but wow… why fight it when it’s a fact.
    my warehouse is closing up and i am trying to deal with how to do that. i’ll let you know. life after warehouse will be interesting.

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      1. good for him
        i was too until put in a position where the two suitcases needed to go with us down the corridor and when stacked they equaled more than 20 lbs of weight but…
        done now… i survived

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  2. I don’t know if I’m ready to have my brain washed with light and color, and I’m pretty sure I’ll take an even dimmer view of my dirty windows. I’m trying hard not to think about dust and pet hair that is currently hiding in plain sight.

    I’m nervous, I’ll admit, about the upcoming surgery. We’re doing the good eye first, a departure from how this is usually done. Dr. P explained that it’s because he anticipates that the healing of the bad eye, the one with the additional retina issue, may take longer. How will the fact that I’m near sighted on one eye and far sighted on the other affect the outcome? How about the astigmatism, will that come into play? Call me after St. Patrick’s Day when this will be all over.

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  3. I think of myself as a word person, but sequelae is a brand new one for me. My spellcheck insists it is a kind of tree.

    But if I understand you correctly, the only possible answer is the obvious one. I spent a decade being convinced by my mind and my body that I could not exercise. That was wrong, totally and tragically wrong. I’ve been exercising since early October. The results have astounded me and improved my health.

    I’d say more, but I have to go to my “Get Fit” class now.

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  4. Well, I was delighted with my cataract removal (just right eye so far), as I don’t have to put on my glasses so early in the morning if I can’t fine them. : ) It’s a mixed bag, however, for the reasons you named, Renee, and for seeing my wrinkles close up.

    Each time in my past that I made a major move, there was some kind of improvement at the new location. First I escaped (temporarily) the Midwest, then teaching, and finally Wasband. However, again they were a mixed bag, since each of those new places had other things to deal with. Our move to Winona is the first time I moved without that escaping feeling.

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  5. I’ve got a nice e-reader, but keep forgetting to keep it charged. So I’m at the doctor’s office and the e-reader dies and there are no magazines except Sports Illustrated and Arthritis Today.

    First World Problem.

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