Goats in the News: COVID-19 Edition

I was tickled to read about the Kashmiri goats running wild in Wales. during the COVID-19 lockdown there.


There are more than one hundred of them wandering around town. They were described as “quite naughty” by a local.  I gather they have come to town on other occasions, but the lack of people has made them even more curious to check things out. And oh, my, those horns! Fiber for cashmere comes from the neck region of such goats. I have several cashmere sweaters, and I love them.

What is your favorite sweater?  What are some bright spots in the news or in your life over the past several days?

30 thoughts on “Goats in the News: COVID-19 Edition”

  1. I wear sweaters a lot, and one of my favorites is a grey Aran Island cardigan I got at a sweater market in Dublin. My bright spots this morning are a cup of really good coffee made by Husband, and watching our wild Tortie hurl herself at the bay window in her attempt to catch the large snowflakes floating past.

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    1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

      I love sweaters, but I am quite picky about them. When I find one I love, I keep it forever. My favorite now is one I have not worn much lately. When my son was little, and the evenings were playtime, then bedtime routine, I would knit to pass the time. I knit a Fair Isle Sweater for my mother that she wore for years. When I cleaned out her house I found it in her closet, so I brought it to my closet.

      When I do wear that sweater I think about my little boy and his babyhood and toddlerhood, the need for playtime with supervision, how sweet he was, and I just feel happy.

      Sorta OT: We have a goat expert in my family. My nephew’s wife is very close to earning her PhD in goatology. They have a large goat farm near Spring Green Wisconsin. This woman knows just about everything there is to know about goats, and she is interesting, too. They now have nearly 400 goats, and will expand the herd to 600. They breed and sell the goats, as well as sell them for meat. It has been a successful venture for them.

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      1. I thought to myself, “surely they don’t really call it Goatology, but when I tried to google “word for the study of goats”, I was given no satisfaction. So I made my best guess and googled “Caprinology”. Bingo!

        I haven’t worn a sweater in many years. I might still have one somewhere but I couldn’t say where. The fact that I don’t customarily wear sweaters, or much of anything wool is a source of some frustration for Robin, who churns out knitted wool articles by the boxcarful.

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        1. Bill, how in the world would you guess at that?? And why would you know that Caprine may refer to: A goat-antelope?? But of course you do. 🙂
          Man, this is a cool group!

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        2. Caprine refers to goats as equine does to horses and bovine does to cows. Back in the ‘70s, when I had a little side business making rubber stamps, one of my biggest customers was a fiber arts supply company in Berkeley called Straw Into Gold. I designed a series of stamps for them with sheep-themed sayings. A mention of that store and specifically the stamps got me a citation in The Last Whole Earth Catalog. Anyway, when I used to mail my stamps to Straw Into Gold, I had a stamp I had made for myself to stamp the parcel:
          Postmaster: Please Rush! Ovine Material

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        3. I immediately flashed to Capricorn to make the connection. There are many paths to arrive at the same destination. I’m with BiR, Goatology is lot more likely to stick in my brain.

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      2. i love the idea of goats for a living but milk not meat feels better. if goats are ok for meat how about cats too?
        i hear they taste like chicken


    2. i landed in ireland those many years ago in limerick and drove directly to fooling the music capitol of ireland and was in love… across from my bnb was a group of islands that captured my imagination . turned out to be the aran islands, i went home with about 20 hand knit sweaters and 20 hats, my dark gray was a favorite but i haven’t seen it in years. last worn on st pattys 25 years ago i’m guessing. as my body settles in to current mode i am in search for homeopathic remedy to take me back to pre allergy issues with dairy and wool. even cashmere makes me itch. wool hats can’t be worn , scarves either. suit coats and top coats are ok with a layer between but every now and again a t shirt or collarless dress shirt have my neck itching from contact.
      socks seem to be becoming an issue
      so cotton, silk and a fake polyester that feels like cashmere but isn’t are ok but a pain to work around
      cotton is such a wonderful material and cotton /silk is glorious


  2. I’m not much of a sweater person either, although if I had Robin at my house churning out and knitted goods I might have a different answer. I am a sweatshirt gal. I do have a nice big blue sweater, kind of a slate blue, with snowflakes and snowflake sequins embroidered into it. I like to wear it to work on days when there’s snow and everybody gives me the stink eye!!

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  3. I described my favorite icey-blue sweater a while back, but a second favorite is a kind of fuscia – must be a blend of wool and something, has a sort of mock-turtle neck and a single cable stitch running down center front. I found it in a thrift shop and suspect it was hand made it has no tags… Very comfy, and I always get compliments on the color.

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  4. The other day when it was 55 degrees and sunny, a maybe 14-year old from the next block sang with her guitar in her front yard, with lots of neighbors we don’t know, and passers-by looking on… (Have I already told this here?)

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  5. I do not do sweaters. I blame my mother for all those polyester sweaters and tight necked knit shirts in all my elementary school photos. Can’t stand anything tight around my neck. Explains why I don’t wear ties often, eh?

    Back to bird news: the turkey vultures are back.

    And my chicks are eating and drinking and just starting to show a wing tip feather. They grow fast.

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  6. Favorite sweaters…hard to choose. I have a grey one with red roses that I’ve had for years. Maybe that one. Or the brown one with the red cardinals.

    A good cardigan, black or brown, is a classic that never goes out of style and gets you through the cold months.

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