Quick Breads

The frozen bananas were calling to me on Sunday, imploring me to make them into banana bread. I complied, dragging out James Beard’s banana bread recipe, omitting the nuts, and adding a brown sugar glaze to the top when it was done.

I like banana bread and a cranberry bread my mother always made at Christmas, the recipe I unaccountably lost.  Date bread is a waste of good eggs and butter, as far as I am concerned.  Blueberry muffins? Yum!

What are your favorite quick breads and muffins?

39 thoughts on “Quick Breads”

      1. Thanks you . Sure. There are many different ways of cooking it. This is what I’ve learnt from a friend of mine.
        Chillie flakes
        Mozzarella (optional)

        1) We have to heat a pan on low flame and add a table spoon of butter to the pan.
        2) When the Butter gets the consistency of oil, we need to add chopped garlic cloves and sprinkle some salt.
        3) when the garlic gets slightly browned, we need to turn off the flame and separate the garlic from the Butter.
        4) We then have to smear this butter on bread slices and roast/toast them.
        5) We can also add grated mozzarella cheese while roasting the bread slices on the pan.
        6) When done, we can sprinkle oregano and chillie flakes and then, it’s ready.


    1. I make pretty good chapati, and I have the correct durum atta flour for it. I am not so lucky with Naan, since I don’t have a tandoor.

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      1. I too am not good with Naan. I don’t have a tandoor at home. At home, we make chapati, phulka, paratha and Puran poli. All of these can be made on a Tawa pan.


  1. The clementines were calling to me on Sunday. We weren’t eating them fast enough. I found a nice recipe for clementine muffins online and made those – retty good and not too sweet.

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  2. Guess I didn’t actually answer the question, did I? My favorite quick bread is actually from Breadsmith. It’s their pumpkin bread with walnuts. I have never been able to replicate it in my kitchen, although I have tried over the years.

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      1. The pumpkin bread is a real departure for me. Thanks to my bakery days, I also don’t do anything pumpkin except this bread (In the Trader Joe bread).


  3. Robin used a recipe from a Norwegian Rhubarb Cake to make a batch of rhubarb almond muffins last week. Nobody has mentioned yet that flour is very hard to find right now.
    While rummaging around our freezer looking for that last bag of frozen rhubarb, I noticed a loaf of frozen bread dough I didn’t even know we had. While not technically a quick bread, the frozen bread dough offered a shortcut (and a way around the fact that yeast is also unavailable) for me to make a pan of cinnamon pecan rolls, which I did this weekend.

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  4. whatever the opposite of a sweet tooth is that’s what i’ve got.
    banana bread is good for two bites. if i toast the heck out of it and lather it with peanut bitter and warm melted butter i can add it to a two egg
    plate with a veggie sausage and declare it breakfast.
    i like it because it’s primarily oatmeal if i remember correctly do it doesn’t mess with my gluten whammy
    i used to drink coke and eat fudge and now i don’t although i did get a prebedtime hankering for a butter rum lifesaver that is pretty funny . it’s like lays potato chips. nobody can eat just one
    i like eggs on a muffin tin
    i would like to learn how to do breads better so maybe i’ll experiment this spring with rice flours and oat flours and see if i can find a bread i like

    it would be welcome

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  5. The edition I have (well, one of two) of the Betty Crocker “red” cookbook has a recipe for banana muffins that uses Bisquick. Makes some tasty muffins – and I prefer a muffin to a quick bread loaf. Not sure why since they are almost the same thing, just different forms. (And VS, there is something about pumpkin bread that is just better from someplace like Breadsmith – I have yet to make one at home that tastes as good as what you buy from a commercial baker.)

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    1. Back when I was in college half a century ago, I used to make banana and applesauce breads using a Bisquick recipe. They were good enough, but everything you make with Bisquick tastes like Bisquick.

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  6. Husband sent his sister some dried yeast yesterday. She lives in WI and couldn’t find any. We, of course, had heaps of cake yeast and dried yeast in the freezer. We also have lots of flour, since I ordered 30 lbs of King Arthur all purpose flour about two months ago when I couldn’t find any in town. Husband made a hearth bread and is also making a loaf of 9 grain bread that takes three days to finish. He has more time now that he isn’t going to the rez.

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    1. There is a small chain of restaurants here in the cities called Colossal Cafe that offers yeast-risen pancakes as a specialty. They are quite good.

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  7. I like most flavors of quick bread, especially zucchini and banana bread. But not a pumpkin fan.

    A friend who makes rhubarb bread had extra a few years ago and gave a loaf to me. OMG! I don’t see her often, but she’ll make a point of contacting me when she’s made a batch.

    Chris in O-town

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  8. I like an occasional slice of carrot cake or good banana bread, but not enough to bake a loaf of either. They simply would grow stale at our house. I suppose I could freeze some, but I don’t have freezer space to squander on rare treats. That said, Renee’s photo above does look good, and her description does sound tempting, but I think I’ll stick with the salsa and corn chips. Or perhaps I’ll make a trip to my local flatbread company and pick up some flatbread and garlic sauce. So many options for how to use both.

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  9. I have a Boston Brown Bread recipe somewhere, calls for graham flour (whole wheat works fine, though), molasses, raisins… and is baked in a couple of 2# coffee cans of the equivalent. Might have to get that out.

    I also like some versions of Irish Soda Bread, and Moosewood Ckbk’s Banana Bread (I add nuts), which uses a cup of strong coffee.

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        1. This is almost too much to process right now, Renee. I’ve been bracing for John’s death since it was announced that he was hospitalized with the virus. Though his status was upgraded from critical to stable several days ago, I knew that the process of intubation is so invasive that it’s pretty devastating to a lot of people. I wanted to believe that he could pull through, but also knew that the likelihood of that was small. His wife, Fiona, had written an update a few days ago that indicated that he had developed “some peripheral issues,” but that they were being addressed with antibiotics and other medical intervention. She expressed that the worst part of this ordeal was not being able to be with him. Not be able to hold his hand. Not be able to comfort him.

          I know there are millions of John Prine fans tonight who are feeling the way I do, like they’ve been gutpunched. While I’ve seen him perform several times, I’ve never actually met the man, but he was a friend, and I’ll miss him sorely.

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