The Underwear Tree

Guinevere and I have been expanded our walking routes, going a little farther and trying out new streets to walk down.  Last week we went down a street in Tangletown that we hadn’t tried before, heading down the hill toward the creek.  As we were walking I looked up and was startled to see a pair of women’s underwear hung on the tree close to the sidewalk.  On closer inspection, I discovered about ten different garments (all women’s undergarments) hanging from the tree.

As we continued on our way, I thought about tee-peeing, which was a popular prank when I was a kid.  I never took part in tee-peeing, but my house was the target of this prank once.  Nobody I knew ever fessed up, so I always wondered if it had been meant for Sam’s house; he was my next-door neighbor and a much more social kid than I was.  I wondered what kind of prank resulted in women’s underwear in a tree in a front yard.  Was this what kids do these days?  Where do they get the underwear?  Thrift shops?  Their mother’s dresser?  Or was it more nefarious – one spouse getting even with the other, hopefully not with a divorce looming on the horizon.

Then I was surprised yesterday to walk that route again and found the underwear still hanging in the tree.  At first I thought maybe the family was not at home the last few days, but there were golf clubs in a bag sitting on the front porch; surely no one would leave town with their clubs sitting out in the open.  The mystery deepened when I got home and mentioned it to YA.  She confirmed that the underwear has been in the tree for at least 3 weeks.  Now I’m really wondering what the story is.

What do you think?

40 thoughts on “The Underwear Tree”

  1. Maybe that’s where underwear comes from and they’re just lucky enough to have a tree in their yard. Ordinarily you’d only expect to find them in underwear orchards.

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  2. When our son was about 6, I made a meatloaf that had a bay leaf on the top. We convinced him that there were such things as meatloaf trees, and that the meatloaf on the table came from a tree. He still brings up that prank.

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  3. i’ve been to a bar where bras get pinned to the walls and hung from light fixtures like they do with business cards and foreign currency in some other bars

    it likely didn’t occur to the women who entered that they would leave their bra behind but it became a better idea after a few drinks

    panties “as referred to in anatomy of a murder” have a certain appeal in creating a tradition of display.

    granny panties vs thongs and lace offer different pictures

    men’s whitey tighty vs boxers and other variations make it fun to picture

    i figure the people realize taking off you panties on the sidewalk could be a bit of an issue so the are giving people a chance to either carry them separately for inclusion or to wear a summer sun dress where access is easier

    is there a bush nearby to hide behind to make contributing easier ?

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I must look in the gardening catalogues for one of these trees. Does anyone here know how to get the tree to grow them in my size and style?

    I NEVER would have known about this had I not been on the Trail.


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    1. As to style, the University of Minnesota is constantly working to cross breed new styles while maintaining a healthy selection of heirloom varieties with useful traits. They even have a few venerable Girdle trees because you never know what you’ll come up with.

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  5. Obviously it’s an Alien trying to communicate with humans. Unfortunately, he was pranked by his buddies into thinking that underwear hanging in trees is the way we communicate with the rest of the Universe.

    C in O

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    1. Aliens are a big deal right now. There is a picture floating around, of a UFO somewhere near San Diego. Apparently “demon sex” also is trending. What do you think the aliens are trying to tell us? Would they be talking about demon sex, whatever that is?

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      1. “Demon sex” in your dreams is what Dr. Stella Immanuel believes causes endometriosis and any number of other problems. She also says that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for Covid-19 and that wearing a mask doesn’t slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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        1. I’m guessing she may be a replacement for Dr. Fauci. She seems a lot more in line with DT’s thinking, and doesn’t let science get in the way of saying so.

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    1. That sounds reasonable to me. If I get a packet in the mail, I will look at a seed under the microscope. If it is wearing tiny underwear, I think we will have our answer!

      This is a time of mystery and wonder,

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