Took another new route this week; as we were coming down a hill, I thought I saw a statue in someone’s backyard.  “Must be St. Francis” I thought to myself and as we got closer I realized I was correct.  And then we got even closer and I started to laugh.  The photo says it all.  When I came around the corner of the driveway (yes, I trespassed a little for the photo), I laughed even harder when I saw the second, smaller statue.  This just made my day.

There is a new federal law – you are required to have a statue of someone in your yard.  It has to be a person (although secondary and tertiary statues of any type are ok).  Who will it be?

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  1. Well, if I go back to my roots, statues of Martin Luther and Tyll Ulenspiegel would be appropriate, as would a replica of the Roland statue and The Bremen town musicians statue near the Dom in Bremen.

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  2. I have a little pottery candle (tea light size) holder depicting three dancers, holding hands and dancing around this candle. That is what I would like for my yard statue, it would fit nicely in the “way back” at the Robbinsdale yard. For this yard, I could just put out the existing pottery piece…

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  3. I have been hoping we are getting past the statues of heroes thing.
    Every morning since June 1 I have had coffee on the patio, alone with my prayers and thoughts staring into the thick jungly stand of trees 30 feet in front of me. I have never been able to be out there anywhere near this many mornings, 86 in a row I think, because of heat or bugs or storms. I have sat out a few mornings with the rain landing around me, myself protected by the stack of decks above me. My favorite mornings. Today after the storms passed, I went out with a towel and had my coffee, noticing the 7 tall mystery trees in from of me are going autumn on me, leaves shriveling and turning muddy yellow.
    These mornings have been my touchstone. Wish I could walk like sherrilee, but cannot do so. So I and the trees, standing, developing, dying, fallen and their slighter brethern the brush have communed together each morning, trying to bring stability and hope into this a whole annus horribilis in six months, both national and personal. They have stood test to my worries, hopes, fears, prayers, random meandering thoughts.
    I remain uncertain about statues. Statues of sports figures in front of stadiums particularly distress me. Of course, sculptures are wonderful, but lionizing anyone seems wrong. So I might go for my doily–to recognize the many anonymous who are far more a hero than any sports or political figure. Right now health care workers. But the many women in minority trodden-down cultures who raise their children right, so often without a partner. Parents who have rejected the chase for money to focus on relationships. You can name others I bet.
    Somewhere, Central Park or Boston, maybe, is a statue of some writer where the children crawl into his lap to read. Maybe statues like that. RBG would do for such a purpose. But again, please, the anonymous would be better.
    I sometimes stare into the open patches in my woods and imagine there is a statue off in there, alone, not quit hidden, to reach which you have to struggle through the jungle. Who would that be? Maybe a tree hugger.

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  4. I guess I would have to rebel and break the law (again).
    I agree with the anonymous writer above (who I think is maybe Clyde? Hi, Clyde!) I love the natural world too much to erect a statue to a human being. I always feel like humanity has interfered too much with the earth and that the harm we have caused our fragile planet outweighs all the good we try to do. Native American spirituality is closest to an example of my own and they would not erect statues to human beings. They might carve spirit figures into totem poles or other icons, but these represent the spirit of the person, not the individual person herself, and they are not permanent. I might like a statue of an owl or a white pine. Or maybe of the tiny hummingbird who is helping herself to the nectar outside my window in preparation for her long journey. Now there’s a hero!
    If I did have to choose a human hero, right now it would be RBG.

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