But You Were Supposed to Read My Mind!

Today’s post comes to us from Jacque.

Last week VS and I arranged for pick up or delivery of some plants for Anna’s memorial garden for her late husband, Tom.    We arranged for 10-ish on Sunday morning.  Things in my world have been moving kind of fast, despite COVID restrictions, so I read VS’ email to everyone about donating plants, contacted her VS about my donations, and did not read the details closely.

So at 10-ish on Sunday morning, I pulled into her driveway and called her.  She picked up immediately and said, “I’m just turning on to Scenic Heights.  I’ll be there in a second.”

To which I said, “Great.  I just pulled into your driveway.”

We both started laughing.

“This is meant for a blog post.”  I told her, adding, “I guess I did not read the email closely enough.”

“I said in the initial email I could come pick them up but didn’t reiterate it in our back and forths” she said.

And I replied, “You were supposed to read my mind.”  I needed to get out of the house to go somewhere, anywhere, and just assumed….well you know.

Tell about a memorable miscommunication or assumption you might have checked more closely.

28 thoughts on “But You Were Supposed to Read My Mind!”

  1. How funny! Once many years ago my control freak supervisor called me into her office, clearly furious. She demanded to know why I hadn’t told her that another person in our department had left the office abruptly earlier in the day due to a medical emergency with his wife. “He said he told you he was leaving, Why didn’t you tell me? He said he told Renee that he was leaving!” I was very puzzled, because he hadn’t told me anything of the sort. It dawned on me then what had happened. I reminded her that we had four Renee’s working at the agency, and that the one he told was probably the one at the first floor reception desk. She checked it out and found that I was correct. She didn’t even apologize.

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  2. An assumption that I was correct on: if I asked Baboons to help fill in my raised garden in the back with plants they were splitting, plants would arrive. And it is lovely. I have a corner that gets a wee bit more sun and that has filled in with daylilies, some charming things like spiderwort and a fancy Solomon’s Seal, ferns and hosta here and there. I have a couple other friends who have also contributed and it makes my heart happy. Come spring when everything starts to grow and bloom it will make me think of all of my friends. Probably worth its own blog post at some point (perhaps in the spring when it will not be in its current pouty autumn stage).

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  3. The same damn thing happened to me last week, Jacque – I friend and I had arranged to meet at Yarnology (open very limited hours) – this was after another appointment, but I did check my email before leaving that morning, and read one from her – but apparently not the part that said she needed reschedule…

    And then yesterday I wrote down on the calendar a board mtg. of Husband’s that I saw in an email (he doesn’t always write them down) – luckily he saw that I’d done it – on the week before the actual meeting. Sigh… And that’s just this week!

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  4. Once in college I was on a city bus in Moorhead with other students from Concordia. It was a very small bus, and we were all packed in pretty close. I didn’t know any of the other passengers. Someone near me was talking, and then I heard her say quite angrily “Well just ignore me then, Lois!” I realized the person was talking to me, and mistook me for Lois Flagstad, a person in my dorm. Lois had short, sandy hair like I did. The person addressing g me turned her back to me , and my stop came up and I didn’t have time to explain. We later became friends. And had a good laugh about her mistake.

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  5. i have a warehouse full of stuff offered up on facebook marketplace at prices that are regularly negotiated and renegotiated until consumption and a rendezvous is arranged

    people on facebook marketplace are the scum of the earth

    many many times the meetup arranged completely slips the pea brain of the buyer who asks me to be there to help them load a table or lawn ornament into their prius

    i used to hate craigslist but now craiglist is simply one of the 20 possible storefronts i can list on with my facebook marketplace listing

    facebook does a terrible job of stewardship in their offering, with looking up of listing posted communications transpired and negotiations reached about 40% are available with the others lost in the vapors

    communication snafus? it’s like a conversation with tRump.. you just assume there’s not a shred of truth in the intent on the other persons part

    selling to menards fleet farm and target is a challenge but at least you know where you stand. communication and contracts are part of the deal
    watch bout what you wish for
    the guy who wants to see if i could just drive to the mall of america to meet him got the product he just agreed to buy .
    but you also meet delightful souls who drive 30 minutes to save $4 dollars in order to save the planet by reusing when possible
    glad you were able to gather the plants . i missed that announcement

    i have a couple of hosta collections to make this fall for exceptionally wonderful varieties i have in my notebook

    happy trails baboons

    i propose we schedule a book club meeting at minne haha falls for the next nice weekend day when a gathering would be pleasant.

    it’s been so long since march or april meeting was postponed maybe we just discuss what ever we are currently reading

    i think all the light i can not see was the march book i can’t remember the second

    see you down the road at 11 o’clock in jacques driveway

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    1. I’m confused, tim. How can it possibly be Facebook’s fault that someone you’ve hooked up with through FB Marketplace forget’s about an appointment they have with you? This happens on Freecycle and Craigslist as well. I guess that sometimes people forget, and sometimes they change their mind, and since they don’t know you from Adam, don’t show you the courtesy of letting you know. I’ve had that happen any number of times with all three of those venues.


  6. In the 1970’s sometime, there was a pipe bomb wrapped in the metro edition of the star tribune left somewhere on a doorstep in the SW Minnesota area. My dad was the only one in the area who subscribed to the metro edition of the Strib. He got a visit from the FBI on that occasion, but they decided he wasn’t the culprit.

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  7. I can only think of one mix-up right now. I used to have to purchase, organize and cook a lot of food for Rock Bend. I got reimbursed for my expenses but the quantity of food was overwhelming to say the least, and Rock Bend staff are not known to be highly organized people. I’m not known for my organizational skills either but I did my best. I often forgot or lost track of who was making what, who had volunteered to pick up the pork and deliver it to Linda, who was picking up the 30 dozen or so buns from the local bakery, who had the roaster from last year, who was picking up the BEER! I used to do all the food and beer for the Wednesday night set-up by myself. It was a few dozen brats done in the roaster with beer and Rock Bend baked beans and chips, maybe a salad and some cookies or bars. Probably the most important ingredient was the beer. So we got to Wednesday night, it was hot, I got there and the guys were all sweaty and before I even got out of my car, they were on me: WHERE’S THE BEER??? Of course I had forgotten to delegate the most important thing.

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    1. I’ve heard this already from two other sources. Almost makes me wish I had tuned in. Ok, upon reflection that’s not true…. nothing could have induced me.

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