Great Names

I saw the most wonderful sign on my way to work yesterday.  Taquiria el Monte Sinai was advertising a new location and taco special. I had not heard of this business before. Husband says it is run by an Evangelical Protestant  Mexican Church. It made me wonder if their fish tacos were made from gefiilte fish!  We also have a Hamburger ‘s meat store run by the Hamburger family,  I think that is a great name, too.

What are some wonderful or wacky names of places, people, or businesses that you have encountered?  Make up some names if you feel like it. What is your favorite Mexican food?

30 thoughts on “Great Names”

  1. I remember, back in the seventies, there was a new cigarette brand called Free, which the manufacturer promoted with countertop displays. For some reason, people kept taking them…

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  2. Perhaps I should have another cup of coffee before I ask, but I’m confused. Why would you associate gefilte fish with an Evangelical Protestant Mexican Church? When I think of gefilte fish, and I’ll admit I don’t that very often, it’s in connection with the Jewish traditions.


  3. This is stuff I’ve posted here before because we’ve covered this subject before, but there was a dairy or faux dairy product I used to see that was called Ripple, I think, but the font they used for the name made it look like nipple. Ripple, of course, is already the name of a beverage and not a prestige association. Ripple or Nipple, not a good name for a beverage. The product has disappeared.

    There’s a Mexican restaurant named Listo and a French restaurant named L’Ecole. Restaurant names that conjure up food poisoning are ill-advised, I think.

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  4. There’s a hardware company called Truth, based in Owatonna. I am creeped out whenever I see one of their trucks, with TRUTH written on the side. It strikes me as Orwellian. That’s a lot of truth. I don’t know the origin of the company name, but in my experience those that claim truth for themselves are never in possession of it.

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    1. Found this about the Kum & Go in an article called 20 Most Hilarious (Yet Unfortunate) Company Names On Earth: “The two gentleman who created these highway stores cunningly combined the first letters of their surnames – evidently they were so pleased with themselves, they didn’t notice until it was too late. Woops.”


  5. Some signs I find dismaying right now are the increasing clouds and wind . We are driving to Bismarck in a bit to get Daughter, who is to arrive at the airport at 8:00. MT. A high wind warning is to go into effect here in an hour, with gusts up to 55 mph. Later tonight, around 10:00, there will be light snow. I am hopeful we will make it back about 9:30 or 10: 00 before all the bad weather rannygazoo sets in.


  6. When at a Mexican restaurant I often fall back on the enchiladas. Cheese and onion always pleases. Sometimes, though, I go for a fish dish, because Mexican restaurants that offer fish usually do it well. There’s a place in Hudson, Wisconsin, that has a salmon and asparagus plate I really like, though when you’re thinking of salmon, you don’t really think Mexican immediately, nor do you immediately think Mexican when you think of asparagus. Nevertheless, it is one of my favorites.

    Once I was riding in a car and passed a highway sign that I thought read “Lobster Prairie”. Later I found out it was actually Lester Prairie. Maybe I was a little bit sleepy when we passed that sign. I do like the idea that there could be a Lobster Prairie, Minnesota though.

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    1. For the longest time there was a shop outside River Falls that was called Ave’s Cheese and Taxidermy. It was kind of a standing Wisconsin joke. Eventually they dropped the cheese and became just a taxidermy business. Then Jimmy Fallon did a segment on odd signs, and there was one for a cheese and taxidermy shop, I thought it was surely Ave’s. But no – there was a cheese and taxidermy shop in Mapleton. Ontario. Did they hear about the Wisconsin shop and decide to copy the business model? Maybe they found out that Ave’s had gotten out of the cheese business, and thought “Wow! Here’s our chance to be the world’s foremost cheese and taxidermy shop!”

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      1. There are many things I like about this video, although it mystifies me. The singer is wearing a kilt, and we’re not really sure why. Is it a Scottish music festival? And the woman on the right – is she an ASL interpreter? A mime? A combination of the two?

        But basically, it’s just fun.


  7. Daughter can’t get a flight to ND until Thursday evening. She and her grandmother are watching the Bachelorette right now in Littleton, CO. Everyone is safe.

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