The Christmas Haul

Yesterday,  Daughter napped wearing a very soft and fleecy hoodie we got her for Christmas.  She received three pieces of clothing from us, and a nice bubble bath/soap/skin cream set  from her brother and sister in law. We always give her candy in her stocking, along with annoying things like parsnips and other root vegetables. She is supremely happy.

I never really need anything, but I was delighted with the biography of Bela Bartok from Husband. Daughter gave me two Halloween tomten (one with vampire fangs) , and  set of tomten salt and pepper shakers. Husband got a book about Malcom X and Martin Luther King from Daughter. He got a fancy grill and a sausage stuffer and grinder earlier this year that he said were his Christmas presents. We are all happy.  A friend of Daughter gave us a wood burned portrait of Millie, our deceased tortie. It was beautiful.

Next week we go to Brookings with presents for our family there. Grandson is getting floor puzzles and new shoes. Son is getting therapy books,  a James Bond DVD set,  and a baking steel. DIL is getting clothes. They give out specific lists so they are easy to shop for.  No surprises, but no dismay, either.

What was your favorite present this year? What were your best and worst presents in the past?  Do you give out Christmas  lists?

28 thoughts on “The Christmas Haul”

  1. i got a mouth piano this year. or a mouth organ like john batiste plays on colbert if you have seen it
    we started doing lists because we did secret santa and if you’re only getting one gift it had best be one that you care a bit about
    it’s a great time of the year and i’m sorry to see it how

    happy holidays baboons

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  2. We got ourselves a new toaster oven. Now a bell actually goes off when the toast is done, and you don’t have to set a separate timer.

    Best Christmas present as a kid was new ice skates, and they looked great under the tree on Christmas morning.

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  3. I am generally very happy with gifts that I am given but I do remember that when I was 14 I was ecstatic to get a guitar for Christmas. Ecstatic. I did play throughout high school and early college but not seriously. I don’t have the guitar anymore but I did enjoy it when I had it. Worst gift had to be the hat that my parents brought me from Russia. They wrapped it up as a gift and sent it to me and I waited three weeks until Christmas with that wrapped gift sitting on the piano. It was one of those for fur hats that’s very common in Russia. I called them about it and then sent it back, as I just couldn’t bring myself to wear a big ole fur hat. (They did both have an Aaha moment right then about the silliness of giving a big fur hat to a committed vegetarian.)

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  4. We do Amazon Lists. We’re not done with Christmas yet so not sure I can say a favorite yet. But I got most of the things I put on my list. I’m excited about the new tape measure (because I’m a tool snob) and I got a solar motion light that I’ll put down by the barn, and I got a step that hooks over a truck tire so hopefully I’ll actually be able to reach the oil dipstick in the truck. All pretty cool things.

    As a kid I had a terrible habit of snooping out presents early and even opening them. There was the toy car called an ‘SST’ or ‘SSP’. I found that up in mom’s closet and could get it out of the box and play with it before Christmas. Then put it all back in the box. I’m sure they never knew. (Sarcasm). I mean I was careful opening the box but still.
    And then there was one year my sister Ellen had a gift for me. I had pulled the tape off the end and opened it; don’t remember what it was, but I remember when Ellen commented that she hadn’t done a very good job wrapping it and it looked like maybe someone had peeked at it and I ran and hid in the bathroom for an hour.

    I remember Christmases at our house with all the grandkids (my nieces and nephews) opening presents at once and it was just chaos and two feet of wrapping paper on the floor. We’d clean up the mess but then we couldn’t throw out or burn garbage for two days until all the kids had had a chance to play with the toys and find the missing pieces. And we’d go back through the bags of garbage to find the bits left in the packaging or picked up by accident.

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  5. YA and I do lists for each other but we don’t do lists with anyone else. I did get a very funny gift this year – a set of rubber stamps with Ruth Bader Ginsberg designs (a stamp of her, one of her lace collars, acrown and then stamps that say “I consider myself a flaming feminist” and “WWRBGD” among others. This is from a close friend who shares the stamping passion with me. I can’t wait to make cards with it!

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  6. Except for a Christmas present, a pair of very warm fleece lined suede slippers, that I received back in early November, my remaining presents were mostly consumable. A bottle of Cava, a home baked loaf of stollen, all different kinds of Christmas cookies, home made fudge and truffles. I also got a fine linen dishtowel with the word “hyggelig” printed all over it!
    Somehow I don’t associate “hygge” with doing dishes, but since that’s not my department, I’ll let husband worry about that. We, as a couple, also received a freshly slaughtered whole chicken from the young couple who moved in next door. They both grew up on farms, and have repeatedly gifted us with eggs, and other goodies, fresh from the farm. I don’t write a list, don’t know who I would give it to if I did. Husband and I pretty much each buy whatever we want, so there’s no real need.

    This year I got him a him a fine bottle of single malt Scotch (more expensive than he’d buy for himself), several bags of Danish salt licorice, and a rack for cooling his freshly baked bread. I might add that the Scotch I bought is more peaty and smokey than I care for, thus ensuring that he doesn’t have to share it with me. I think we’re both pleased.

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  7. We continue to have a very calm, relaxing visit with Daughter, which is the best gift for me this year. We are having homemade pizza tonight, and are eating yesterday’s leftovers.

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  8. Our dinner tonight polished off the rest of the pork roast in a traditional “biksemad.” Biskemad is essentially fried diced onion, potatoes, and meat. For good measure I added garlic and celery, and finished it off with the remainder of the leftover gravy. Husband’s portion had a fried egg on top. Red cabbage, pickled beats and cucumbers on the side. It was delicious, and it feels good to be done with all the leftovers. Here’s a link to a recipes that shows the presentation, if anyone’s interested:
    A nice relaxing Boxing Day at our house.

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  9. One gift I received is a CD of Christmas music that was put together as a fundraiser for the nonprofit for which one of my nieces works. I listened to the whole thing today, and my general reaction through most of it was mostly “meh””, until the next to the last track, a lovely version of O Holy Night by a gospel singer I wasn’t familiar with. Really took my breath away.

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  10. OT: YouTube channel recommendations. There are many silly videos on YouTube. One type–which is very common–is videos about animals in distress. These are often deceptive, and ultimately the rescue of one animal doesn’t accomplish much, and yet I am a sucker for these. I mostly avoid videos about abused pets that flourish when rescued. I usually click on videos about wild animals in distress who are saved by enterprising folks. I suspect some of these are set up. I assume many potential videos of this type don’t get published because the poor animal dies from stress.

    And yet I watch some. I’m fascinated by the challenge of people working with distressed animals. It is usually risky, and the poor animal usually perceives the rescuer as a horrible threat. And yet there are videos–some of which must be authentic–in which a distressed animal approaches a human seeking help. With all my doubts about these videos, I keep clicking on them.

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    1. Here’s another example. I’m getting many, many offers of videos of French conservationists saving seals caught in fishing lines or other garbage. This one is typical of the others. It is dismaying to see how many seals are dying because of entanglements. The seas, these days, are badly contaminated with nets, old fishing lines and other garbage.

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        1. This building is showing its age (as are its inhabitants!). The heating system is wonky. Because old people need a lot of warmth, this place is generally too warm for me. I turn off the heat and run fans. But that storm three days ago, the one with high winds and low temps, sucked the heat out of the building. My room has been icy, for the radiators have no heat at all. But as I told Bill, adjustments I’m coping.


  11. I am in Santa Fe tonight. Beautiful mountains at sunset. Tomorrow we arrive at our destination. Yahoo weather says it will be sunny with some clouds. No blizzard in Nebraska this time.

    We can really see the effects of COVID on travel in this trip. So many restaurants are closed. It appears permanent. Hotels are quiet, too.

    We have been listening to JoJo Moyes “The Giver of Stars” this trip. It is a fine book made even better by master narrator, Julia Whelan. The trip is flying by.

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