Paper Chase

There is a mysterious creature in our home, one that is a constant source of puzzlement for our cat. The creature resides in the room with the computer. It whirs, makes odd internal noises, and then shoots out paper.  Sometimes the creature pulls the paper back inside before shooting it out a final time. It usually comes to life when Husband is seated at the dining room table working on his laptop.

Whenever she hears the creature make a noise, Luna races to the computer room and  peers into the place where  the paper emerges. She often walks behind it to see if anything is there, then perches along side it to watch the paper come out.

If she is feeling particularly feisty, she will stick her paw in to catch the paper. That usually results in me or Husband needing to fix a paper jam.







The other day I changed out ink cartridges,  and Luna was very, very interested to see what was inside  when I opened the front. There was no creature to be seen, though, just gears.

I imagine Luna vowing to solve the mystery and find the creature inside the printer.  Until then, she has a constant source of amusement and intrigue to keep her life interesting.

What mystery would you like to solve?  What mystery novel character would you like to be? What makes your life interesting these days?


31 thoughts on “Paper Chase”

  1. I would love to solve the mystery of why my furnace/boiler has turned itself off a couple of times this winter and not switched back on. I have been able to get it started again, but continue to wonder if I will wake up to a house that is 59 degrees (like I did one Saturday). Here is what I know it is not: it is not lack of water in the system (I have radiator heat and the first time this happened it was low so I added some), nor is it an imbalanced system (I have bled the radiators and made sure pressure in the boiler is good), I have had a professional here (the day it was 59 degrees in the morning) and he also took some time fiddling with the water and pressure and did some cleaning inside the thing. Worked great for a few weeks and then one day I noticed it was getting chilly again. I now suspect something faulty in the switching – the last time it went out, I was able to get it going again by turning off the secondary switch and turning it back on and doing nothing else. (Prior times it was hard to know what, of the various things I fiddled with, got it going again.) I don’t trust that it won’t go out again, but also can’t really call CenterPoint again, in good conscience, if it keeps working… It might just be time for a new boiler, this one is at least 20 years old. If it weren’t January I might enjoy the mystery and puzzle of this more – the threat of a 59 degree house takes some of the thrill out of that.

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  2. We have doors at my work that lock electronically and are opened with specially programmed plastic cards that you hold in front of a small box on the door jamb. The door that gives access to the hallway outside my office sometimes works, then doesn’t, then works, all on the space of an hour. I wish I could solve that mystery.

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  3. Love the photos of the mystified feline, Renee – I can’t remember which, but one of our former cats had the same reactions, and it WAS fun to watch.

    In the fall Husband replaced my bike tire inner tube, and it kept losing air. Finally took it into the bike shop, and it took about three tries before the tire was finally properly put back on – had been leaking out the side.
    And there’s something else that my brain is trying to remember.

    I think it would be great fun to be Stephanie Plum for a day, Janet Evanovich’s bond bounty hunter. She gets herself in really stupid and dangerous situations, but either Morelli or Ranger helps her out. And I want to meet all the crazy characters, including Lula and Bob the dog. (I read these books at this point because I know that they make me laugh out loud.)..

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  4. “Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself:””Mankind.”” Basically, it’s made up of two separate words – “”mank”” and “”ind.””What do these words mean? It’s a mystery, and that’s why so is mankind.”
    Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

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  5. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I love that cat–she kinda leaves me speechless.

    I have never found mystery solvers or detectives that admirable so I have not ever wanted to be one of them. They seem to make decisions that are pretty impulsive and often endangering. I do not like physical danger (although I do love psychological risk-taking and trying new ideas) so it is unlikely that I would ever live life that way. I do love some of these books and series, though.

    I would like to know why bad news often comes in threes. And yes this applies to me. This weekend while hiking, my left foot suddenly hurt and NOTHING HAPPENED. I was walking along the Botanical Garden Trail, and it suddenly felt like I had a foot cramp. I cannot put weight on it, so this afternoon I am off to visit a podiatrist. This is bad news incident #3 (#1COVID, #2 the leak 2 weeks ago). I once knew someone who was involved in 3 car accidents in a short time, then it stopped.

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  6. Last week I met Trincey, the new director of this senior living center. One of my frustrations with this place is the lack of follow-up on maintenance issues. As an example, my dishwasher quit working and nobody will come to check it out.

    Trincey went to the dishwasher and began pushing buttons. Then she checked the circuit breaker box. Then she plugged a lamp into the outlet where the washer is plugged, confirming that the outlet itself was dead. An hour later she returned with a triumphant smile. She flipped a switch in the kitchen that I didn’t even know was there. The machine began washing.

    It was fun watching Trincey work out the problem. I had to remember Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers as they diagnosed sick automobiles on the radio. (Remember them making the sounds of distressed engines?) When I told Trincey I was surprised by her readiness to dive into a mechanical issue, she explained, “I married a maintenance man.”

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  7. I suppose every evaluation I do is a mystery to be solved. For some, the questions are simple. For some, complex. It is important to know what questions to ask.


  8. As mysteries go, this isn’t a biggie. Our first floor area by the front door is called the Atrium. It’s lit by maybe 16 recessed lights. One of them stays lit for about five minutes, then goes dark for five minutes. And repeats and repeats. It is wired like all the other lights that behave normally. Switching light bulbs has no effect; it still turns itself on and off. Again, this isn’t a problem, or it isn’t unless you expect the world to make sense, in which case this rogue light fixture is like a burr under a saddle. When I asked someone how long the light has acting out. The answer: “years.”

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