Cold Snap, Hot Jokes

The wind chill advisory is scheduled to expire today at 11:00 am. It is still only going to be in the single digits the rest of the week, though, so no big warming trend.

I thought this would be a good day for jokes about the cold. I will start:

Two friends meet on the street    “It sure was cold this morning.” “How cold was it?”  I’m not sure, but I saw a lawyer with his hands in his own  pockets!”

You get the idea. Tell some cold weather jokes.


23 thoughts on “Cold Snap, Hot Jokes”

  1. I can’t believe I can’t remember any cold weather jokes! I’ll keep reading today and hopefully someone will spark a memory.

    Our township hires the county to plow our roads. We’ve got real good guys; Randy in the big plow truck with a blade on both sides, plus the front, plus the one underneath. I don’t know how he can run them all. Parm drives the grader and does the rural roads, and Jeff is the boss and drives a pick up with a plow on the front and hit’s the small roads and cut-de-sacs first before the other guys come around.
    I had gotten a call recently about a mailbox that was a casualty of the plow. It happens. The county goes out and replaces them.
    I delivered Amish friendship Bread to the guys yesterday. Keeping the wheels greased!

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      1. You’d be surprised how many rules there are about things in the road right of way. Anything in there has be ‘break away’. Street signs wood or metal, mailboxes, no “header walls” on that culvert under your driveway. Because, of course, it would be your fault if someone ran into it and got hurt.
        I’ve had to tell people their fancy large brick mailbox pillar needs to be taken down. They don’t like that.

        One of the snowplow guys told me that he told a homeowner complaining that the plow had ripped up some grass: “You live in a million dollar home; go buy a $20 roll of sod.”

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  2. These are all funny. I am absolutely horrible at remembering jokes. So not only do I not have any cold jokes, I don’t have jokes on any topic.


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