Snollygoster still sends me an email every day.  Some days I already know the word and most days I think “I’ve never seen this word before and I doubt I’ll ever see it again.”  But it’s still fun.  Last week, the word snollygoster hit my Inbox.  It means a clever, unscrupulous person.  This definitely falls into the category of “I’ll probably never run into this again” but it seems like such a fun word that maybe I should play with it for a bit.

If you are clever

But a bit unscrupulous –

A snollygoster!

Can you use it in a sentence?  Extra points if you can do a better haiku than I did!

24 thoughts on “Snollygoster”

  1. Morning- I get the word of the day as well. I move them all to a folder just for them. Sometimes it’s such an odd word I think “I’ll never use that” and I delete it. Or words that I am familiar with, I delete. Trouble is, i hardly ever go back to that folder and look up the words. Or I think ‘I saw a word for that once…’

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  2. Excellent haiku today. Extra points for Bill for doing good haiku so early in the morning, extra points for Renee for using the word “roistering” which I just love, and double points for PJ who I know doesn’t really love these poetry days.

    And extra points for everybody else too.

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      1. PJ is too damed confused to know what she likes these days. I’ll take all of the extra points I can get, though. Where I can I redeem them, and for what?

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