Winter Attitude

It’s not spring yet… it’s not spring yet… it’s not spring yet. 

It’s my mantra right now.  Most of the snow and ice is melted from the yard.  I’m able to get out (without a coat or even sweatshirt) and walk the dog.  The footprint of my bales, where there is not grass, is showing.  YA has mentioned plants for the garden this year as well as some solar light that she thinks we need in the back.

But I’m cynical and am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  It’s just too unbelievable that spring is here.  Didn’t the groundhog see his shadow?  My winter attitude does well for me.  I was able to run errands this past February (when it was hovering around zero) with a sweatshirt, scarf and gloves. So I’m a little skeptical that I can break out the zorries and tank tops.  If I lose my winter attitude, what happens if spring is just jerking us around?

How do you handle the changes of season? Do you have a favorite?

21 thoughts on “Winter Attitude”

  1. Spring in Southern Indiana was quite lovely. It was a real Spring that lasted for more than a day. Except for that one Spring in Indiana in 1987, I have lived in Winnipeg and western North Dakota since 1980. Spring in Winnipeg never really happened. It was cold and snowy in May. Then it was suddenly hot. There is a song by Connie Kaldor, a Saskatchewan folk singer, that goes:

    “Spring on the Prairies comes as a surprise. One minute there’s snow on the ground, the next there’s sun in your eyes”.

    It doesn’t get reliably nice here until mid May. I like fall the best.

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  2. In Minnesota, Winter ain’t over until Winter SAYS it’s over. This feels like another fakeout like we’ve had in previous years.

    I like May when Spring has firmly taken hold. Love the vibrancy of all the shades of green.

    I just go with the flow regarding the change of seasons. Fall’s my favorite. Nothing better than golf in September or canoeing in the BWCA when the leaves are nearing peak color.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  3. Spring in Southern Iowa was nice, too. I lived near Pella for a year doing a psychology internship. The tulips were spectacular. Summer was too long though, and the humid heat lasted into October.

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  4. I am worried that we are heading into a drought. It is so dry here, with hardly any snow all winter. March is the anxious month here, the month in which we fret over ground moisture. Sometimes it starts to rain now, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes we have heavy snow. We have stocked up on soaker hoses, and thus weekend I start pepper seeds.

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    1. I babysat for her infant son for a couple of days when she was performing at the Cedar Cultural Center back in 1992. She was getting ready to go on tour in India, and asked if I’d come along to take care of him on the trip. One of the songs she sang on stage the night of her Cedar performance was “I Have You,” a love song she wrote for her little boy. I’m happy to report that he slept through the entire performance cradled in my arms. She’s a wonderful performer, a really good song writer, and from my limited interaction with her, a really strong and intelligent woman it was a joy to be around.

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  5. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Never put away the snow shovel before May! After all, the Girls Basketball Tourney often brings some kind of snow storm in late March. I sure have missed the MN Hockey Hair Hall of Fame this year after the mysterious producer of that gem gave it up last year. All that flow was entertaining.

    We will return to MN April 1 if the weather remains stable and does not interfere with our trip back. The area of N. New Mexico and Colorado are often snowy in late March. I will stop to see my mother at her facility IN HER ROOM on Thursday morning. I have not seen her in person since July 4. On April 2 we both have the Fauci Ouchy scheduled which is pretty exciting.

    The change of seasons create all kinds of joint aches in my old age which I do not enjoy. Fall is my favorite for color, Spring and Summer are my favorite for gardens. How can you choose? Each season has its gifts.

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  6. When it’s Springtime in Alaska it’s 40 below. Springtime for Hitler. Quartet in Autumn. The Lion in Winter. Lots of seasonal influence in music and theater.

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  7. Having lived my entire life in MN, I know better than to think winter is over. March tournaments and St. Patrick’s Day are notorious for snowstorms. And I can remember a number of April surprises.

    I used to love mid to late spring with all the ornamental trees in bloom and so many shades of green, plus no bugs. But since developing seasonal allergies in my mid -30s, not so much. I still like spring but if Allegra fails me I am miserable. As a kid, summer was my favorite season and I still enjoy it for golf, kayaking, long walks, gardening, etc. But high dew points just make me wilt. This year I have discovered that winter walks can be quite nice as long as winds aren’t gale force and I have come to really like snowshoeing. But nothing beats fall for color and crisp weather.

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  8. I thought it was my Norwegian or Lutheran upbringing had me waiting for the other shoe to drop…maybe it’s just being a Minnesotan.

    Spring sure is nice, I enjoy getting back in the fields and the smell
    Of dirt and being in the tractors.
    Fall is nice as we see how the year went and being in the tractors and smelling the dirt.
    Winter is a nice break from everything and the rest for the cycle before it starts over.
    And summer is nice as long as it doesn’t get too hot or humid.

    Township elections and Annual Meeting today. We moved the meeting to a neighbors farm Shop just up the road from the townhall so we can spread out appropriately.
    Been a quiet day so far. Don’t expect much of a crowd for the meeting. Elections are only 3-8:00. Always nice just to sit and talk with the guys here and the neighbors that stop to vote.

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  9. We haven’t had our three snows on the robin’s tail yet. So I’m not putting away the winter clothes yet…not by a long shot.

    There is some old farming lore that says if you hear thunder in winter, there will be snow seven days later. We shall see if that’s true next week.

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    1. I’ve never heard that old farming lore before (but I’ve never heard much old farming lore at all). It was however really surreal to hear all the thunder yesterday


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