When I was a kid, the only things I ever sold were Kool-Aid (from a card table on the sidewalk) and Girl Scout Cookies every year.  We didn’t have school fundraisers back then and I don’t ever remember my family having a garage sale.

But YA is a selling whiz. She has all the apps and programs down pat and excels at the various online ways to get paid and how to ship things or if something needs to sold locally.  She says she doesn’t use “C_list” anymore because everybody wants to bargain the price down to nothing.  We have a small stockpile of boxes in a corner of the attic that she uses for sending things off to various buyers.

She also has a good eye for what might sell and how much she might get for it.  She is careful with her shoes and clothing and likes to have what is current and trendy, so many of the boxes shipped off are her used clothing. Outdated electronics have gone out as well as a bike that she had outgrown.  The big surprise this past year were two corduroy Apple baseball caps that I’ve had in my closet for decades; I got them from a supplier years ago when I was still working for Software, Etc.  I was cleaning out stuff last summer, getting it ready for Goodwill/Value Village when YA spied them.  She sold one for $150 and the other for $140.  I was gobsmacked.  Yesterday she sold off a PS4 game station that I bought her years ago but which went mostly unused.  It works perfectly well and her buyer thought it was a good deal at $250.  Again I was amazed as I would probably have put it out at a garage sale for 10 bucks.

So I’m letting her be in charge of selling off the household bit by bit.  If it’s an item that is clearly mine (hats) or that I initially paid for (PS4) then we split the money.  Right now I’m trying to get her interested in putting some of my old stamp sets on the market. 

What chore/job do you like to offload on others?

16 thoughts on “BestSeller”

  1. facebook marketplace is the new craigslist

    just say no to price negotiations
    are all good

    i have a helper in the philippines for ebay where i have hats and coats and shoes
    she is great

    i let my sin do the driveway thee days and the lawn

    my dogs look forward to their walk every night
    debbie and spencer do that

    if it gets crazy i do it but they do it 95% of the time

    debbie loves shampooing the carpets
    god bless her

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    1. I think YA uses all of those platforms. Maybe not Etsy, but I’m not sure. And she is extremely good at saying no to negotiation. Much better than I am.

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  2. I try to unload scoring tests on the computer onto the psychometrist but she only comes from Bismarck occasionally and hasn’t been at my agency in months. I am lucky to have support staff at work who take very good care of me and who schedule appointments and phone clients for me.

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    1. Interesting. My father was not a cook but every Thanksgiving morning he was in the kitchen to chop the celery and the onions for the stuffing.

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    VS, check those ads YA places carefully. If you find yourself on the list of sale items, she has gone too far!

    Housecleaning. I hire it done. I just cannot discipline myself to do it.

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      1. YA is really good about flooring. I noticed she mopped the kitchen floor a couple of days ago and she ever moves out, I’m going to have to relearn how to use the vacuum cleaner.

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  4. Besides the cleaning noted above, the other abhorrent tasks I used to be able to offload are all back on me now. Daughter does her own laundry, but she’s not ready yet to take on paying all the household bills. I have moved as much as I can to auto pay or putting it on a single credit card so I can just pay that one card instead of five or six places monthly. I am, however, happy to have lawn mowing back. Husband liked to do it (and, I think, didn’t like my methods), so I only did that occasionally. There’s not much lawn, but it will be nice to have the excuse to wander around in it this summer 🙂

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  5. Morning-
    Our daughter does her own laundry too and that’s helpful. She’ll move ours from washer to dryer to the bedroom too if she hears them signal. She does like her routine and her chores. She takes out garbage and recycling, which I am HAPPY to let her have.

    The rest of the chores we pretty much all share. Except bathrooms; I clean mine, Kelly cleans hers.

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  6. It helps a relationship when there is a natural balance with respect to chores. Lucky is the cook who marries an enthusiastic dishwasher. People who hate record keeping should not marry a person just like themself. I am familiar with a marriage in which one person spends as naturally as the other saves. That leads to tension, of course, but it isn’t as disastrous as the marriage of two free spenders would be. Balance is good.

    But that ignores important issues where sharing is better than balance. Commitment to the relationship and sincere involvement with parenting are areas where balance isn’t nearly as good as authentic sharing.

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  7. I currently have no task that I can offload to others. My apartment is quite compact and I have no “other”.
    Were I to have “another”, I’m sure she would require sharing jobs and I would gladly do that. When I had a large home and “another”, I paid for lawn mowing. At times mowing a whole acre made me like Forest Gump. Mindless. The “other” would sometimes assume lawn mowing but always made sure that I had to start the mower. The “other” was not the stereotypical Jewish mother but the “other” was skilled in applying guilt. My birds are making me feel guilty. They demand their afternoon millet treat.

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  8. I always pick up the toys in my play therapy room because if I required the children to clean up, it might inhibit their emotional expression through their play. I sure get tired of picking up toys.

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  9. Wow, that’s pretty great, VS! I’ve often thought, “It can’t be that hard to sell stuff online”, but I see there is a lot to learn about it, and I probably won’t take the time. I have paid someone in the past to help me get rid of stuff online.

    If I lived alone there are all kinds of things I would farm out to someone, but as it is Husband mows, we both shovel… He does most of the vegetable gardening, so I guess that’s something I offload. I’d like to hire out meal prep, in the form of Eating Out as soon as possible.

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  10. Finding new homes for “stuff” is something that I have been doing slowly for years. I’m no longer content to offload my treasures to just anyone who just wants them for resale, or worse, to add to their own already overloaded households. Just this afternoon I manged to pass on some books to a family who intends to read and study them together.

    Perhaps I’m just kidding myself, but many of my treasures hold precious stories, and I can’t bear the thought of silencing them.

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