Mad Kitty TWO

We have a mad kitty again. 

We noticed that she had a lump on her chest last weekend.  Since she had a fatty tumor last year that required surgery and some serious recuperation and a real notch out of my wallet, we were worried.  I made the vet appointment and then checked on the lump every day.  It seemed more fluid filled and it turned out to be a hematoma – the skin gets pulled away from the muscle and the body tries to fix it by filling it up with fluid.

It’s a fairly easy fix if your kitty isn’t mad.  These days you sit in your car in the parking lot while the vet deals with your animal.  They call you on the phone to let you know what’s going on and what they recommend.  When they called me, they said that Nimue was unhappy and uncooperative.  She’s gotten more uncooperative over the years; she used to be a sweet little thing but I guess some of her vet experiences have made her decide she’s not crazy about being there.  They said they would need to sedate her in order to give her a little tummy shave and to drain the hematoma.  I ok’d this and about 50 minutes later, they called me again to give me the final update along with after-care recommendations, which included putting a shirt on her (if possible) to keep the incision site clean for 24 hours.  They said they had given her a little bit of sedative reversal, she would be coming around soon and they brought her out to me in her carrier.

Well, it’s easy to put a shirt (borrowed from the neighbors) and an unconscious cat.  It took her a LONG time to come out of her sedation – I was very relieved when she started to blink and she continued to be really zonked out for most of the night.  By this morning, she was awake and moving about but NOT happy about the shirt.  We ended up taking it off at about noon but she’s still a little crabby.  Treats are OK but not much scritching or cuddling is allowed for now.  Hopefully she’ll be back to her happier self soon.

Do you ever sleep too long?  Does it make YOU crabby?

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  1. My sleep has been so disrupted for the past year. I wake in the middle of the night and fall back asleep not long before I need to get up. On Saturdays like today when I can sleep in, I wake up early. I am often crabby, but not from over sleeping.

    How did you get the t-shirt off?

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  2. YA Took the shirt off. I didn’t see the maneuver but when I put the shirt in with the laundry this morning there wasn’t any blood so I don’t think it was a violent encounter.

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  3. Maybe once a year I logs in a 9-hour night, but of course with one or two bathroom breaks. It’s usually 7 hours here, though I could really use 8. So when I notice I’m falling asleep in my chair while reading, I says to myself, “Self, go to bed earlier.” And then I does.

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  4. I will oversleep by maybe an hour at most when I take melatonin. I don’t wake up crabby because that stuff prompts terrific dreams that I can remember. Two nights ago, I was saving a little girl’s life by doing a rope climb up to a platform where she was stuck. To reach her, I drove pitons(crazy)into the rope. She had to be taught how to throw her legs, one at a time, over the rail. She climbed down herself while I floated .I love those floating/flying dreams. I keep a note pad on the headboard.

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  5. The short answer is, no. I can’t recall the last time I slept too long. I feel lucky if I manage to get six to seven hours of good sleep. Though my evening routine changes very little, how much sleep I get is a crap shoot.
    Sometimes all I can mange is three to four hours, and that’s a real drag. Fortunately, I don’t have a job to get up for, and if I feel like taking a nap anytime during the day, I’m free to do that, though I’m not a good napper. Husband can take a fifteen minute nap and wake up feeling all refreshed. My half hour of daily meditation is really a life saver.

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  6. LOVE the photo of your cat!

    I only get cranky when I take a nap (rarely). Then I can’t get going for an hour or two.

    Also, don’t attempt an important conversation with me before I’ve been up for at least an hour and had breakfast and coffee. You’ll get a lot of grunts and “uh-huhs” and an hour later it’s doubtful I’ll remember what was said.

    Chris in O-town

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    1. I’m glad you like the photo. I felt a little bit like I was taking advantage of her since she was completely unconscious due to the sedative. She obviously would never have held still long enough for a picture like that if she had been awake.

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        1. Yep she’s pretty much back to normal although she’s still a little crabby. I was really a little worried about the anesthesia because it took her so long to wake up. So either I held her on my lap or YA held her on her lap for close to two hours.

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  7. The cat guarantees I won’t sleep too long. She has an incredibly consistent internal clock and has been waking me (first yowling and then if that doesn’t work she pats my face) at 5AM. Since the switch to daylight savings time she has been waking me at 6:00 and I haven’t clued her in to the change.
    I generally get about 8 hours sleep but to do that I have to go to bed about 9 (10 during DST). I don’t mind it though—early morning is when I get most of my reading done.

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  8. Way Late to the Party, Baboons,

    Poor Nimue. Who can blame her for not liking the vet given what happens to her there. One of our cats would yowl so loudly, everyone in the neighborhood knew when he was there. I was surprised last fall when Bootsy (our dog who was mauled by the neighbor dog, and seriously injured) just got used to the vet and at the last of her appointments just sauntered in and enjoyed the staff who just adored her. There must have been treats involved.

    Meanwhile, since I no longer sleep long or heavily, I generally do not sleep too long. However, while I am here in AZ, I nap a lot and I think I am more well rested than I have been in years. Most of our activities are inaccessible until pandemic restrictions are done. So I am sleeping, walking carefully now that my foot has healed, and trying to increase my stamina.

    I do remember as a teen going into sleeps that seemed drugged and heavy, then being unable to feel awake after that, especially when it was hot in the house. Or I would have dreams that I awoke, but I did not really wake up. Finally when I did awaken, I would feel confused and really out-of-it.

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    1. As a teen I was an extremely heavy sleeper, too. No amount of noise would awaken me. Alarm clocks were of no use whatsoever, and I’d often have a headache for hours after waking up. It was really debilitating for a couple of years in high school. Sure glad I outgrew it.

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  9. I get cranky when I am tired, but I don’t think I understand what this “sleep too long” thing of which you speak. Some nights I sleep well, others my brain has other plans… started sleeping with a weighted blanket last fall, and it is marvelous – some nights I can feel myself getting drowsy as soon as I pull it up over me. Glad that the dogs are content to stay cozied into bed until I am ready to be awake.

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  10. One of the things I appreciate about Sundays is that I’ll get up and do my chicken chores, have breakfast, and then go back to bed for a nap and it’s all guilt free.
    Usually I wake up around 7:00 on my own.
    My dad used to say you just have to tell yourself what time you want to wake up. And that works pretty well 95% of the time; tell myself to wake up at 6:00, set the alarm for 6:00 and I’ll wake up at 5:55.
    Me too, as a kid, I’d have a hard time waking up. The radio would come on, the alarm clock is ringing, Dad comes barging into my room yelling at me for being late to the barn, and yeah, I’d feel made at myself. Eventually outgrew that. The days I do have to get up extra early and I do feel like I’ve gotten more done by 9AM than others is hard to beat when I might sleep until 10:00. Years of guilt I guess.

    Humphrey is happy to sleep as long as we want. He’s so interesting; he sleeps from about 7PM to midnight, then has a snack, we go outside before bed, then he sleeps as long as we do again.
    Allie “stress eats” so she’s always eating. And sometimes she needs to go out at 6AM or it might be 8AM. She’s old and irregular I guess.

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    1. Oh, meant to say Humphrey doesn’t like the vet either. He’s been there often lately with a cracked toenail and a gash on his foot.
      They also have us wait in the car and they’ll come get him. And they pretty much have to drag him into the office. But they say he’s a sweetheart inside.
      And then he drags them back out to the car when it’s over.

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  11. After 50 plus years my family enjoys telling about my raging against a woodpecker. After staying out all night after my high-school graduation, I tried to sleep in. The whole household understood and showed mercy. A downy was heartless. At a limb right outside my bedroom window it persisted in rapping. Having had enough, I raced, screaming down the stairs, outside to confront the bird. After a few thrown sticks and stones, it left me standing in my briefs.

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      1. Husband and I were just reminiscing about our vacation to Jamaica many years ago. The sleepless nights because of the young Canadians drinking, smoking ganja and playing dominoes with Jamaican friends below our bedroom window. Neighborhood roosters and barking dogs assured that we couldn’t sleep in, followed in short orders by the various entrepreneurial woman who walked door to door each morning selling freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly baked bread.

        I commented that it’s often the vacations that don’t go as planned that make the best memories, and I told him what I could remember of Bill’s story about that “rustic” cabin he and Robin and a couple of friends had rented somewhere out in the wilderness in a western state.

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  12. I always have trouble with napping because it makes me groggy. I avoid sleeping in the middle of the day for that reason.

    I like to sleep late some days, but it only works if I don’t have anything on the calendar for that morning. I usually wake up about 6 or 7 or so, but if nothing is tugging at my consciousness I can sometimes sleep another hour and a half after that. Then I’m slower than usual to get moving, but I like those mornings because I can remember what I was dreaming about in that last sleep cycle, and it amuses me to examine what my brain is doing for that period of time.

    I wonder what cats dream about.

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    1. I bet they dream about being the master race and having human beings kowtow to them and provide them with every bit of entertainment and treats that they desire. Oh sorry that’s real life, not a dream.

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    1. We don’t do anything special no. We know the day and usually Kelly puts something on FB but that’s about all.

      When she was born and the diagnosis was made, we had a steep learning curve. And we’re lucky Olmsted County had a lot of support for us from day 1. I remember getting copies of a magazine called ‘Exceptional Parenting’ about kids with special needs. What we learned from this was that we had it easy. Trisomy 21 is nothing compared to what some parents have to deal with and some issues little ones can have.
      Personally, the example I related best too was this: You’re planning a trip to NYC. You study up on NYC, you read the books, you make the plans, you get on the plane and when you get off the plane, you’re not in NYC, you’re in Seattle. And you make a big fuss because this wasn’t the plan! I didn’t study Seattle! I studied NYC! And I fuss and yell and be mad. But, eventually we figured out Seattle is nice too. There is some cool
      Stuff in Seattle. It’s not NYC and all
      Our friends went to NYC. Yep, we meant to go there too. But we’re in Seattle. And it’s really nice too.

      Everyone had to figure out what works for them. That’s the one that worked for me.

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