I Can Resist….

Yesterday Guinevere and I turned right at the bottom of the driveway instead of our normal “to the left” on our walk.  I got a really good look at my boulevard and was so surprised to see not just the daffodils starting to sprout up, but also the tulips, lilies and even a teen tiny peony tip.  And, of course, even a few creeping charlies.  Even though a few baboons have already mentioned that they’ve seen things popping up, it still surprised me to see so much this early. 

At least it still feels early to me; I can’t even keep track of the times I’ve had to cover up my plants in my straw bales after Mother’s Day due to a frost warning.  However seeing everything popping up makes me want to get out there and clear out last year’s leavings, despite knowing that it might not be safe yet.

I’m normally very good at delaying gratification.  I always eat the cake first and leave the icing for the end.  I have no trouble saving gifts until it’s the right time to open them.  Most of the time I’ll pick the ickiest chore to do first and save the things I like better for later.  But now I am itching to get out there with my grubby jeans and gardening gloves, to starting cleaning up and making way for spring.  I’m not sure how to keep myself inside this weekend.

How to you forestall temptation?

52 thoughts on “I Can Resist….”

  1. sure i’ve been complaining to myself for years about how in order to sign into wordpress i have to go through a 27 step process to like or post anything. now i type in my typical bad typo entry and think spellchecker is coming and bam it’s posted… maybe it’s true, if so i won’t complain. i love the trail and i hate having the 27 step process as part of the deal
    bam would be welcomed

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  2. It is hard to resist getting out there when there are articles about pruning shrubs in the paper each week. We have been declared to be in a severe drought now. I am hesitant to do much raking and cleanup because I want to keep things covered and any moisture under the leaves and such in the ground as long as possible.

    The only way I will resist eating any more Cadbury mini eggs is to get them in the mail to my grandson.

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  3. Depends on the temptation… to a certain extent, out of sight is out of mind. I am not yet itching to uncover gardens, though I do want to get out back and get the rest of my “muddy pit” filled, flattened, and seeded with….something. And I know it’s probably too early to seed. So today I will use the excuse of the impending rain and spend a lazy morning on the couch with the dogs.

    Sorry to have missed yesterday’s discussion. I know the planters in the photo – I enjoy watching the seasonal turnover of what the homeowners put into them. Now that it is getting warmer, along with the plants peeking out, it’s been nice to see humans peeking out. I am still not ready for indoor gatherings with people outside of my little pod, but outside chats and visits sure are nice. 🙂

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        1. And here I’ve been trying to figure out what it is you can’t eat, and then it turns out, even you don’t know. Well, that’s a relief.

          Going to have my vaccine shot in forty-five minutes, and for some reason I’m nervous. Should I have it in my dominant or non-dominant arm?

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        2. It was a well organized operation. Took the shot, which was painless, in my right arm (because I’m a side sleeper and prefer to sleep on my left). So far so good, feeling no ill effects. Next shot is April 17th. What a relief.

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  4. Rumor has it someone planted oats back before we got that 8 inches of snow. I don’t know how it could’ve been done unless they just broadcast it on top of the ground. But, given the right soil conditions I suppose it’s possible. I’m getting itchy too, and also starting to worry about conflicting timelines with other events. But I know it’s early. I know I need to wait. Trying to work ground that is wet causes more damage than good. And I think we’re actually kind of dry at this point. I should have a water puddle down by the barn all spring and it’s just a mud hole. Will be good soil conditions but we will need some rain too. So, it’s just reminding myself of the repairs I need to make yet, new tires on the grain drill, headlights and radio to replace in a tractor, shovels and tines on the soil finisher. There’s things to do.

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        1. Mel Torme was a good singer. I’d say he was cool, but I know very little about him. It was fun that he made it to ‘Night Court’.

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  5. Well, if it’s food, I just have to get it out of the house. I was just out for groceries and just made myself stay out of the ice cream aisle, because I’ve completely lost control this past week on the late night snacking. If it’s not in the house,

    Yesterday we went to a local coffee shop to redeem a gift card, and succumbed to temptation – sat down there and actually “Ate Out”. The few people were well spaced and all behaving, but it’s the first time in a year. The pandemic fatigue is real.

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  6. Maybe this will help resist the temptation to clean up the garden too early:

    Do you have spring fever? While the first warm weather of the season may coax people outside, most #pollinators can’t risk coming out yet so resist the temptation to clean up your garden in order to give pollinators and other beneficial insects more time to emerge. Waiting until nighttime temperatures are consistently 50F (10C) or above gives these insects the best chance to survive.

    Advice from the U.S. State Department – OES

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    1. I saw a butterfly the other day. I can’t imagine what it could find to eat or how it could cope with nighttime temperatures below freezing. It couldn’t resist the temptation of warm sunlight, I guess.
      We all make bad decisions sometimes.

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  7. One of our Native friends just dropped off about 10 lbs of a goat he had processed at a local meat shop. He raises goats. Husband is excited. I am not really tempted to cook it immediately. I have never eaten goat.

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        1. My thought, too. Bruce has never eaten goat. He loves his goats. I think that if he keeps raising goats, we shall be the recipients of the meat.

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        1. Husband is thinking of combining lamb leg with the goat in a spicey Moroccan dish. We found some lovely legs of lamb in the Cashwise today.

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      1. Yes, goat and lamb don’t taste the same. The Nepalese restaurant on Grand Ave. in St. Paul, Everest on Grand, serves goat, and it’s delicious. I like both lamb and goat, and have cooked lamb but never goat. I can’t wait to hear how Renee’s husband decides to cook it. What a wonderful gift.

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    1. I recall that when Barb In Blackhoof was a frequent contributor to the blog, she discussed the male goat dilemma. A farm can have a billy goat for breeding, and can justify having a male companion or the billy. But you can’t keep all the male kids, so the only thing you can do is give them up for slaughter. The ladies give milk, so they have a clear purpose.

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  8. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am headed home to MN so I will not be here much til Friday or Saturday. On the road again. I resist most temptations except those food related. Then I am sunk!

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    1. I have always loved really traditional country music. Around the 1980’s it was on the decline. I remember distinctly the first time I heard Randy Travis sing this song. I had the car radio on and I was just stunned by the sense that I was hearing something from twenty or thirty years past. I actually pulled the car over to the curb so I could just listen.

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