Dream State

I have very few bad dreams.  Or at least not that I remember once I’m awake.  But I had a doozy last week, the kind that leaves you wanting to stay awake so that you don’t fall back into it.  I made a trip to the bathroom, splashed my face, had a glass of water and when I got back into bed, I dreamt, but not the same nightmare scenario that had woken me.

I was starting a new job in a big business building downtown.  My new boss owned the whole floor, although his actual business only took up five or six rooms.  I don’t recall if I knew in the dream what I was supposed to be doing.  The rooms of the business were messy and it seemed clear that there wasn’t an actual office (or even desk) for me.  I had been given no direction about where I was to settle.  I was pretty well-dressed in the dream, although my dream self was a little worried that I didn’t have many nice work clothes. 

Of course, in part of the dream, I wandered out into a hallway and had trouble finding my way back.  My boss was in and out, fairly frenetic, again giving me no clue what I was supposed to be doing.  I worried about how I would get downtown every day.  I wondered if I should take matters into my own hands and order a desk.  Oh, did I mention that my new boss was Barack Obama?

I’ve probably said here before that I view dreams as a recycling of the day to day detritus in my subconscious.  Usually I can track bits of my dreams back to a waking trigger, but I’ll admit this one has my stumped.

Any dream interpretations for me?  Any good dreams you’ve had lately?

13 thoughts on “Dream State”

  1. I find both of Renee’s guesses plausible.

    Another possibility – is there something you’re considering doing that’s totally new, that you don’t have a clue about yet? Or considered joining – I’ve joined yet another organization, at least online, and an now inundated with more emails about… you know.

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    1. This is an interesting theory. Because I have been struggling the last couple of months about retirement. Although I thought that I had kind of made a quasi-decision last week … but maybe it’s not quasi enough for my subconscious?

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  2. Early morning dream today: I was with my sister, who loves to get just the right gift for people, and had this great looking iced cinnamon roll that she planned to take to (deceased) cousin. I kept resisting, but finally ate the piece of it that had broken off (for some reason it wasn’t boxed up), and hoped she wouldn’t notice. Of course, I lost track of where she was, but did run into the cousin, who was hardly recognizable, and I didn’t mention the roll. Then something woke me…

    My dreams are often trying to finally complete some task, there’s some labyrinthian obstacle to get beyond.

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  3. Just last night, I dreamt that I was reluctantly playing scratchoff tickets on a banquet table. Wherever I was, this was illegal. I paid $20, lost all but $5 so bought another with the intention of losing but won. A waiter kept removing napkins, cutlery and plates revealing areas to scatch off that were also winners. The authorities arrived and now at trial, I pointed a finger at the judge and guaranteed his conviction for something.
    I understand that dreams clear your brain of unimportant matters but melatonin sure helps with a potential screenplay.

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  4. Interpretation.
    You will soon be President. Maybe not of the United States but President. Be sure not to wear tan colored clothing or FOX news will have a conniption.

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  5. Dreams are so fascinating. They say water is a metaphor for your emotions, and the depth, speed, and clarity of the water in your dreams are important. I’ve had several dreams involving water, thankfully it’s been shallow and clear. Basically meaning i wear my emotions on my sleeves. Yep.
    The last few weeks it’s been a lot of dreams where I’m dealing with something but I hadn’t been able to relate them to anything specific. Once I figure out what they’re about I usually stop having that particular dream. And the other night it was three different scenarios and I’d get excited or freaked out about something but it was never the problem I thought it might be and everything would be fine. Cows were not out, Dad was fine, ect. And I thought to myself how we always say “Things will be fine”, and as I’m beginning to worry about spring field work and college stuff and Theater stuff… it will all work out.
    Also in the dream, a woman came to the farm with several different animals and left us a kitten. Later that day I got an email from a long lost friend trying to find a new home for a kitten. I’m not taking the kitten, but that was kinda weird!

    Those disturbing dreams that wake you up though, those are the worst.

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  6. I envy you the Obama dream. My presidential dreams have only involved minor leaguers: Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W Bush. In my Carter dream the peanut farmer’s face suddenly morphed into the face of Eleanor Roosevelt. That ended with me saying, “My god, Dad was right. Jimmy Carter was Eleanor Roosevelt come back from the dead!”

    I don’t take dreams seriously. Especially the one where I braved machine gun fire to protect the secret KFC recipe from the North Koreans.

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