Dusting off the dress shoes

The week leading up to Easter was a busy one for us, as we sang in a cantata on Wednesday evening, and also sang in the choir on Easter Sunday. I typically wear corduroy pants and sweaters along with Keene’s that look like bowling shoes. I decided I had to step it up a little, and dug out a long, black, formal skirt for the cantata and a springy dress for Sunday. I was rather shocked to find that my black dress shoes were covered with dust. In fact, all my dress shoes were full of dust as they sat, undisturbed, at the bottom of my closet. There was also a fine layer of dust on my skirt and dress, as my dressier outfits don’t get worn very often. I figured I hadn’t worn a dress for about two years. I hadn’t worn my shoes for Sunday since our son’s wedding in 2009. I also realized the entire hem on the skirt had come loose, and I spent the hour before the concert hurriedly hemming it back up.

We sang the cantata in the front of the church, and I am surprised I didn’t trip as we maneuvered up and down the steps. The shoes pinched my toes. My feet were used to the bowling shoes. I was the assisting minister for the Sunday service, but I managed to navigate that and get over to the choir to sing when I needed to.

The shoes and fancy duds are back in the closet, and I know I have some serious vacuuming to do. I don’t plan on getting really dressed up again for a while. I honestly don’t know why we even bother.

When was the last time you got really dressed up? What is the most formal attire you ever wore? Any dress up disasters?

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  1. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    The last time I dressed up was last October 11 for my son’s wedding. It was a gorgeous, sunny golden day. Really, it was the last gorgeous day we had prior to a long rainy streak, which started the next day. It was also windy, so it did not matter what I wore because it all blew to the side in the wind. But then, no one was looking at me, because no one else was there. The live streaming camera was on the bride and groom so the wedding was beamed out to friends and family.

    It will be an adjustment to start to live life in person again and dress up a little bit. There are no heels in my future after sustaining a stress fracture in my foot. Now I am battling SI joint pain. When the foot healed, I resumed walking outdoors on cement and my SI joint has rebelled. It hurts.

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  2. I guess it depends on your definition of dressed up. We had Easter dinner with friends (who are pretty much in our bubble and all vaccinated now) out on their back deck. I wore my nice jeans and nice flip-flops and earrings and a matching necklace. I put my hair up. This is as dressed up as I’ve been for well over a year although I do put on a nice top each work morning for my video calls . I think the fanciest I’ve ever gotten is when I went to Washington DC as part of my companies delegation to except the Baldridge quality award (and meet Bill Clinton), I borrowed a sequin top and silk black pants from a friend of mine for the reception. Most of my fancy shoes are gone now. And I’m not even sure I could get my feet in the ones that are left.

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  3. The most dressed up I’ve ever been was for high school and college formal dances – long evening dress, heels, hair up, the whole shebang.
    And I was in a string of weddings with similar attire.

    Lately, there is a pair of black dress pants that I wear with a dressy (and I don’t mean frilly) blouse and maybe a scarf. I haven’t worn a skirt in years with two exceptions – folk dance performances, and a couple of shifts that I wear in the heat of August. Once when I wore that, someone said “Wow, I wasn’t sure you have legs!”

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  4. The most dressed up I’ve ever been were for my First Communion, my Confirmation, and for my uncle John’s wedding (when I wore my First Communion dress). I never went to a Prom, and except for the Marine Ball in Moscow, I’ve never really had an occasion to get really dolled up. Good thing, too, as I’ve never been able to justify the expense of buying myself a long evening gown; where would I wear it? I suppose I could have worn one, like our Lisa did, to my garden “party” back in 2012. Remember that, baboons?

    Come to think of it, my idea of “really dressed up” does involve one long dress. The only such dress I’ve ever owned. It was a beautiful (to my eyes) bright green cotton dress with a flowery inset in the front of the bodice. I bought it for the annual Symphony Ball that I attended once, and wore it to my old friend, Cher’s, second (and last) wedding, forty three years ago. Right now my hair is the longest it has ever been, and it’s not yet to my shoulders, so the idea of a fancy do on top of my head has never entered my mind.

    Looking at the header photo, I trust that’s NOT the actual shoes you wore to church, Renee? I’m saying that based on your own height and the height of those heels. To me those shoes look like torture instruments; my feet hurt in empathy, just looking at them.

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  5. The only long fancy dresses I have worn were as maid of honor for my older sister and bridesmaid for my younger sister. That second dress was designed to be cut to a shorter length in order to be more practical. Back in the late 80s/early 90s I went on 7 Caribbean cruises and at that time one was required to dress up for dinner – formal for the Captain’s Welcome Dinner. I did wear short cocktail type dresses for that along with dress heels. In the intervening 25 years I have only dressed up for a few family weddings and a couple of other weddings. I still have several nice dresses but few occasions to wear them. Dress up for me now is generally nice black pants and a pretty top or sweater. Stiletto type high heels – NEVER. They hurt my feet too much. I’d rather wear a wedge heel or shorter stack heel and even then I can’t wait to get out of them. For most of my adult life my hair has been too short for an updo. In high school there was one occasion when my long hair was backcombed into a pile on top of my head and then sprayed to death. I still remember how hard and painful it was to get it combed out afterward.

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  6. Afternoon – busy farming today. Having lunch.
    Wild leeks are out; have snacked on a few of those.
    (There’s one place where they grow – that I know of. It’s the same place the bluebells grow so that’s nice.)

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  7. Oh, and shoes – When I was first out of college I wore heels (and skirts!) – had some gorgeous shoes. But my lifestyle – and my jobs – kept getting more and more casual… I still have a pair of “vintage” black heels, from the 40s I think, for costume, that I can wear for about 15 minutes. I have other dressy near-flat shoes, but nothing pointy; and a pair of 2-inch espadrilles that I count as dressy.

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  8. i smile when i think of the guy who was shuttering us as a group somewhere and he told his buddy i got this couple and this guy and the dresser

    i asked him why i’m the dresser
    he said look at you
    nice shirt sports coat hat not jeans look at the rest of the world

    i guess i hadn’t realized i look dressed up
    i like sports coats and clean shirts

    i need the pockets

    when i really get dressed up it’s a fancy version of the same

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  9. Cool! I got into suit and tie for my last Wednesday Pfizer booster blood draw. I participated in the original trials. They wanted me back. My black dress shoes hadn’t been worn in years. When I got home, I took the shoes off. In a bit I noticed something sticky on my socks. At first I thought it was some grapes I’d been trying to get my birds to eat. If they don’t like something, they throw it out. Looking further, I discovered that the heels in my shoes had deteriorated and the comfort gel had been exposed. I will need new shoes after c19.

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  10. OT – A friend of mine who was part of this expedition just sent me this link if anyone is interested and/or has the appropriate access to this channel (I don’t think I do):
    john moriarty

    “On April 8, 2021 Discovery+ will be “launching” a show about the Plaisted Expedition.

    From the web site:
    “ FIRST TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD (launching April 8 on discovery+) tells the remarkable true story of how, in 1968, four “average Joes” from Minnesota teamed up with a French-Canadian bon vivant to make the 500-mile journey across the polar ice cap to the North Pole via snowmobile. Though they had no experience in the Arctic, and were told by the so-called “experts” that their mission was doomed to fail, this working class team of “Minnesota Cronies” persevered through shifting sea ice, sub-zero blizzards, snow-blindness, polar bears, and countless near-death experiences to become the first men ever to complete the overland trek to the North Pole. But that’s only half the story. With the help of acclaimed CBS journalist Charles Kuralt, the unlikely heroes of the Plaisted Polar Expedition peeled back the curtain on a cover-up more than 50 years in the making–and discovered that well-heeled explorer Robert Peary’s 1909 claim of being the first man to reach the North Pole was a fabrication.”

    John was interviewed as part of this show.

    https://www.discovery.com/dnews/Celebrate_Earth_Month_with_New_Specials_and_Series_on_discoveryHi everyone !”

    The “John” referred to above as having been interviewed is my friend who forwarded this message. He was on this expedition.

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      1. No, not the Bell Museum, but through our mutual love of folk music. I have known him at least thirty years. At one point we were both on the board of the Minnesota Folk Festival, and we have hung out together with many mutual friends over the years. The Eddies are mutual friends, and he was often at the annual Memorial Day celebration that you, Robin, and several other baboons attended at least once. We also worked together at the annual St Patrick’s Day ceili here in St. Paul (he was the bartender). We seriously considered, back when my sister was the temporary owner of a house in Tanzania, making the trek there together. I think the price tag and the time commitment doomed the plan. He’s quiet and even tempered, but with a great sense of humor. He played the tuba in the St. Paul police marching band (no he’s not a police man), and at some of our New Year’s celebrations. No New Year’s party is complete until John has tooted his big, battered horn. Great guy.

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