Drought and Hail

Husband is outside getting ready to start watering our flower beds and strawberry patch. It is way too early to be watering, but we are in extreme drought here. I think we would welcome hail like the kind they got this week in Oklahoma as long as it came with several inches of rain.

We are supposedly famous for the high incidence of hail here, but we haven’t had more than one memorable hail storm in the 30 years we lived here. That took our shingles, and resulted in our insurance agent and the roofer almost getting in a fist fight on the roof over some procedural shingle replacement short cut our agent objected to.

What is your experience with insurance claims? Any memorable hail storms? Are you too insured or a risk taker?

25 thoughts on “Drought and Hail”

  1. My house in Moorhead got hammered one summer. The rain gutters had a quarter inch of sand and debris in them from the hail. The insurance agent and roofer must have had some shady deal working as they proposed putting on what would have been a third layer on shingles. REJECTED! We bought it knowing about two layers (which is not a good idea) but 3?
    They didn’t like doing but the new roof went down on wood decking.

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  2. We got our roof replaced once due to hail. It wasn’t even a recent hail storm that I knew about, but the agent said there was damage. OK.
    Just this past Tuesday we had pea size hail for a good 5 or 10 minutes. Didn’t hurt anything. I got the truck and the gator put in the shed. The car keys were in the house and it took a while to get them and get the car in the shed. But I saved the gator! Priorities you know…

    I get hail insurance on the corn and soybeans. (can’t get it on oats) I’ve collected once in the past 10 years. The only real damage most years will be to the oats. If it’s nearly ripe, hail will pretty much shell it all out there in the field; had that happen. Corn it may shred the leaves, but as long as the growing point is OK (the tassel is roughly the growing point; if it’s still down inside the plant, it will be OK). Soybeans grow from the top, so if it gets damaged, it’s done.

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  3. I have been fortunate that the State has provided malpractice insurance for me as a State employee. I have never had to use it, I am happy to say. Husband probably just bought his last year of malpractice insurance, as he is winding down his practice.

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    1. Not me. I had a friend at work who had pet insurance and it seemed to me that it handled the routine, daily stuff. But there was always a fight and she usually lost when it came to some of the bigger items. And it’s a bigger items what you really need to help with, right?

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  4. I ended up with a new roof thanks to hell and also to a very nice insurance adjuster. I didn’t even think about whether he’ll could damage your roof when we had the big hail storm in 20-some odd years ago. But I did have some damage to the front door from incredible winds and when the insurance guy came out to look at the door he said do you want me to look at the roof? I said sure why not? And so I got a new roof.

    The main experience that I remember about the insurance company at that time was that the woman who was assigned to my claim in the office did not know how to listen. She was nice and well spoken but it was clear she was answering questions that she had been asked many times before but not the actual question that I was asking. This was a little frustrating as it happened several times. It wasn’t just a one off.

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    1. Still giggling. So sorry to hear that he’ll froze over and landed on your roof. How have I known you all these years and missed that one? 🤔😁😁😁😁😁

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  5. From Molly this morning:

    This is Molly, Steve Grooms’ daughter. We met in Portland lo these many years ago. 🙂 Dad is well, although scheduled to undergo major surgery this morning to repair an issue with his small intestine. He was hospitalized on Tuesday at United in St. Paul. He is in good spirits and isn’t in any pain, although understandably bored and anxious for this to all be over. We are both concerned about the healing process due to other underlying health issues and his age, but the staff here have been amazing and we both feel he’s in excellent hands.

    I’ve been lucky enough to be allowed in the bulk of each day to be with him, which helps pass the time. I’m struggling to post on his behalf on Trail Baboon and wondered if you would be so kind as to let everyone know his status? You are welcome to copy and paste any/all of this email and folks who are concerned can reach out to him directly via his email, which I am able to help him access here in the hospital. He will likely be hospitalized for a few more days following surgery to recover and heal.

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  6. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I have had two, yes two, roofs replaced by property insurance. The first one was in 1998 after a very severe hailstorm. We would have had the siding replaced too, except that Lou painstakingly filled all the holes and dabbed paint on them, so that by the time the adjuster arrived that was no longer visible. Our neighbor, who sold such insurance, came over and asked, “What the H*** are you doing? Call your insurance.” I had said this and was about to call them myself, but then Lou called and we got a new roof. Before the storm occurred, we were about to replace it ourselves. Phew.

    Then 3 years ago it happened again. New roof installed. All was well. Then our property insurance with that company TRIPLED. We changed companies.

    I do not have pet insurance, dental insurance, nor do I purchase all the piddly appliance plans on small things. They really do not cover any large problems, so I save that money myself. I do like tim’s favorite, though, Home Plus for large appliances.

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  7. My mother-in-law once got her siding – the older metal kind – replaced after a hell storm.(just taking my lead from the discussion above) – which was very timely. We’ve not gotten hell damage that I know of.

    Hope your drought ends soon, Renee! I was glad we got a good soaking rain this past Tuesday – it seems we are on the far edge of a lot of the rains that Mankato and Mpls have been getting, so we were getting dry.

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  8. My, even in the hospital, Steve is right on target with the Trail! This is the latest from Molly via Nancy:

    He is out of surgery and will be in recovery room for several hours, loopy for more so I’m heading out. Dad wanted to make sure the robot doing the operation is “in a good mood and has good malpractice insurance coverage.” Said to the entire surgical team, of course…

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  9. There is an acrid smell of smoke coming from the west tonight, I think from the Roosevelt Creek fire burning 18 miles north of Medara, about 50 miles from us.


  10. I reviewed our farm insurance this spring and made a few changes in valuation. The old dairy barn, for example, being that it’s not the main source of income anymore, doesn’t need such a large amount of coverage. However if I lower it I lose snow load protection. Which I don’t want to lose. We had an old granary that I lost to snow load a few years ago. That’s when I found out I did not HAVE snow load coverage on that because the value was too low. Phooey. So kept the higher valuation, but also raised the main machine shed value because now THAT’s got all the tools and would be the most costly to replace.
    I have glass coverage on the tractor cab glass and that has proven beneficial a couple times.
    And the gator we got last fall; that’s a whole separate class of coverage – I just figured it was part of the farm and would simply fall under farm machinery like anything else. Nope. It’s a recreational vehicle and it was going to be some astronomical price added to our regular policy, or just a couple hundred bucks going with one of those cheaper ones you see advertised on TV. So that’s how that worked out.

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