What The Heck?!

Not sure how to explain this.  YA has been after me for years to do something about my white/gray hair; it offends her sensibilities that I have some white, some gray and some brown, but nothing uniform.  It doesn’t bother me at all so her desires concerning my hair have fallen on deaf ears.

Monday afternoon she pestered me again.  “I know purple is your favorite color and I have purple dye on hand.”  And for reasons even I don’t quite understand, I said “Sure.”

She did all the work – all I had to do was sit still in the bathroom and then take a shower to rinse off.  Then she cut off about four inches, which I did need – was getting a little scraggly.

Since I’m working from home these days I’ve only had to explain it a couple of time on Zoom calls but honestly I’m not sure what to say, other than I was struck by a “what the heck” moment.

Any “what the heck” moments for you recently?

35 thoughts on “What The Heck?!”

  1. Oh, well done! It looks great!
    Usually my ‘what the heck’ moments are the emails I’m not sure I should send. I don’t always but sometimes… 🙂

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  2. Our “What the heck” moments usually involve food and meal planning. It often involves baking more bread than we intended., so that we have chaos in the kitchen as we both juggle the need for the mixer and the oven for our respective loaves. I recently bought 20 lbs of some exotic dried pasta from a couple of mail order companies I have discovered. As long as I’m ordering, what the heck, get double of each kind so Il don’t have to order again so soon and I get free shipping.

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    1. By exotic, I refer to mafaldine, calamarata, ziti that is as long as spaghetti, fregula, jalapeño flavored fettuccine,. Tunisian harissa fettuccine, and Spicy Thai linguine.

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    1. Dye it again of course! 😁 (Though if this is like the dye my daughter has used it is only semi-permanent and will fade/wash out before that’s an issue.)

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  3. `Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I kinda like the purple hair VS, especially with the matching shirt.

    I cannot think of a period of time since the 1960’s that drew more WTH’s from me than the last 5 years. And Heck was not the word I was using most of the time. This was both regarding public affairs and personal things. The election of #45 started it. Then it was continued with the sale of my business to someone I did not really want to sell to. She pulled an endless number of WTH hijinks in that process. I am glad that is over.

    After the sale of the business we had difficulty stabilizing our taxes—estimated payments, overpayment, underpayment that was so frustrating. We finally got that right and then the IRS started sending us notices threatening garnishment without reason or explanation. That took letters to Senators to get those to stop after determining with our tax preparer that we had paid all we owed. She said she had many clients getting these letters without any reason.

    Last summer a gall bladder attack drew a WTH, as well. Ouch.

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  4. I had a “what the heck” with dyeing my hair allost two decades ago – in my case nudged along by my stylist who convinced me that the dyes he used were conditioning and would help the curls. I found I liked being a redhead… so here I am, years on, still red. My hair used to be dark blonde. Not sure exactly what it looks like now since I only see bits of the roots from time to time (though I know it’s not yet fully grey or white).

    A more recent “what the heck” moment ended in me commissioning a painting/collage from an artist in South Africa. A friend has work by him and had linked to some pieces he had for sale. I was quite taken by one piece that was both too big for my house and also already sold. I got bold and asked if he might be willing to do something similar for me, but smaller. So now I am awaiting a brightly colored portrait of a young girl who looks absolutely joyful – I think he said the model for the first piece was his niece, and he will use a similar pose/photo as the basis for what comes to me. Will most definitely share once I have it in hand. 😎

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  5. I inherited my mother’s senior hair color, which is a streaky dark blonde silver grey that looks frosted. I have never colored my hair, but people assume I do. It is the cheapest frost job in town.

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  6. We also have had “What the heck” moments his month buying dried beans and lentils from mail order places. I have Italian corona beans that get as big as your thumb, Domincan red beans, pink beans, lupini beans, fava beans, borlotti beans, black lentils, and Spanish lentils. The lupini beans need to be soaked for 5 days ahead of time and the water changed 3 times a day during that time to remove toxins and bitterness. What was I thinking?!

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  7. What-the-heck is how I finally came up with really short hair. What-the-heck is what I tell myself when going into an edgy but necessary conversation with someone. It’s what I say to myself when reaching for a second helping of dessert! Kind of a multi-purpose phrase…

    What-the-heck was what finally got us out of Minneapolis and down to Winona – in fact, I think I could say that about all my big moves. What-the-heck implies that whatever is out there, I can handle it; I am willing to take the consequences.

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    1. Heck no! Once you reach the stage in your life when you color your hair purple, none of these rules apply. And, for the record, that stage might happen a lot earlier in life than it used to.

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      1. What PJ said. YA will confirm that I don’t put a lot of stock in what matches or clashes. Today I have on a yellow tank top covered by a Indian print that is primarily red but has a lot of green in it.

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  8. My very German-Russian work friend does impersonations of her elderly great aunts, and their variation on “What the heck” is “What da sh@t” said with a thick German-Russian accent.

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  9. I had a what the heck moment buying a car. My old Impala, Alice, was dying. Another Impala for sale was steps away at a used car dealership . I bought it hoping for a little automotive DNA. It didn’t work out and I donated that unnamed Impala and Alice to public radio.

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  10. My sister colored her hair for many years, a bright red color that was not meant to look like a natural color. Deliberately not subtle. When she stopped working due to the pandemic, she decided to grow out the color. Now it is a very nice silvery grey in the front, and sort of salt & pepper further back. People like a change sometimes.

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