A Delight to the Eyes

Our hot weather retreated last week, and by Friday it had cooled off substantially. Gentle rains came, and I stood at the front door on Saturday watching the rain fall straight down, with no wind, which is rare here. It was a delight to watch.

Our roses are blooming, and the garden veggies are looking strong and healthy. We weeded all over our flower and veggie beds, laying down newspapers and covering them with dirt to keep the weeds minimized for the season. The absence of weeds is so lovely, and the plants stand out and look really nice. I had forgotten how pretty eggplant plants are. There are visual delights all around. I just have to remind myself to look for them.

What has delighted your senses lately?

41 thoughts on “A Delight to the Eyes”

    1. there that’s what i’m talking about
      choose otherwise if that option is available. sometimes you just have to get through crabby and self absorbed to achieve bliss

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  1. my life as a grocery delivery guy these days has become an ongoing sensory overload. from peoples faces to the neighborhoods i drive through to the front yard where i deliver the radio playing the sun shining a cigar and a cup of tea, i have some time to think but much of it is simply observing and putting one foot in front of the other.
    i was noticing yesterday how the way your brain sends a signal to your face as to how you deal with the world really does determine how you’re received. i saw one lady who was smiling just because that’s what she does. everything is absorbed through a filter that casts a hue of pleasure
    i saw a lady whose face looked like she was troubled and perplexed. she was obviously thinking hard about the next task at hand and her eyebrows scowling her jaw tight the step like a bulldozer made her direction at the moment obvious.
    eggplants are gorgeous renee. i observed this a while back at target where eggplants is something the stock. there next to the cucumbers and cilantro are a collection of magenta orbs smooth and soft that feel like a baby’s bottom and shine out from the vegetable aisle like a diva amidst the ensemble.
    i love chatting with folks and find fun ways to begin.
    the world can be a beautiful place if you play it through the right filter

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    1. Facial expressions: I had to go to town this morning, and I’m still limping a bit from my cat bite. I thought, maybe if I try to look moody, people will think I hurt my leg in my teens, crashing my BSA or Triumph motorcycle. The mask didn’t help to much with the plan though.

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      1. Actually, I saw myself in a mirror somewhere, and even with the mask on, you can see my teens were a long time ago.


    2. People watching is always fun. I watch feet a surprising amount of time. I hardly ever see two pairs of the same shoes.


  2. I listened to the last few bars, Jerry Jeff Walker, “Night Rider’s Lament” live on stage 1993. I don’t know how to do links yet.
    It raises the hairs on the back of my neck. The rest of the song’s OK, I can take it or leave it.

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Sensory delights have been rife lately:

    1. The rain this weekend. After so much hot and dry, the gentle rain was soothing.
    2. Our cherries ripened, so we picked 4 gallons of them, then pitted and froze them. The deep red fruit agains the deep green leaves was so rich. The chiggers I could have lived without (yes they have moved into my yard). The deep red bite welts against my pale white skin itch like crazy.
    3. Raspberries are turning red. Covered with dew, they are luminescent.
    4. This morning the cool smells just grand.

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  4. This question could sadden me by reminding me of all the pleasures of life that I have lost to time. When young, I could rise at 4 AM to be on a Wisconsin trout stream as the first rays of sun shot shafts of light through the fog. After fishing a hatch of tiny mayflies I would lie down in a field of wild daisies and sleep while birds greeted the dawn.

    No more. The circumstances of my life are such that I am cut off from birds, flowers and even the sight of the sun. But that isn’t sad, or not entirely so. When those joys were available, I hungrily took them in. I have memories that most people could not imagine.

    Now I correspond with friends. Writing, always a pleasure, is more of a delight than ever. I find joy in friendships, including the unlikely friendship with the woman who was once my wife. For nearly two years I’ve been thrilled and often moved to tears by a jazz band playing traditional music. These pleasures are not substitutes for my many losses. They are simply the new ways I enjoy life now.

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  5. An old favourite and a new one on my list of neck tinglers.
    Tammy Wynette’s pronunciation of “heart”, in the penultimate line of “I almost forgot.” Yet another “love and loss” song, but what you gonna do? She didn’t sing much else.
    Shaye Cohn’s second and third cornet solo on Tuba Skinny’s recent video of the band playing “Trouble in Mind,” on the street in New Orleans.

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  6. Our cat had an unpleasant sensory experience last evening. One of her front claws got stuck in her tail. She pulled and howled. This morning we trimmed her claws.

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  7. A work friend of mine started smudging her home on Saturday, doing meditation and yoga before she started to carry the smoking sage and sweetgrass through her home. She was in just the right frame of mind to elicit positivity through her home. She had shut the windows so the neighbors wouldn’t think it was Marijuana, but had forgot about her security system, which automatically contacts 911 if the smoke detectors go off. Well, you can imagine what happened next. The smoke detectors started blaring, the 911 operator phoned, and my friend forgot the code to get into the panels to turn the system off. At least the automatic sprinklers didn’t start.

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  8. I wrote a pretty original response to Renee’s post:”Ha ha,” I said. Quite pleased with that. I sent it, and it vanished without trace. Nothing worked, hitting the phone, throwing it across the room, the usual things. I was determined to be heard. I typed it and sent it again. I wasn’t going to be put off. It vanished again. And I did the same things to the phone for a while, before just leaving it alone, in a huff. An hour later, I see both efforts have apparently been sent after all.


        1. HIgh protein, low carb plus exercise—my garden has needed so much weeding that I have had lots of “opportunities” to work.

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  9. Nothing like new mown hay to delight my nose.

    30 years ago I saw a bird called a Scarlet Tanager down in the woods. And then just the other day I saw another one just down in some trees by the barn. I was pretty excited about that.

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    1. New mown hay, now you’re talking. That’s another thing they don’t do here. Plus I lost my sense of smell years ago, was eventually found to have pollyps in both nostrils. But the right stimulus can bring back the memory of smells, momentarily. I can’t force it, it has to take me unawares. If I glance over and unexpectedly see a patch of mint, for example, I catch the scent that my mind remembers. Just for a tantalising moment.

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        1. But the comments did get sent. See, it worked. It knocked all the little rods and gears back into line inside the phone.

          And if I throw it just right, it bounces back so I can catch it.

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  10. Daughter flew back to Tacoma ftom Minneapolis today, and I believe it was to get to 109°F. in Tacoma today. Too hot!


  11. Oriental lilies, daylilies, cherry bells campanula, malva, daisies, and spirea blooming. Rain freshening the gardens. The sound of a downy woodpecker botanizing a branch of sumac.

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