We All Scream

I’ve started reading Snopes.com again because some of the stories flying around are just begging to be fact-checked.  Yesterday I discovered the Lionel Richie and Tyra Banks have teamed up to create a new ice cream flavor.

Points awarded since I KNOW who Lionel Richie and Tyra Banks are – lots of news stories I see online these days are peopled with folks I’ve never heard of (and frankly, don’t WANT to ever hear of).  The ice cream is called All Night Long and is vanilla with crumbled cookies, caramel and little chocolate fudge hearts.  Apparently Tyra Banks has an ice cream line called Smize Cream.  Who knew?  I had to look up Smize – something to do with her signature smile when she was on that model show.  I won’t be trying it any time soon as they only way you can get it is to have it shipped to you or to live in Los Angeles.  I am not paying shipping for ice cream.  Not moving to Los Angeles either.

Reading about this reminds me of when our own Beth-Ann won the Kemp’s Flavor of the Year contest with her Mini-Donuts Ice Cream (back in 2013) and when we all got together to celebrate and to try it out.  I know that they only do the flavors of the year for 12 months, but I’d love to see Mini Donuts come back.  I’m not even sure that Kemps did a flavor of the year this year or last?

Do you have a favorite ice cream?  If you had an ice cream named after you – what would it be?

56 thoughts on “We All Scream”

  1. Ice cream is so delicious it seems silly to have a favorite flavor. And yet I do. Once each summer I allow myself to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Pfish Food. Pfish Food is chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow swirls, caramel swirls and fudge fish.

    There are 62 flavors in the Ben & Jerry’s pint line. Only one rates higher than Pfish Food with consumers (4.8 points rather than 4.7). Best of all, I’m in my third straight summer of not having this treat, so I could argue that I’m overdue for a heckuva party sometime soon.

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  2. I think I saw that Milkjam Creamery on Lyndale had a limited edition mini donuts ice cream on its menu, but what I find on its web site this morning for flavors still shows August’s specialties, so it’s possible I dreamed that… I will readily admit to keeping an eye on the ice cream freezers at the grocery store this time of year in case Kemp’s decides to re-release Beth-Ann’s masterpiece flavor again (they did once). May have to stop at Milkjam this week sometime… though it feels a little disloyal to Beth-Ann.

    Milkjam does have one of my favorite flavors though: Black. It’s a super dark chocolate gelato. Rich without being overly sweet. When they have Indian Elvis (a curried peanut butter banana flavor), a scoop of each is divine. Next best is a flavor I found at a store in Madison and that has shown up from time to time (but not for awhile) at Sebastian Joe’s: Chocolate Coyote (sometimes called something different) – it’s a rich chocolate ice cream with cinnamon and a bit of cayenne pepper. It’s delicious. Wish I could find a more regular source. But, failing that, I get a pint of Black and sprinkle some cinnamon on it when the mood strikes.

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  3. Can’t beat Breyer’s vanilla drizzled with lots of Maida Heater’s World’s Best Hot Fudge. I love Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel Gelato. Any kind of homemade ice cream is da bomb too, especially fresh strawberry. As Steve said, it’s too hard to have a favorite because so many flavors can be delicious.

    Chris in O-town

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Ice Cream, while often good, is not my favorite thing. I like the ice cream at the Pump House on Chicago AVe because it is free of additives. I had a scrumptious vanilla bean truffle flavor last week. But I would rather have other foods named after me.

    I do like summertime root beer floats and a chocolate malt now and then.

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  5. Woman who cleans my wife’s room says eagles are having their quarterly liver and onions dinner. She says they get a good turnout. Not ice cream but I would go if I could. The oddities of small towns, may they last forever.
    Don’t have much of a taste for ice cream anymore. Sandy only ever wants vanilla. Yuck. Speaking of her and sugar. After 49 years of being a diabetic, she has only now been put on a pill.

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      1. Well, my life is suddenly a hectic flurry. Wednesday Sandy moves to a nursing home, a studio apartment which we have to furnish. We have to have a bed there Wednesday. Figuring out how to do that. Have meetings tomorrow at 1:30 and 3. Today I go look at her room.
        She is struggling to cope. Despite hearing me talk about with others and despite me telling her I could not take care of her anymore, it was a complete surprise. The most gut-wrenching moment of my life.

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        1. I’m so sorry, Clyde, that you’re having such a hard time. Clearly moving a loved one to a nursing home isn’t easy under the best of circumstances, and obviously this is far from the best of circumstances. I hope your daughter is able to help you through this difficult transition. Hang in there.

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  6. Oh my favorite was Baskin Robbins Jamocha Almond Fudge. Don’t find that anymore but I am always trying to recreate the flavor. I love Trader Joes Fudge sauce but it is harder to find a coffee ice cream that is just right. I agree that Pumphouse creamery is exceptional- all the ingredients they use are top notch! Also hard to find the perfect chocolate ice cream (my current favorite) that is not too sweet. I wonder if anyone has made a chocolate cherry ice cream?

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    1. Aldi’s has a pint sized ice cream called Thank You Cherry Much that I’ve bought several times in the past few weeks. It is a vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks and slices of cherry. It’s excellent. Aldi’s also has a chocolate ice cream – I believe the carton says Belmont – that is very nice. Don’t know i you would find it too sweet, but I think it’s a good option.

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    1. That is the only problem about Trader Joe’s in my book. Stuff comes and then stuff goes. The hard one for me is the puff pastry that is only available during the “holiday months”. I always have to remember to buy three or four extra and put them in my freezer.

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  7. Morning –
    My mom loves ice cream. Dad did too, but when mom wanted to stop at DQ, Dad would say we had ice cream at home. A bit of a sore spot with them. At dads funeral, mom made sure small dishes of ice cream were served.
    Just yesterday, mom (still in isolation. Sort of) was feeling blue and she asked her daughter to bring her some ice cream. Now, she gets a cup of ice cream every night, but it doesn’t have toppings. She asked for Culvers ice cream with some toppings. Can’t deny that so she got ice cream.

    Vanilla is pretty good. Its’ just a nice, smooth, flavor, and texture. Sure, adding chocolate coatings or chocolate chips and / or peanuts, or black raspberries or strawberries may make it better, but it can stand on it’s own too.
    I’ve had some really good hot fudge sauce that really tops it off.
    I’ve had some real good cookies and cream ice cream.
    Chocolate isn’t a favorite. Mint is right out.

    My boss at the college is Jerry. So we get “Hey! ‘Ben and Jerrys!'” fairly often when the kids first see us standing together and it clicks in their heads.

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    1. Nonny is also a big ice cream fan. When I was there at the end of June, she had five kinds of ice cream in the freezer. And every night after dinner she had a little ice cream for dessert. Often one scoop each of two or three different kinds.

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  8. Where I grew up, Ames, Iowa, the college had a model dairy operation that produced milk, fruit drinks and ice cream. They could be delivered to your door by the milkman who drove a route. When we learned about the ice cream, our family began ordering a gallon each week. That was about the time we got a television, and the new appliance seemed to go well with ice cream sundaes. We began eating sundaes that were large soup bowls filled with vanilla ice cream, then chocolate syrup, then a fat pillow of Redi-Whip topped with a maraschino cherry. And bananas, when we had ’em.

    Then we discovered that the whole family was being supersized by our fondness for sundaes. We had to cancel that part of our dairy order, and somehow we did.

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    1. This is the temptation I have every week when I’m filling out my milkman’s form. Since he is a Kemps deliverer, all the Kemp’s ice creams are over there in the right hand column. And since one of my very favorites is Moose Tracks, I have to keep myself from checking that box every week.

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  9. Grand daughter goes to SDSU which makes and sells ice cream at a cheap price, famous for their flavor experiments. She has been going there for a few years before being a student there

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  10. This is Bill. WordPress has suddenly refused to let me sign on, telling me that I am using an unsupported browser, which is of course absurd.

    I like ice cream but usually only have it when we are on a road trip somewhere and it is our habit somewhere along the way to stop for ice cream cones. Our choices are fairly predictable. Robin is on a never-ending quest for good strawberry and I usually choose a coffee-flavored variety or that antique choice: maple nut.

    At home we generally have a carton or two of ice cream in the freezer. Right now Robin’s passion is the coffee bean blast from Trader Joes. She eats it single-handedly. I seldom have ice cream at home.

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    1. When I was a kid, the standard ice cream treat in my family was vanilla ice cream topped with Hershey’s syrup from a squat can you opened by punching two triangle-shaped holes in the top and then a handful of redskin Spanish peanuts on top. Known otherwise as a tin roof sundae, I think, but I don’t know why.

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      1. The tin roof sundae described in Wikipedia is more complex, with additional chocolate ice cream and marshmallow topping. Too much, in my opinion.


  11. Happy Joe’s pizza in Fargo had an ice cream challenge. I don’t recall the quantities involved but I ate the whole thing. The reward was a poster with my name and the date on it below a cartoon picture of a pig which I was.

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  12. A little ice cream goes a long way with me. If husband had his druthers, we’d have half our freezer filled with ice cream. We compromise. He has a supply of popsicles and a quart of ice cream of his choice in the freezer, and I’ll occasionally have a scoop or two of whatever flavor he has purchased. With him it’s a nightly ritual; I’ll partake from time to time, depending on what his current selection is.

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  13. OT : in case anyone missed the start of my running joke about dire consequences of my bakery misdemeanours: it was just that, a joke. I’ll still be around in thirty years, with luck.

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  14. Kemps (and several other companies) have those little individual Malt Cups – my folks used to have them on hand and I really got to liking them – Chocolate is the best.

    Many other favorites have already been mentioned – I agree that there’s no way to chose just one favorite… I’m a sucker for cute or clever names like (Ben & Jerry;’s) Cherry Garcia and Chubby Hubby…

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