Great Ideas, Lost

Husband and I have 4×6 inch note pads lying around all over our house. Husband is an inveterate list maker. I want to have pencil and paper handy whenever a potential blog topic comes to me.

I decided to straighten up a bit last weekend, and I found a bunch of blog topics listed on the note pads that I can’t, for the life of me, remember what I was thinking when I wrote them down. Here are a few examples:

Hydrologic Engineer


The Ludicrous Life

What Would Ian Altman Think


Wondrous Vs Wonderful Life

Boccherini at work

I think I need to put a few more details about what I am thinking instead of just writing the topic or title.

How is your memory these days? Come up with some esoteric blog topics. Looking at the above listed ideas I forgot about, what questions would you pair with them?

23 thoughts on “Great Ideas, Lost”

  1. Dentures: What are you doing to celebrate Washington’s birthday?
    Engineer: Your favorite “How many ______does it take to screw in a light bulb?” joke.
    Ian Altman: How would you decorate your “van down by the river”?

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  2. I once wrote down the names of songs by Bruce Springsteen, just from a couple of his albums. I didn’t even listen to the songs, just used the titles as prompts, and about half of them “worked”.

    I really did a riff on “your own worst enemy has come to town”, “radio nowhere” and “glory days”.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    My memory is not what it once was, to be certain.

    Renee, I have had a similar habit of writing down very brief notes, thinking, “Oh, I should write about that.” I then lose the note and forget what I wrote down when I eventually find it. These little notes are so brief and incomplete that they never jog my memory. Nor have I produced a post for the TB in years. It is a busy day, so topics and question will not be forthcoming today.

    We leave for Iowa early tomorrow morning. I work a few hours today, then I will make a cherry pie and two dozen deviled eggs which I will tote to Iowa. See you all on the other side. Happy Thanksgiving all. The TB is on my gratitude list.

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    1. Jacque, if you can make two dozen deviled eggs today and they all make it to Iowa tomorrow, you are a better woman than I am. I can’t leave deviled eggs alone!

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  4. Q1. Good but gradually declining. No surprise.
    Q2. Can Libertarianism and Austrian economic theory save the world?
    Q3. Boccherini at work: What are the most interesting day jobs ever held by the great composers and musicians of the world?

    Chris in Owatonna

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    **BSP** BIG event this weekend in Mankato at the Civic Center! The GSR Fine Art Festival Saturday and Sunday. Dozens of artists along with at least seven authors including YOURS TRULY will be selling their wares. Check my website,, or the festival website, for details. **

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  5. Oh, I have an entire file on Word, often with a link to some article I’d read – will copy more titles later today, but here are a few:

    Old English words to revive

    Play that funky music

    All those books you haven’t read…

    Most misused word in English Language?

    Memorable typos

    Tech secrets learned from the Amish

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  6. Morning!

    I got 127 “lists” on my phone; I love keeping lists of things… And there is one about blog ideas too; random questions or things that happen on the farm and I put it in there. And yes, I too have a few things that I have to wonder what I was thinking about…

    My memory… I better write it down and put it on my calendar or I won’t remember. Funny though, once written down I tend to remember even without looking at it. But if not written down, Out of sight, out of mind.
    And yet… middle of the night, I’m awake “thinking” about some random thing… equally annoying.

    Coming up with a good question is the hardest part of the blog I think.

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  7. I have had two blogs in my head since August. But August to now has been distracting. Now they are a bit out of date. Plus I can only remember one.
    For last 4 months I have been overwhelmed by it all. Now at least for now, I have everything in hand. Do now, as I knew would happen, I gave tone to think, Damn it.


  8. From the TLGMS, a Thanksgiving Carol.
    To the tune of Rudolph
    Gandolf The Thanksgiving turkey had a day with many woes.
    And if you ever saw him, you’d say “Delicious! Head to toes”
    All of the other turkeys used to laugh and call him names. (Like Drumstick)
    They always let poor Gandolph eat the final bits of grain.
    Then one dark Thanksgiving Eve, the farmer came to say, “Gandolph, with your meat so white, won’t you be my guest tonight?” (Diabolical chuckle)
    Then how the turkeys loved him and they shouted out with glee,
    “Gandolph The Thanksgiving Turkey, it was better you than me!”

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