Happy Birthday!

Tuesday was my birthday. I had a great day. I got two lovely flower arrangements from my coworkers and from dear friends. I had lovely wishes from friends on Facebook and the Trail. It was a good day. I feel loved and blessed.

As I look on Internet sites concerned with happenings on my birthday, I see that I share a birthday with Clark Gable, G. Stanley Hall ( the first president of the American Psychological Association), Victor Herbert, SJ Perelman, Langston Hughes, John Napier, a Scots mathematician who invented logarithms in 1550, John Ford, the film director, and Boris Yeltsin. Queen Elizabeth I condemned her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, to death on February 1. Lots of things happened the first day of February.

What important things happened on your birthday? What are your favorite or tragic birthday memories. With whom do you share a a birthday?


47 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. Happy birthday, Renee.

    I share a birthday with Oprah Winfrey and a bunch of other celebrities. Having trained as a musician, I always wonder “what if?” because Mozart was born on Jan 27, exactly 200 years and 2 days before me, and Schubert was born on Jan 31. I was born on Jan 29. So what if I had been born on Jan. 27, 1956 (two days earlier) or Jan 31? Would the stars have realigned just enough to give me the amount of musical talent those two classical giants had? Fun to speculate but geniuses tend to go crazy in today’s society, so I’m happy being “above average” as Garrison Keillor used to say. Although I’m no longer a child. 🙂

    Chris in Owatonna

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  2. Happy birthday! Every four years I get a new president for my birthday. Unfortunately, that’s a gift that’s usually not returnable for another four years.

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    1. Apparently nothing much happened on the actual day of my birth, except for the attack on Khe Sanh–I was born a couple of days before “Laugh-In” premiered, and actually have a very early memory of the Joke Wall. However, George Burns, DeForest Kelly, Tom Baker, David Lynch, Bill Maher, Arte Johnson, and Paul Stanley from KISS were all born on the same day as me. Mildly amusing, as DeForest Kelly did not play my favorite Star Trek character (that would have been Spock), Tom Baker was not my favorite Doctor (I preferred #5, Peter Davison), and KISS was not my favorite rock band (I chose Iron Maiden for my heavy-metal rebellion phase, because they had a song about Icarus and I loved mythology).

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  3. Frank Sinatra (Rat Pack)
    Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory, Jeopardy!)
    Bob Barker (Come on down!)
    Edvard Munch (Scream)
    E. G. Robinson (Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Rico?!)

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    1. I remember (largely because of home movies) my 6th birthday. My mom put on a (rare ) b’day party with 3 other little girls (one with whom I’m on FB). There was an angel food cake with pink frosting, sprinkles, and animal crackers standing on the top. I wore a teal colored taffeta dress with short puffy sleeves. My two-year-old sister is there, in the wings with big eyes… I don’t remember what games we played, but I do remember opening the presents.

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  4. Happy B-Day. Of course, I respect if people like to recognize and celebrate their birthdays. Generally, I tend to ignore mine, if not disdain it entirely. There are several reasons for this, none of them psychologically healthy. Perhaps I’ll reconsider it one day but, for now, I prefer to be a ghost in the birthday machine.

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  5. Barack Obama
    Megan Markle
    Louis Vuitton
    Louis Armstrong
    Percy Shelley

    Now I’m going to have to spend the rest of the day trying to think what to serve a dinner with my birthday folks

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  6. King George VI (Elizabeth’s dad)
    Patty Duke
    Margaret Chase Smith
    Jimmy Doolittle (WWII)
    Morey Amsterdam (Dick Van Dyke Show)
    Frances Bavier (Mayberry’s Aunt Bea)
    Lee Remick
    Miranda Hart (Call the Midwife)

    There were a couple of times when I was a child that Santa came to town on my birthday. In college, I often had final exams on or close to my birthday (the U of M was on the quarter system back then). Most memorable was my 40th – treated myself to a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas as part of the celebrations. These days I don’t make a fuss over birthdays. For a bunch of years now, one of my best friends and I celebrate our October/December birthdays with dinner at Applebee’s – specifically to share the chocolate lava cake dessert.

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  7. Morning!
    Well, I was born on my birthday.
    Fred Astaire, Bono, and John Wilkes Booth were also born that day.
    John Wayne Gacy was executed, Paul Revere and Shel Silverstein died on that day.
    And the transcontinental railroad was completed on May 10 1869 in Promontory, Utah.

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  8. People with whom I share my birthday include: Ulysses S. Grant, August Wilson, Sandy Dennis, Jack Klugman, and….Lizzo. I’d be sure to invite Lizzo to my party as I think she’d liven things up a bit should the need be.

    Today’s Wordle took four guesses for me. First guess I had four out of five letters right, though only one in the correct spot. This meant that I could only exclude one letter from subsequent guesses, and that left too many viable wrong options. Sigh.

    If you didn’t see Linda’s late post on yesterday’s blog, do yourself a favor and go back to listen to it. Thanks again, Linda.

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    1. Today was an eye-opener as to how many words are so similar. I had three of the five letters in the right place after the first guess but I didn’t get the right word until the fifth guess

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    2. OMG, that’s perfect! I adore thrift shops, especially when I can go with someone else who loves them too. I remember my aunt and uncle coming up to the Cities to visit the big Goodwill in St. Paul, off 280. My aunt technically came to get baby clothes for her grandkids, but she and my mom were really hunting for milk glass. There was a little booth divided off for the antiques and more valuable items, in the middle of the front room, where they displayed the nicer jewelry, musical instruments, antique sheet music, stuff like that. I found a burgundy crushed-velvet jacket with silver filigree buttons there when I was around 10 or 12, and wore it to the Christmas children’s choir performance. These days Goodwill has an online shop for bidding on interesting merchandise; I just won a rare Pusheen plushie off that site a couple days ago.

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      1. I remember discovering the Goodwill off of 280 when wasband and I first moved here in 1972. My first job in the Twin Cities was as supervisor of the evening trayline at Northwestern Hospital (prior to merger with Abbott). I bought all of my uniforms for work there. And yes, I do recall those areas where collectible items were set aside. It was a great place to shop on a limited budget.

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  9. I meant to put this here, where it’s more likely to be seen.:

    I remember (largely because of home movies) my 6th birthday. My mom put on a (rare ) b’day party with 3 other little girls (one with whom I’m on FB). There was an angel food cake with pink frosting, sprinkles, and animal crackers standing on the top. I wore a teal colored taffeta dress with short puffy sleeves. My two-year-old sister is there, in the wings with big eyes… I don’t remember what games we played, but I do remember opening the presents.


    1. How nice that you have a home movie of that party! I only had one birthday party with other kids from my school, at 7 or maybe 8. I’d thought I wanted a “real” birthday party but actually didn’t enjoy it all that much, so we went back to family-only birthdays. We’d go out to eat somewhere with Grandma or my aunt and uncle and maybe a cousin, then have cake and presents at home afterwards. I always wanted chocolate, but Dad couldn’t have that so we’d compromise on marble cake!

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  10. i share my birthday with my father in law
    he is 17 years my elder
    also with papa handle , george clooney and peter fonda

    my kids with the pi day birthday share with albert einstein as their most memorable partner

    youngest birthday will be forever burdened with donald trump as a shared birthday

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  11. The Indian Independence Movement started on my birthday in 1904. My favorite birthday memory was my 8th birthday party. All my friends came to our lake home, which was a seasonal cabin at that time, and hunted for Easter eggs. I share my birthday with lots of people, most notably Gautama Buddha, depending upon which type of Buddhism you follow.

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  12. My worst birthdays were my 8th, when my parents told me at my party that we were moving to a new house in another part of town, (all I could think of was moving away from my best friend at the time) and my 28th, when I was in St. Boniface Hospital after my water broke at 29 weeks into a pregnancy. It turned out just fine, though.

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  13. I share a birthday with Washington Irving, Doris Day, Marlon Brando, Alec Baldwin, Jane Goodall, Billy Joe Royal, Marsha Mason, Wayne Newton, Richard Manuel of the Band, Artie Traum, Richard Thompson, David Hyde-Pierce, and Eddie Murphy. Alec Baldwin is the only one of those who was born in the same year as I was.

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  14. I had to look up my birthday to find out who I share mine with: Wilt Chamberlain, Usain Bolt and Princess Margaret. There are several tech barons, as well. Meh. In 2017 the big Solar Eclipse that could be viewed in the Midwest occurred on my birthday, which was fun. My aunt and uncle called me from Nebraska where they drove to view it.

    Todays WORDLE was 4 guesses for me, which is the number it most often takes me. Why is this so much fun?

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  15. The birthday dinner will be Greek salad with a lot of olives, Kunde, an African recipe that I just found made with peanuts and chilies and I think I’ll serve it over rice. Then for dessert because it’s a special occasion I will make sticky toffee pudding.

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  16. The Pony Express launched its service on April 3,1860, between St Joseph, Missouri & Sacramento, California. As Tom Servo says, “Pony Express! When it absolutely, positively has to be there…in three or four weeks or so.”

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