Olympic Multi-Tasking

YA cares way more about her hair, her make-up and her clothing than I care about mine.  I think I’ve said here before that I don’t even own make-up and I only take the blow dryer to my hair about once a year.  And these days, wearing a pair of jeans instead of sweatpants is really dressing up.  So it didn’t surprise me when she wanted a pair of really sharp “hair scissors” for her birthday recently.  I assumed it would figure greatly into her quest to rid her world of split ends.

On Saturday we were watching the Olympics (the new mixed speed skate relay is fascinating) when she turned the scissors on me.  She’d been hinting (rather aggressively) the last few weeks that my hair is getting too long and scraggly.  Although I was a little worried she would chop off more than I wanted, which she has done before, when she brought it up again, I relented. 

I should have known that wouldn’t be the end of it.  Then she wanted me to blow dry it – I told her if she wanted my hair dry right away, she would need to do that herself.  After she spent way too long (in my estimation) drying and fluffing my strands, she decided that she needed to bring the straightener into my room as well because my ends were “curling too much”. 

All of this cutting and blowing and straightening took about 45 minutes and I will admit that I’m not the most patient.  For some reason that I don’t understand, the commercials showing on the tv coverage of the Olympics were bothering me — and more than usual since I was already ramped up about the hair fuss.  To combat my annoyance I grabbed a book off my bedstand and muted the tv.

So there we were, watching the Olympics, reading and running a hair salon in my bedroom all at once.  Multi-tasking at it’s best!

Do you have a favorite winter sport?

52 thoughts on “Olympic Multi-Tasking”

  1. As a kid, my favorite was to go sledding. I’d be out for hours in the cold/snow. There was a nursing home in our neighborhood that had a short but really steep hill on their property. My friends and I would be there until the grass started to show.

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    1. I took YA sledding a few times when she was younger but she didn’t love it. And the last time I personally went sledding I ended up with a shiner that had people asking me for days if I was OK And whispered tones. No one ever said so but I always assumed that they thought I might’ve gotten smacked around by a partner.

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  2. I do not have a favorite winter sport, unless watching the birds at the bird feeders counts. I was never a sporty, outdoors type to begin with, and then my last bout of bronchitis in the early 2000s left me with cold-triggered asthma. My mom liked to watch the figure skating at the Winter Olympics, but didn’t care about the other competitions, and my dad hated sports from years of having to hear the radio play-by-plays at work at the St. Paul Post Office, so there’s not even a family tradition of doing or being a fan of sports. I do know someone who is taking up cross-country skiing at the age of 65, which is admirable. He and his wife are also hockey fans, so their winters should be fully booked from now on.

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  3. Ice skating, hands down. My folks were both competent, and my dad could even do something called the Flying Dutchman,so I got a little adventurous, could do a little jump from forward and land on both feet going backwards, a few twirly things… One of my favorite things was skating out by what was called Second Dam, before there was a lot of snow cover. My best friend and I followed the creek for quite a while, then came back to the rink and someone’s mom had brought hot chocolate – the BEST.

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    1. I’m giggling to myself imagining the the figure skating commentators using terms like “twirly things” and “little forward jumps” to describe the Axels, toe loops, and Lutzes. Sort of a Best in Show commentator for figure skating. I know, I’m easily amused.

      Had a three guess Nerdle game today, and a two guess Wordle.

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      1. Those are outstanding numbers. If you get the Wordle in two guesses, what is the message that you get? I’ve only had Great, Splendid, and Impressive. I’m wondering if two guesses gets you a Phenomenal? Or Exceptional?

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        1. I know this sounds stupid, but I was actually disappointed that my second guess was right. The game ended too soon. I was ready with a couple of other guesses that I didn’t get to use.

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      2. I thought today’s Nerdle was tough. This comment might be a bit of a spoiler, but it’s late in the day and probably the Nerdle nerds have already had their go at it. Today’s had to be in the exact order, so even if you knew all the operators and where they went, and even if that meant you had the numbers narrowed down, there were still a number of possibilities. It could be a*b*c=yz, or b*a*c=yz, or c*a*b=yz, or b*c*a=yz, or a*c*b=yz…and if you guess the wrong order you lose. So if you haven’t done the Nerdle yet, have at it. Even if I’ve given away all the operators.

        I got this one in five.

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        1. If it hadn’t been for the exact order thing, I would have had today’s Nerdle in two. When I submitted my second solution, it flashed an alert saying that in Nerdle 1+2 isn’t the same as 2+1. Hmm, I thought, and scratched my head. Then I switched the two numbers I had in the wrong place, and that did the trick.


  4. For participating: XC skiing.
    FOr watching: Hockey. College first (go Gophers!), then pros.
    Winter Olympics are a pleasant diversion every four years. And the lunatics who compete in skeleton (basically head-first luge) boggle my mind. All I can think of is one of them crashing head-first into a solid wall of ice at 60 mph. Ouch!

    Chris in Owatonna (Who will be XC skiing today somewhere along the North Shore. 🙂 )

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  5. Sledding, skiing – downhill and XC, ice skating, and snow shoeing were the winter sports I used to love participating in. I was never much good at any of it, but that didn’t stop me from having fun.

    XC skiing with a bunch of friends was a regular activity for a number of years. We were a group of eight to ten people who would do this at least couple of times each winter. In addition to skiing in an around the Twin Cities – there are a lot of nice ski trails here – we’d rent a cabin or two, up north somewhere, at least once each winter. I have wonderful, lasting memories from those trips. We’d cook and eat together after a long day on the trails, then head for the sauna and finish off with a quick dip in an icy lake. Then we’d sit around enjoying some adult beverages, singing and chatting until it was bedtime. The next day we’d do it all over again.

    I used to like watching the Olympics, now I find that there’s just too much hype around the whole thing. I haven’t watched any of it, so far. I couldn’t tell you the name of one single, current Olympic athlete from anywhere. I must be getting old.

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    1. I’ve been watching Olympics this year on the USA channel. Not NBC. USA channel has much less hype and very very few of those “oh let’s find out the history of the mom the dad the cousin the dog and the cat of this Olympic skier” kind of thing going on.

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    2. I have to admit that while I enjoy having it on and watching it, especially the skating, I’m paying very little attention to people’s names. For the cross country skiing over the weekend, all I can remember is that the Norwegian won and I was happy about that. I don’t even remember his name!

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  6. Throughout my childhood and early adult life, I loved ice skating. I could never do anything fancy such as jumps or spins but I could skate both forward and backwards. I downhill skied for several years as a young adult. Again, not very proficient but did enjoy it, until fracturing my tibia in a dumb fall. I then switched to XC for quite a few years. Now the only winter sport I partake in is snowshoeing.

    As a spectator, I like watching college hockey (Go Gophers!), and the high school hockey tournaments (both boys and girls). I used to watch the Olympics religiously but these days I no longer sit and stare at the tv for hours. So many “sports” have been added that it’s too much. Give me downhill skiing, some of the freestyle skiing, figure skating, hockey, and speed skating. I agree with VS about the USA channel vs. NBC.

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  7. i cross country ski and have always loved luge
    i got to try it a couple times
    it’s very cool
    i live watching the figure skating and the snowboarding
    i can’t remember ever getting so titled of watching the same event done by 30 people 3 times with the best one chosen
    i don’t think they did this before 24/7 coverage on 3 channels
    i am enjoying my stay at home time thanks to the olympics
    now i healed enough to move around again and i miss watching non stop

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  8. I really like my walks/hikes in winter.

    There was no place to skate out on the prairies of western Iowa, so I never really got good at it, although I have tried several times (once I started making my living with my hands, the idea of doing something bad to them when taking a fall really gave me pause, so the skates are in their box- maybe someday).

    My mother talked fondly of spending a lot of time out on the lake near their house and there being a warming house with a wood stove. That always sounded so fun.

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  9. In the matter of Olympic sports, figure skating is my hands down favorite. Nationality does not matter to me in the slightest. Last night the men’s short program was amazing. Not to be missed is the Russian woman hitting two quads.

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    1. I just watched the video of Kamila Valieva skating and landing her two quads. My god, she’s only fifteen years old! What a magnificent skater. Beautiful. I watched Nathan Chen’s short program, too. Amazing.


  10. Afternoon- busy day.

    My brother is the skier. Downhill. He’s always been the athletic one in the family. We had a snowmobile when I was a kid. And I liked sledding.
    (We had the best road for a rail sled; two corners! Start at the top, get a good run at it, I could make it all the way to the barn when done right and before dad spread cow manure on the road for traction.)

    Never could ice skate. And after hurting my leg, couldn’t control the foot to skate anyway.

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  11. I would like to experience the Scandinavian sport of being beaten with switches after hours in a sauna and then being immersed in ice cold water.
    How is that event scored?

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    1. YA is doing snowboarding lessons right now. I’ve made it very clear to her the last few days I don’t want to ever see her trying any of this kind of stuff that we’re seeing in the Olympics!!


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