Good News

This has been an awful week for bad news. In times like these, I think it is helpful to focus on whatever good things are happening in our immediate settings.

Our son let me know last night that his West Highland Terrier had successfully excreted the leather shoe laces and leather slipper he had ingested last week. There was concern it could have provoked an intestinal crisis. We seem to be in the clear. I have received excretion updates all week. I am relieved the terrier is ok.

Our daughter informed us that her work evaluations are stellar, and her place of employment is investing a lot of money to train her in three very expensive therapy modalities in the next several months. She is supremely happy.

What are the positive things that have happened in your life this week? How do you cope with bad news?

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  1. Good questions, Renee. One is that we were warned about boatloads of snow that, in both cases, turned out to be just a few inches.
    Another is that Husband and I had several films to watch online via Winona’s Frozen River Film Fest. Will hopefully be back later with more…

    I am aware that our present day news distribution system focus primarily on the alarming and disastrous happenings around the globe. If as much attention were paid to the wonderful and uplifting things that happen and that people do, our political and social environments would be very different. So I try to get my news from other sources than mainstream – even NPR – media.

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  2. I had my year-end review yesterday, and will be getting a raise and bonus again this year, so that’s very good news! I also got my second monitor (which is required for working from home, and for which I’ve been waiting a couple of months) this week, and will be trying to set it up today. We’ll see if that process qualifies for good or bad news. It does turn on, so that’s something!

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  3. My long awaited (and twice COVID suspended) trip to the UAE and Oman had to be cancelled once again, this time for medical reasons. One of my travel mates, who lives in NM, had to have multiple bypass surgery last week. I hadn’t heard anything, which made me quite nervous. But yesterday I found out the surgery went well and he is now home recuperating. What a relief!
    I hardly watch or listen to mainstream news these days – too depressing.

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    1. Glad to hear this K-two. When we are in AZ we have “mandatory” cable TV because the condo association provides it. In MN we do not have cable TV because we just don’t watch TV there—we are outside, in the garden, doing our stuff. Last night I peaked at a cable news show just to determine what was happening in the world. Too Much. It was like crawling out from under the bed. I turned it off again.

      The good news is, I don’t watch much TV 9 months of the year.

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Thank you Renee for the Good News Opportunity—great choice. It has been good news for the Trail over time that Renee and Sherilee are willing to take this blog on and lead us through our rambling, communal days.

    1. Today the Fountain Hills Art Fair starts here, and we can walk 3 blocks over to Avenue of the Fountains to begin our browsing. I cannot wait. it is the scope and size of the Hennepin Ave Art Fair. Last year, along with everything else, it was cancelled. Yesterday I did an errand and could not get back home because I got caught in the heavy traffic created by artists in campers as they drove into town for the Fair. This made me late to start my work day, but who cares.

    2. Early this month I went to the Mayo Clinic for an eye exam after a diagnosis of glaucoma late in December. The pressure in my eyes had reduced markedly with the prescribed eye drops in a quick 6 weeks. This means my glaucoma is very treatable. WooHoo!

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    1. I forgot one—Tuesday and Wednesday we got an inch of rain, then awoke to white, snowy mountains. The snow disappeared yesterday. All the water in this town comes from the mountain reservoir (Roosevelt Reservoir) so this gave the water level a needed boost.

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  5. Glad to see the individual good news in light of the worldwide bad news. BiR nailed it when she said the news distribution system is geared toward giving us bad news. Makes me wonder if that’s not a catalyst for the disturbing number of suicides we’ve seen for the past several years (a growing trend). I watch as little TV news as possible (other than financial news). My wife watches too much, but she’s trying to cut back. My news gathering is mostly reading headlines on the internet (but rarely the stories behind the headlines). And our local paper has a much better balance of good news to bad news-lots of community events, fundraisers, student achievements, new businesses starting up, etc.

    As for me, this was a busy week and I guess good because I’m preparing for my new book launch!


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    1. OOPS! Hit send by mistake.
      My third novel, DANGEROUS STRAITS, is published and I’m inviting you all to my book launch party at the Owatonna Country Club on Monday, Feb. 28, from 4-6 pm. Public is welcome, cash bar, come and help me celebrate a positive milestone. Find the details on my website,

      So my good news other than that is I’ve been interviewed on the local radio station, the local online TV station, and the local newspaper. The week before, I made my annual donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN based on last year’s books sales. To date, I’ve generated more than $2,500 to BBBS since I started doing this back in 2016.

      Finally, if you can’t make it to Owatonna on Monday, check my Events and Appearances page on my website to see when I might be in your area. I’ve got appearances booked from Austin up to Hackensack so far, and several in the Twin Cities. I hope to add more in the following weeks.

      **END BSP**

      Look for the joy in your own corner of the world folks. We can’t fix the world, but we can fix OUR world.

      Chris in Owatonna

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      1. Congratulations Chris! How exciting for you. I would come to the party except it is too far at this point. Meanwhile, for book 4 (unless you have put an end to the fictional Matt Lanier) I suggest he join the CIA and venture into Russia for a mission.

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    1. My first three guesses yielded only two clues and exhausted all the vowels. Fortunately, it was enough for me to get it on the fourth guess.

      Today’s answer is a common word but yesterday’s, as I complained then, was not kosher, being British slang and very uncommon here.

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      1. My first three only netted me ONE clue. But by then I had eliminated so many letters that I got it by five. Unfortunately did not make it through Quordle today – if it took me SIX tries to get the first one. That pretty much dooms me.

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        1. A few days ago I accomplished what I would have thought damn near impossible: My first guess in Quordle didn’t yield a single letter in any of the four puzzles. I still managed to eke out a “win.” If I remember correctly my first guess was “first.”

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    2. It’s kind of funny, my first guess today once again yielded not a single letter. I chuckled to myself and thought about Bill and his strategy of incorporating a certain series of letters. I was pretty sure he was skunked on his first guess, too. Then, I used my imagination and came up with the correct answer in three.
      Wordle 251 3/6*


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    3. Yes, I found Wordle tough today too. I got it in 4 tries but I got skunked the first try and only had one yellow the second try. Third try one yellow and one green. I sat and thought about it for awhile, thinking of words in my head. Finally got it on my 5th try.

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  6. My good news is not so much anything new but recognition of ongoing good stuff in my life. Right now I am feeling extremely lucky to have good neighbors (had two who did snowblowing on my front sidewalk and driveway on Wednesday) as well as YA, who actually likes to shovel (she’s out front right now).

    Also extremely happy that this appears to be the last very cold day for the week or so!

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  7. my good news is i navigated 67 years this week and had a great get together with family
    thanks to happy birthday wishers and vs great card

    deal with crap
    put one foot in front of the other and adapt as needed
    same as every other event that requires readjusted thinkinking which in reality is just about all of them

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  8. Yesterday was a tough day. International news, dominated by the Russian attack on Ukraine, and the local news by the conviction of the three former Minneapolis police officers for their neglect of duty to intervene in the murder of George Floyd. Then a friend and neighbor stopped by to chat. Her husband is having an affair and wants a divorce after 33 years of marriage. And last night I got an email from a friend informing me of the results of his afternoon visit with an oncologist to get the results from last week’s tests: Stage 4 cancer of the lungs.

    “How does this qualify as good news?” you may ask, and the answer is, of course, that it doesn’t. But would I rather be oblivious to the fact that two friends are struggling right now? The answer is an emphatic NO. There’s often a conflict between being well informed and peace of mind, but to me, not knowing is not a desirable or viable option.

    So how do I prevent myself from succumbing to hopelessness and despair? I read. I delve into the wisdom of people who have somehow managed to maintain a positive outlook on life. I listen to music, and make a deliberate effort to notice the small things that bring me joy. I find something to laugh about.

    The massive demonstrations in Leningrad and Moscow buoy my spirits, they give me hope. I take comfort in knowing that friends of mine reach out when they’re in pain. I trust that somehow, in some small way, I can make a difference.

    I’m no Pollyanna, I know that life is full of struggle and pain. People can be cruel and stupid, but they can also be resilient, resourceful, kind, and creative. Today is such a gorgeous, sunny day, and I’m glad I’m not dead. I’m hopeful that in some small way I can still make a difference.

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  9. life is an opportunity to choose
    every every every time
    and that choice makes all the difference
    how you react to that choice is a choice

    glad your daughter is so well received renee
    i’m sure she’s a great addition to any effort she pursues.a chip off the old block
    sons terrier… sounds like the sh*t you’d expect when you choose a terrier. energy with fur and affection
    what a choice…

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  10. My good news today is that Pippin’s new low fat diet is working for him. He hasn’t had as many accidents and it seems he had pancreatitis, not a tumor. My other good news is the sun is shining, birds are singing spring songs and I am going over to St Peter to see some friends!

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  11. HI Kids!

    Often I find myself so busy with other things I barely have time for the news. I kinda feel like I’m living in my own little world, which isn’t so bad. One day last week I was home and watched the 5:30 Nightly news. I felt terrible after that. You’re right, too much bad news, and I don’t need that.
    Loud music helps restore my soul after bad news. And time. And distraction.

    Today the sun is shining and it’s strong enough, even at 20 degrees that snow is melting and it’s pleasant to be outside. The dogs, ducks, and chickens are enjoying it. I filled the bird feeders and Kelly is out plowing the yard and driveway.

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