I like to think of myself as a decent person – not a saint, just a person who likes to do what she thinks is the best thing to do in the moment.

A few years ago Dunkin’ Donuts opened a shop on the corner of 66th & Penn.  This is smack in my stomping grounds – the area that encompasses my hardware store, the library, the post office, the gym, the drugstore, and on the rim of the perimeter, Target.  This means I have way too many excuses to be driving by that intersection; I stop at DD at least once a week, sometimes two.  Did I mention they have a drive-thru?  Once this past winter, I still had my pajamas on when I picked up my two long johns and coffee.

Yesterday morning, just after I had placed my order through the speaker, I looked up to see the driver of the black SUV at the pick-up window drop their box of donuts onto the ground.  The box flipped upside down but didn’t open.  The driver’s door opened and I expected to see someone bend over to pick up the box.  Nope.  The door just stayed open and eventually the Dunkin’ Donuts employee passed out another box.  The black SUV drove off, leaving the box of donuts on the ground.

When I pulled up, I said to the employee “Are those donuts in the box?  Shall I pick it up?”  The employee rushed to say I didn’t need to do that.  But the idea of some employee having to put on a coat, walk out and around to pick up the box that the SUV driver have dropped really bugged me, so I opened my door, picked up the box and handed it through the window.  Two employees thanked me profusely.

As I drove home I had several thoughts.  Why didn’t the SUV driver pick up the box after it was dropped?  Why didn’t they take THOSE donuts?  (I know my donuts – I can’t envision any of the donuts were damaged in that short fall.  Was it really such a big deal that I picked up the box – to have TWO employees thank me?  Why didn’t I KEEP the box myself? 

Who would have thought one quick trip to get two long johns (I had other stops, this wasn’t the only reason I left the house – I swear) could generate so many questions and considerations?

If you were going to get something free today, what would it be?

45 thoughts on “Ooops”

  1. I suppose it would be nice to get two new tires for my bike. Haven’t replaced them ever on my 10+-year-old bike. But I prefer to pay my own way whenever I can since I’m able to do so. Also, many times, free is not really free. So I’m leery of any free stuff because in our society it’s more of a trade where I might come out on the short end of the deal.

    A free hug from a stranger (kindly looking, harmless, etc! Don’t get me wrong! 🙂 might be nice. But I don’t need a hug to bolster my spirits–things are good these days (knock on wood). Just would be nice to see an affirmation that there are caring people in the world.

    If that box of doughnuts had stayed in the box and I picked them up, I would’ve asked the worker if I could have them–assuming they didn’t have a policy about dropped food/lawsuit possibilities, etc. After all, doesn’t the saying go: “A Dunkin’ in the box is worth two in the bush.”?

    Chris in Owatonna

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  2. And why DIDN’T you keep them yourself, VS? : } I suppose the staff all had free donuts that day.

    We have a punch card system at t’ai chi – not a discount, but then you don’t have to take the time to pay every session. Sometimes a person will have to stop attending for health or other reasons, and will just say “give the rest of my punches to someone”, so I’ve had plenty of free sessions. I’d like one of those, and then a free coffee and scone at Blue Heron afterward. And maybe a free Papa Murphy’s for dinner.

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    1. I don’t know why — by the time it occurred to me I was pulling away with my juice and long johns! Doh!


  3. I would like a free visit from the electrician who is coming today to put new lights above the kitchen sink.

    I was relieved to have my road trip with my ADHD colleagues cancelled yesterday. I took the time to organize the shelving and bookcases in my office. Now I can find things and I don’t have umpteen psychological test kits piled up under my desk and stashed in the corner.

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        1. I know, but it could save your life. If you can’t drive yourself because you haven’t taken the course, you’re at the mercy of whatever other driver has. Can you attend on-line?

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        1. First “snort” at Wes’ comment. That’s really funny.

          The Danish version of “you get what you pay for” is “Man får hvad man betaler for.” He had another favorite way of saying something similar: “Det er billigt, hvis det er mere værd.” That means “It’s cheap if it’s worth more.”

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  4. At Aldi this morning, a man who had just returned his cart to the corral handed me his quarter. “Someone gifted me my cart,” he said, “and I’m just passing it along.” I promised I’d do the same, but there was no one there when I left the store. Next time.

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  5. I was thanked for some work a few times lately and while that’s not unusual, It seemed like I got extra thanks and I though to myself ‘did I miss a memo on being extra compassionate this week?’ Or are we just trying to be nicer?

    A few times over the years, a pizza place has messed up our order and given us extra pizza’s. Once it was winter and I saw a crew plowing snow and I stopped and gave them the extra pizza. Once I shared some with our Sheriff deputy. No point in us taking it all home. Although I do take extra food home for the chickens. I’d have asked what they were doing with the donuts and, if they didn’t want them, taken them home. I’ll bet there’s a corporate rule that says not to give away damaged goods. “Damaged”

    Can I get a free new tractor today? With front 3 point hitch, delux cab, self leveling loader, and 4 hydraulic remotes?

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  6. Well, someone tried to get something for free. I just got a call that our credit card was compromised, and is now cancelled and we are awaiting a new one. Boo!!

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  7. I think the donuts were yours… the original owner’s representative did not come for them… the secondary owner drove off, leaving the unopened box on the ground… you, the third owner in line saw what had happened, so you could have kept them… the forth owner (maybe unaware) may have given them to the tires of his/her’s car…

    But since you gave them to the representatives of the original owner, the box was changed… and the donuts were sold to another customer…!

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        1. Yes…my not so PlainJane, it is indeed a Jamaican flag… a mere dot of an island, with the heart of a continent… the other symbol speaks of what the island is known for, but alas… I never get the opportunity to indulge in…!

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        2. Do you live there? And if so, whereabouts? Welcome to the trail, by the way. I’m curious, too, what do you do, and how did you find us?

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        3. Yes… I do live in Jamaica… in a parish called St. Catherine… In my past life I was a teacher… in this new, reworked life, I am retired… actually, I was found by persons who responded to comments I wrote… I went on a fishing expedition, to read what they had written, and discovered The Trail… so far I have only looked at the works of approximately two-thirds of the members… I have a third more to go…!

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  8. The last time I ordered a half sandwich at Panera, they gave me a whole one. That was nice. It was tuna on black pepper focaccia. I had half for lunch and saved the other half for dinner.

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