Easy as…..

Even though I didn’t celebrate Pi Day the way I would have preferred (lots of pies, lots of party), I did pull some pie dough out of the freezer and picked up some frozen blueberries last weekend.  My plan was to make a blueberry pie – YA’s favorite – on Monday over my lunch.  Blueberry is about the easiest pie out there – no slicing of anything, no fancy ingredients, nothing that needs to marinate or rise.  If you cheat, like I often do w/ pre-made pie dough, it’s about a 10-minute project before you’re slipping the pie plate into the oven.

Unfortunately last week was a little stressful to say the least and my lunch “hour” on Monday ended up being an 8-minute cheese sandwich (that includes the making and eating of said sandwich).  So pie didn’t happen.  And you all know that when I’m busy at this time of year I don’t have much energy  at the end of the day.  Daylight savings helps a little but not enough.  YA asked about the pie a couple of times the next few days and finally on Friday I told her I’d work on it over the weekend.

Friday night I was wallowing after a 10-hour work day, in my jammies at 7 with a book in hand when I smelled the aroma of baking wafting up from the downstairs.  YA likes to do her cooking and baking in the evening and it smelled good but I didn’t wander down to see what she was doing.  I was actually a little surprised when she came upstairs later and announced she had made a blueberry pie.   I don’t remember her ever making a pie on her own; actually I don’t remember her ever even being involved in pie making.  Of course, I can’t trust my memory on this – heck I can’t even remember the Wordle word an hour later!

I asked her if it tasted good and she said she had put it in the fridge to cool down.  When I got up on Saturday I was surprised to see a whole pie in the fridge; I assumed she would have a piece before she went to bed (which is always later than me).  But it was still whole and gorgeous.  Not only did she weave the lattice crust, the lattice pieces were really even; she had clearly used one of my pastry cutters.  Sure enough there is was in the sink (waiting to be washed). 

She knew I had a pastry cutter for lattice work?  I had a quick thought that maybe aliens came down and helped her, but I do actually know better.  So may surprises with YA.  And among all this fun news – the pie tastes great as well!

If an alien came to help you, what project would you like assistance on?

30 thoughts on “Easy as…..”

  1. Beautiful pie! Nice job, YA.

    My alien helper would assume all my book marketing and publicity duties, including being my webmaster or webmistress or web zombie or webzorgon, or whatever it would call itself.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  2. An alien would organize and arrange all the renovations we need done in our house-drywall repair in the basement, new carpet in basement, remodeling two bathrooms, new flooring in livingroom and dining room, and tile work in kitchen.

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  3. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a pastry cutter. But of course there is. That’s a nice looking pie! Well done YA!

    Like Renee, can I just get the aliens to come and finish all my house hold projects? Finish the finicky baseboard trim corners? And the tops of the door jamb trim? And figure out what we want to do w/ the closets? And call the garage door repair guy? (OK, I can do that one, if they would just be there to meet him.)
    Can they hover and vaporize things? I have a lot of branches down in the fields that will need to be cleared before spring. But once the snow melts and I can see the branches, the fields are too muddy for a while. Hence the hovering and vaporizing.
    I’ll get out there some nice day when I should be doing fieldwork.
    I’ll bet there are a lot of jobs aliens could do. sometimes we talk about the ‘set faeries’ coming to finish our theater sets… they never show up, the slackers.

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  4. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    This post puts me in mind of the Good Will ad running here. A boy and his mom are loading up the car with purchases and the kid sees an Extra Terrestial rolling out a space ship, then the alien hops in and takes off. There is a similar one with a hot air balloon. The people in the parking lot are gobsmacked. Ingenious marketing.

    I could use a helper to get me packed and the car loaded this week. Then someone to manage the dog’s colitis caused by the anxiety created by the trip. Regular doses of Pepcid will begin Saturday to pre-empt this particular mess. The alien could also drive us in the space ship so we can skip the drive, but I guess for that we could just buy airline tickets.

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  5. Basically, I’d like a handy and cooperative alien. I have no need for a rocket scientist. All I need is someone to do what they’re asked to do, and do it well. Washing our windows, inside and out, would be high on my list of priorities at the moment.

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        1. My cleaning lady doesn’t do windows well. I’ve had better luck with professional window washers.


  6. I really like the cat’s tail, for size perspective on the pastry cutter, if nothing else.

    I’m kind of like Renee – first, let’s have him/her/it completely clear the basement and re-do the walls so they don’t shed sand. Then how about a new bathtub – aw, heck, let’s get all new fixtures. Spray wash the house siding, and help me figure out how to create a deck in lieu of the mishmash of patio blocks out there, complete with a new, perhaps retractable clothesline.

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  7. I took down the Christmas lights from the eaves today. I tried to get the alien to help but he didn’t understand the point and asked so many questions it was easier to just do it myself.

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  8. We took down the snowfence this afternoon. What a beautiful day!

    Probably wouldn’t have done it this soon in a normal year, but since 80% of it came down back in December anyway, I was tired of looking at it.

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  9. Google tells me there is a book called Alien For Rent; apparently the going rate is two gugentocks per hour. I’d like the volunteer maple trees on the boulevard uprooted,please.

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