All Wet

Sometimes I think I’m living in the Twilight Zone.  A few nights back, as I was sitting my room, I got a text from YA.   Getting a text from YA isn’t all the bizarre, although getting a text from her when she is in the next room strikes me as a bit on the weird side.

However, this was the text:

“Will you get some kitty treats and put them under the bathroom door?”

If you want to get my attention, that’s the way to do it.

Turns out she had decided that Nimue needed a bath and it was the point in the process in which Nimue was indicating that her patience had been worn out. In addition to trying to open the bathroom door from the inside, she wasn’t cooperating with the blow drying part of the evening.

As you can see from the picture above, kitty treats weren’t her highest priority right then.  She was not a happy wet kitty.

And it got worse from there because then there needed to be brushing.  Nimue can tolerate brushing on her head and her face and even down her back but she draws the line (and occasionally blood) if you get near her back haunches.  Those are strictly her territory.  I didn’t hear any actual howling or hissing, but I did hear some grumbling and growling.  Luckily all her bad humor was for YA and as soon as she escaped the bathroom torture chamber, she was very glad to sit on my lap and get petted and cosseted.

Are you a bath or shower person?  Or just a quick dunk under the hose?

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  1. I’m amazed that anyone can get a cat to take a bath… remember I finally just gave up and let them clean themselves, except in an “emergency”…

    When growing up, our bathtub didn’t have a working shower most of the time, so I was only used to tub baths. I remember my first shower when I went to college – just loved the way the warm water was flowing over me; I think I could have stayed there all day.

    I know some people love long soaks in the tub. I like tub baths if I have time, but I can’t usually sit still for that long!

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  2. We tried to bathe our last two cats for a year or so (maybe 4 times total). What fun! 😦 Patty our white/part calico, looked like the most pathetic drowned rat you ever saw. Calvin would squirm away as soon as he could and hide for the rest of the day until dinner. Sheesh. All in the pursuit of easing my wife’s cat allergies. They were our last cats and probably will be unless someone invents a miraculous allergy shot that actually works with cat dander/saliva.

    I’m a shower guy ever since about 6th grade. I don’t fit into most standard bathtubs so it’s hard to fully submerge my body and properly soak. I used to do whirlpools at the 98th St. Fitness Center in Bloomington with my friend after playing tennis or basketball, but that was 30+ years ago.

    Chris in O-town

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Showers. Now and then I soak in Epsom Salts to ease the aches, but otherwise all showers. My favorite shower ever was my grandparents’ outdoor shower. They had a tank by the wash house that warmed the rain water with the sun. Then a chain of some kind allowed the water to flow when an adult pulled it. This shower was usually used only by the men after haying. I was a tiny little one when my cousin and I were in that shower. It was such a novel event that I never forgot this wonder. I remember hopping and jumping around in the water, enjoying the unrestrained splashing, squealing in joy.

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  4. I’ve never had to give a cat a bath, thank the gods. My roommate bathed Saoirse when she first came to us, because she was just coated in dust from being outdoors, but it’s not an experience any of us plans to repeat!

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  5. I don’t have an accurate count on how many cats I’ve have had the pleasure of cohabiting with, but there have been quite a few – I’m guessing in the neighborhood of twenty. Only one, a Siamese, did ever show any inclination to take a bath. Caruso loved to join me in the bathtub, and he’d be sure to jump in if I didn’t close the bathroom door.
    All the rest of them have managed to keep themselves clean without any assistance from me.

    Now, dogs, that’s a completely different scenario. I’ll never forget the several hours’ long car trip back to Cheyenne with Snoopy in the back seat of our 63 VW after he had rolled himself in a dead skunk. The stench remained in both the car and my nostrils for weeks no matter what I did to eradicate it. Ugh!

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  6. We will put a large, walk in shower in one of the bathrooms we will remodel this summer. Friend will struggle for a while getting in and out of her tub/shower with her new knee.

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  7. I love to soak in a tub but I really need to use the shower to wash my hair. For the sake of time, I usually shower but there are times when I’m chilled and I want to soak in hot water and something that smells good. I like to light candles and have a nice long soak with a glass of wine.

    Pippin seems to enjoy his bath, although he whines through it. He jumps right into the tub when I say, “Take a bath!” He doesn’t mind at all and likes to be thoroughly toweled and rubbed off afterward. Then he gets a treat, followed by being brushed, combed and trimmed. He needs lots of treats to get through that.

    I tried to bathe a cat once. The cat won. I never tried again.

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  8. We stayed in a B&B once that featured a large whirlpool bath in every room. The bath was so large it could have accommodated three people easily. The hot water heater for this place must have been vast.

    One entered the bath by clambering over a wide tiled ledge that also held the faucets—less than graceful. The bottom of the tub was so slick that it was a challenge to stay upright and there was nothing to grasp to prevent you slipping below the water. The whirlpool when activated sounded like a jet engine. Relaxing in the tub would have been out of the question.

    We’ve often marveled at how, for all the money the owners obviously spent for this “amenity” They missed the boat so entirely.

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    1. One year, many, many moons ago, we celebrated our anniversary in a beautiful Victorian mansion turned B&B in Stillwater. It was a really lovely place within walking distance of La Belle Vie where we had dinner.

      Our room had a fireplace that opened to both the bathroom and the bedroom. Of course, we really didn’t need the fireplace as our anniversary is in August and it was a typical, hot and humid day, but we had a fire nonetheless, just for the ambiance.

      A hand-lettered sign in the bathroom advised us to not use the tub after 11 PM, and that the tub was on a twenty minute timer, and would then automatically shut off. We pressed the button to start the whirlpool action and armed with champagne in plastic glasses we hopped in the tub to enjoy a soak in the glow from the fireplace.

      After a while I commented that this seemed like a very long twenty minutes, but we didn’t dare press the button again for fear of activating it for an additional “period.” Finally, Hans got out of the tub, dried off, put on his clothes, and went in search of the owners. By now it was past 11 PM, and the owners were nowhere to be found. Hans returned to our room and said “let’s get out of here.” “What are you talking about,” I asked. “Let’s go home,” he answered. At this point I thought there’s nothing to lose by pressing the button. So I did, and it stopped.

      Thoroughly soaked and exhausted, we propped the windows open to let some night air in and relieve us of some of the heat from the fireplace, and then climbed into the big comfortable bed. We had barely drifted off to sleep when one of the windows slammed shut and jolted us both wide awake.

      The remainder of the night was uneventful, and the following morning’s brunch with the other three couples who stayed that night was delightful. Hans regaled them with the story of our whirlpool adventures, and the owners told us that the timer had broken and they had forgotten to change the sign. One of our more memorable anniversaries, for sure.

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  9. Our downstairs bathroom has an old clawfoot tub with a handheld shower thingy. I love it, and I’m resisting having it replaced with a shower. The reality is, however, that at some point I’ll probably not be able to get in and out of it on my own. When that happens, do I move to a place that’s more amenable to “senior” living or replace the tub? Considering that yard work and snow shoveling are also becoming problematic, perhaps it’s time to think about moving, but I hate the idea of moving into a building full of old people. Unfortunately, the idea of living with a bunch of young ones doesn’t sound all that appealing either.

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  10. I’m a shower gal with few exceptions. On a trip to South Africa with a client, we did one night each in three different camps. Each of the camps had rooms with not only outdoor showers but also very large, luxurious bathrooms with out of this world tubs and all the accourrements (candles, bath salts, flowers, bubbles, etc.). Every day I took an outdoor shower after the morning drive and then a long soaking bath after dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever been as clean as I was those three days!

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  11. Showers for me too.
    My siblings tell me, when we were building the new house, we had a shower hooked up down in the milk house, because there was a hot water heater in there. I don’t remember that. (I was only 4).
    Kelly grew up in an old house and they added a shower down in the basement, but just over in one corner. So it was wide open. You had to warn everyone not to come down when you went to shower. I only used it once.

    Hot tubs are nice… haven’t used them very often. Homes with hot tubs generally have two water heaters. A B&B must have several.

    Given the dogs lots of baths… never a cat. When we remodeled the mudroom, we put in a utility sink and a shower wand for the dog baths. Should have done a floor drain for the big dogs…

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        1. I drove over to Sandy’s at noon in a monstrous squall if that makes sense. Heavy heavy rain driven by strong winds blowing right into the windshield. Lased less than 5 minutes. Then an hour later her window was battered by rain and wind. Now it is calm but we are under a tornado watch. Stays in 50’s all until Midnight. Future radar track shows some big cells hitting us later on.

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        2. At the moment, 8:38 PM, a pretty spectacular thunder and lightning storm is going through our area. I’m staying put for tonight (not actually a change of plan!).


    1. YA has a sense of smell that is unparalleled. I am sure she thought the cat smelled like a cat. If not that who knows what possesses YA?

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  12. I am leaving for Fargo in the morning. I-94 is closed from 100 miles west of Fargo (Jamestown) to the Montana border. I will spend probably two nights in Fargo until the road clears.

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  13. We had hail that was about 1” diameter here. It literally poured hail for 5 minutes! Crazy amount of hail. It’s still piled up on my deck. There is a lot of grit from the shingles on the deck now and some of the trees that were pollinating have lost their flower buds. There are sticks and small branches down everywhere and at least one large tree down in a Faribault neighborhood. It was pretty crazy here between 1:50 and 2:00 p.m. After the hail it was really windy with some rain. I have slight damage to a plastic protective strip above my windows upstairs. There are pieces of plastic scattered all over. I’m not looking forward to the rest of the evening. Pippin is sedated due to his intense fear of storms. To top it all off, I burned a pizza in my oven. It started smoking before I got to it and the smoke detectors went off, throwing Pippin into a tizzy. My internet has been slow but I will try to post some of my pictures on facebook.

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  14. i am a bath person and have passed it on to all my children
    when they were tiny my morning ritual was to have them start the day with me in the tub
    that’s where bathtub safety officer rafferty came from
    daughters birthday song was bop til you drop shake it til you break it move it or you’ll lose it dance dance and sons was i feel good for birthday bathtub dancing
    dale and rafferty would comment on the batub dance every year

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