In Your Honor

My best friend really loves coffee. She usually drinks it cold, but she has to have several cups a day. When I was visiting, I made a pot in the morning, had one cup, and poured the remainder in a quart jar for my friend to drink cold with cream for the rest of the day.

Friend used to live in south Minneapolis years ago, and frequented a coffee shop run by three, identical triplet sisters. They have expanded their menu and offerings, and seem to be quite successful. She still gets there on occasion on her days off. Friend told me that they named a coffee drink, The Gloria, after her. I forget exactly how this came about, but it seems my friend had an idea for a variation on a coffee drink, and it was popular.

I don’t know what I would want named after me . A therapeutic technique, a tomato variety, maybe a dessert or a soup? I would want it to be simple yet elegant, easy to accomplish, effective, sort of like Alfredo of fettuccini fame. Certainly not a hurricane or a typhoon.

What would you want named after you? How do you like your coffee or tea?

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        1. I am the second anonymous from my cell phone that does not know my wordpress identity, which in fact only exists on my computer.

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  1. I sure wouldn’t want a disease named after me! That’s gotta suck for the first person who had something so weird that no doctor had ever seen it before. But if it came to be, I’d hope my disease would be only a “Syndrome.” That at least sounds like it won’t kill millions of people.

    Since I don’t have much of an ego, I wouldn’t want anything named after me directly. My wife (Sandra) and I have this long-running joke that we call our marriage “CSN Corporation” (our initials) because she’s the Chairwoman and CEO, and I’m the President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technical Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. So if I ever had something named after me like a building or a scholarship fund, it would be the CSN Tower or the CSN Scholarship or the CSN Foundation. Good or bad, we’re a team and she gets half credit for pretty much anything I’ll ever do that’s noteworthy.

    I actually went to the trouble to set up a DBA (Doing business as) company name for the day when I actually become completely self-published: CSN Press. I’m going to try it out with my next book and see if I’m up to the task. If so, I’ll eventually have all my books under the CSN Press logo (Which I haven’t designed yet). 🙂

    I like my coffee black most days but don’t object to a little milk, half-and-half, or cream once in a while. No sugar, thank you. And I’ll occasionally have a plain latte or perhaps a mocha or turtle latte.

    Chris in Owatonna (who is the Chairman and CEO of CSN Press . . . at least for now. 🙂 )

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    1. Would Crosby, Stills & Nash object to your CSN, Chris?

      I don’t like coffee in any way, shape, or form – including mocha flavored candy, ice cream, etc. I’m also not much of a fan of tea unless it is on the sweet or minty side.

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    2. Make sure you get those web-address’s reserved now! You never know when it you might suddenly be in the news – good or bad- and the website will be a hot commodity!

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      1. GOod point, Ben. Although It’s expensive enough owning one web address. I’ll have to decide if I want to own or just stay with what I have and only put CSN Press on my books.



      1. Although I hear that Egbert was in consideration.
        Naming me, my parents set me on a path toward anonymity which Has been my goal ever since. So far so good.

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        1. I hate to tell you this, Bill, but I’m pretty sure you’re a baboon of some renown within this forum. You could do worse, much worse.

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        2. Oh, I get that, Bill. Rest assured I make no claim to ownership. I am just grateful to have had the pleasure of having crossed paths with you all of these years. True of the rest of the baboons as well.

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  2. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I would want a scholarship named in my honor, should the occasion ever arise. We did that for my dad, which I have talked about here before. Iowa State University, his alma mater, has a 4H Foundation whereby families/individuals can establish scholarships for Iowa kids active in 4H, and in honor of people or families with an interest in 4H. Over the years dad’s memorial has grown. The first scholarship we granted was for $500 and now it is up to $1500 or $2000 (I think—forgot what I designated for 2022). The principle has doubled since we established this in 1998, when he died. How this came about is an entire blog post of its own. I will try to write it up to tell the story about karma and good intentions that multiplied—with an agricultural, Iowa flavor. It is one of the most rewarding things I ever initiated, and each year it pays me back. I get to help review the 4H Foundation applicants for the 83 scholarships available. The applications renew my faith in humankind. These kids are the best.

    Re: yesterday’s Sunday afternoon drive topic. Every Sunday afternoon of my early life was spent in the back seat of the car, looking at the corn or fighting with my sister. My parents would fill the car with gas that cost 19 cents per gallon.

    PS/OT: There is a lousy cold virus out there. I caught it. Hack hack.

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    1. We went on frequent Sunday drives. My mother used to say “Let’s go get lost” because we did on occasion. But of course many of our Sunday drives were up the north Shore Drive. Which is how I came to know every nook and cranny of the shore.

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  3. Cat tale for you: my daughter and family have two cats. Murray is a rather complacent cat but he does not like it when their landline phone rings, which it seldom does. The church pays for it or they would dump it. It seldom rings. When they are gone, and the house is often devoid of humans, the phone rings five times before it goes to voice mail. Almost always scam calls. Eveyone knows to call her cell phone. They have three phones for it, one on bedroom dresser and one on basement desk. Murray has learned he can stop the annoying ring by knocking one of the phones of its cradle. They came home last night to the desk phone on the floor. She wonders if he was going to renew his car warranty.

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  4. I feel invisible most of the time so I’m sure naming anything after me would be pointless. Which is fine with me, by the way. I’m really happy staying under the radar.

    I’ve even tried to think of a name for an Etsy shop but I can’t come up with a single thing. Krista’s Kreations is just – ick. So, no name and no shop. That’s okay too. If I had a shop, I’d have to crochet faster and I’d start to dislike it. Right now I’m making a summer tunic top and some little amigurumi toys: a nest of chicks and some little frogs. I made a nest of gnomes last week.

    I like to crochet or read while drinking my plain, black, hot coffee. Like right now! It’s the best way to get a great day off the ground!

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  5. i would like a thought process associated with my favorite moments
    i like brainstorming and imagining what could be
    i relate to da vinci with his notebooks full of ideas
    i would love to snap my fingers and get all my ideas cooking
    so the creative conjuring up ideas and turning them into something is what is like to be my link to the universe

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  6. In a perfect world, I like my coffee very hot with cream and sugar. But I learned long ago (in the bakery) that I have to live in a non-perfect world. So I will drink it cold, black, w/ just cream or w/ just sugar. I don’t go out of my way for these varieties but if push comes to shove….

    I would like a new gun-banning law named after me. That’s my mood today. If not, then some simple version of a shortbread cookie….

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  7. Like Jacque – maybe a scholarship of some kind, something to do with choral music. When my mom died, we gave all the donated $ to a summer camp for teens called Stringwood, and run by Ataria String Quartet near Lanesboro, MN. She had so enjoyed their concert with the young campers the year before, when they played at her residence.

    I like my tea straight up, but coffee with lots of half and half. Not milk, not heavy cream, not soy or nut-milks, NOT the vile non-dairy creamers – just half and half, thank you very much. And I know how much by the color, which has to match how my grandpa’s coffee looked in his cup.

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  8. I like both coffee and tea straight with no additives of any kind. I also enjoy the occasional cafe latté with just the tiniest bit of sweetener. Most mornings I have one cup of coffee with my breakfast; the remainder of the day I sip tea.

    I’m sitting here looking out my front window, and it’s blustery out there. The wind is whipping snow flurries around in a frenzied attempt to dissuade us from the idea that spring is on its way. It seems to be temporarily stuck in traffic.

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  9. HI-
    Daughter went down with a GI bug Sunday, Kelly had it Monday. I felt lousy and slept all day Tuesday, but at least I didn’t get the GI issues.
    Today, we’re all back at work.

    Tea for me; never have drank coffee. I have a couple different teas; typically I drink Cinnamon spice. Sometimes a green tea something, and once in a while vanilla Chai.

    My BiL, gets to award a scholarship in Iowa created by his brother who died quite a few years ago. I don’t know details, but they also say it’s a highlight. I think that would be kinda cool to establish some kind of endowment. Years from now, no one will know who those people were, but hey, it funded a year of school or whatever.

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  10. If I could have anything named after me, it’d be a library. Or maybe a special collection within another library. As for coffee, I adore it. I drink it black most of the time, sometimes with plant milk, occasionally with cardamom or cinnamon added to the grounds (learned that from the Mexican Coffee that La Loma used to serve at their Midtown outlet). However, last weekend I was in Northern Coffeeworks in So. Mpls, and they had a blackberry mocha latte on the menu. I was a little dubious, but I knew I liked chocolate and raspberry so I gave it a try, and it was DELICIOUS! The second most delicious coffee I’ve had is the Swedish Latte at Cafe Latte on Grand Ave, which is made with maple syrup and cardamom. Mmmmm, coffee…

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  11. A number of years ago Starbucks had a specialty drink in December called a Holiday Spice Flat White. That was probably my all time favorite – not sweet, but with some nice notes of nutmeg and cinnamon.

    The regular flat white is pretty nice too.

    For something a little sweet, I like the Caramel High Rise at Caribou, but I have it made with less of the caramel syrup and an extra shot of espresso.

    At home, just black coffee, no cream or sugar, dark roast. Like a French or Italian roast, or Sumatran.

    The local coffee shop across the way makes a good latte. Like the header photo, they get kinda fancy with the foamed milk, and have little heart shaped muffins to match.


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