As vegetarians, YA and I have a kitchen stocked a little differently than most of the folks we know and certainly differently than mainstream America.  So I don’t get too worked up about food recalls because it never affects us.  Until last month when a news story about Skippy Peanut Butter jumped out at me.  The photo on all the articles I saw were of Skippy Reduced Fat and Skippy Super Chunk – Super Chunk is what YA and I have in our cupboard.  We’ve tried lots of peanuts butters over the years, including the much-better-for-us co-op brands, but we always come back to Skippy.  That said, I was a little panicked when I read about metal fragments and that 60,000 jars had been recalled and Minnesota was one of the states.

The only other time I’ve been involved in a recall was about 12 years ago when a part on my Saturn was found to be defective.  That turned out to be quite an ordeal.  I called, took the car in and AFTER they took out the defective part, they realized that the new part they had in stock wasn’t for a car as old as mine.  Well, just put the old part back in until they can get a new part, right?.  Nope – the old part is designed so that once it comes out, it doesn’t go back in.   Then it turned out that since my car was older, they hadn’t actually started the production process for the needed part.  I was in a loaner (a very nice loaner) for close to 12 weeks.  But driving a loaner around didn’t trip any of my anxiety buttons like learning that my daughter and I might have ingested metal fragments along with our peanut butter.

Luckily I quickly discovered that the only Skippy products involved were the Reduced Fat versions and the creamy with plant protein added.  YA and I can’t stand the reduced fat (why bother even eating peanut butter) and I’ve never even SEEN the plant protein version.  (Isn’t a peanut a plant?  Isn’t all peanut butter plant-based protein?)

So I wasn’t in a panic very long but it was enough to get my heart going a bit.

Any good recall stories?

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  1. Damn, Clyde. Ya stole my line! 🙂

    Like VS, we’ve been close with recalls a few times. Food issues, I think. Several Toyota recalls have had me checking the list of models and years, but we’ve never had a recall on our actual vehicles. But seriously, it’s hard to recall recalls from 20-30 years ago. Who has that much available brain capacity anymore?

    Chris in O-town

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    1. Get out bed! Kidding. I go to the pool at 7 e Rey morning which gets me up at 5:30. I knew it was not a very original idea and wanted to say it first.

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  2. Total Recall is a good story. Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a virtual reality vacation to Mars but things get complicated with the experiences implanted in his memory.

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  3. Your contention, VS, that as vegetarians you are mostly exempt from food recalls doesn’t match my experience. It seems as if most of the recalls I’ve had to navigate in recent years have been ecoli contamination on produce, notably romaine.

    Honda had a recall a couple of years ago on Robin’s car. Because of parts availability, at least six months elapsed between the original recall and notification that the parts were in hand. Though the recall repairs are free, I hate having to place myself in the clutches of a dealer’s repair department. None of them are convenient or provide loaner cars and they are invariably trying to upsell you to other, overpriced repairs and servicing. When I took the Honda in, the shop urged me to get the brake fluid flushed and replaced, which is something my mechanic does regularly and also to have some work done on the axles, which I had already had done about a year previous, thereby confirming my distrust of dealer shops.

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    1. Can be tricky. I have had 4-5 car recalls, all on minor things at 3 dealerships. All went easily. They did not play any games with me. I have a Scion, a Toyota in a discontinued box. Other than body work all the parts are basic Toyota parts. Love the little black box. Don’t buy tires at dealership but have done all routine work there. They have never pushed anything on me. Bought alternator there at higher price but was in a rush. They are about 2 blocks across a ravine, half mile drive. Not many independent repairmen around here, one large and successful one with bad reputation. Women beware!
      Have never had a food recall. Have returned some produce on my own. Never an issue.
      My daughter handles all their car issues. They do many miles for work and fun. She reminds me of Renee for being on top of things and not getting taken for a ride.

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      1. I have experienced the “women beware” all of my adult life with cars. The latest was a Honda service guy who tried to get me to buy new tires when my car was about 3. But he really blew it when he put a time limit on the sale (I would have to decide in the next 2 days) and then pushed hard on that date. Red flags all over the place. I went home, did the penny test and decided I was more than OK. A year later I was in for an oil change and was wondering if anybody would say anything about the tires – not a word. SIGH.

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  4. I vaguely remember one of the Toyota recall alarms – maybe the one about faulty acceleration, where it might accelerate on its own… but no issues, hence the “vague”. Same with food – I’ve managed to escape the drama.

    The worst would be if they had to recall my favorite chocolate…


  5. HI-
    I am using a flashlight that has a recall. But it’s one of those random ‘If this turns on in your pocket, it might burn you’ recalls. I wasn’t even going to worry about it as I don’t carry it in my pocket, it sits on the counter unless I need it and then just carry it for the job. (Or hold it in my lips of course, like all good flashlight people do, haha) But then I thought maybe I could get ANOTHER flashlight out of the deal. Nope, they want this one back. And I just haven’t gotten around to shipping it back yet. And I did notice, using it the other night, the tip does get really hot.

    I’ve had a few vehicle things too, but nothing that stands out. Kelly really likes her local Honda Dealer; they’re not pushy on things either.

    Shout out to iRobot for their customer service. We bought a roomba in December of 2019. We call her Rosie. She worked good for a year and in the last year, has spent more time NOT charging, than she has cleaning. We’ve cleaned the contacts, changed the battery, did resets, reboots, and all sorts of things. I contacted the company and said we were fed up with this thing. They suggested a few things, and then, without any fuss, said they are sending us a NEW ROOMBA. I’m very impressed. I’ll let you know if it works better.

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  6. Nope, no recall stories. I don’t remember any recalls on Hondas built in the 1990s (those were good little cars!), and we’ve been lucky enough to miss any food recalls.

    Speaking of missing things, I missed the last couple days on the Trail because we were at the MIA. We planned to see the Art in Bloom on Friday, but decided to tour the Supernatural America exhibit first, and then were too tired and had to come back on Saturday. They’ve moved so much around, we couldn’t find our favorite pieces! At least the Chinese reception hall and literati studio are where we left them, but I was sad we couldn’t find the Greek lion, We nicknamed him George years ago, and always stop by to visit him (and the nervous-looking ram that shared his gallery). I hope he hasn’t been packed away…

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    1. So, what did you think of the Supernatural show? I have my own take on it, naturally, but I wonder what you thought.


      1. I found it interesting, but it wasn’t quite what I’d expected. Lots of Spiritualism, which I guess I should have expected considering how influential it was, but essentially nothing from any of the esoteric or magical disciplines, and what the heck was all that UFO stuff doing in there? You have to stretch “supernatural” pretty thin for UFOs to qualify, IMHO. My favorite piece was the mourning jewelry, while my roommate liked the room set, with the spiritual on the soundtrack.

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        1. I did buy the book, as I’m interested in “outsider art” and spirit paintings are a subgenre of outsider art. I’ll have to read the essays and see if the people who created the exhibit show any hints of knowledge about the supernatural (All Signs Point to No, lol!). I’m curious to hear your take, Bill.

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        2. After our visit, MIA sent a survey seeking my impression of the exhibit. I told them I found it interesting to an extent but fatiguing and I thought it needed editing. They seemed to be unclear on what, exactly “supernatural” was. Surely UFOs fall outside the category, as do pieces by an artist who experiences synesthesia.

          Like you, I am drawn to outsider art and have visited many of the Kohler sites in Wisconsin, so I was happy to see some examples of naive art represented. However, not all the pieces had sufficient artistic merit to be included in my opinion and the curators could have been more selective.

          I have a collection of books about nineteenth century spiritualism, so I was interested in some of the material relating to that. I was surprised that there was nothing related to fortune telling or the predictive arts and very little associated with folk magic.

          I also liked the atmospheric room that your roommate favored. In another room there was that big cloudlike blob with the things projected on it. Peculiar as it was, it didn’t qualify as supernatural.

          I didn’t buy the book; the show just didn’t seem comprehensive enough to warrant it.

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  7. Several years back I was visiting my friend in Arizona. On my second night we ate at a popular local restaurant – my meal included romaine lettuce. By the end of that week I was experiencing some GI symptoms. Once home, I found out there was a recall of Romaine due to tainted lettuce in AZ along with some other states. Ever since that episode, Romaine doesn’t agree with me.
    Only one car recall that I remember. Again several years back,Saturn Ions from the mid 2000s were recalled due to an ignition issue. I had to take my car to a Chevrolet dealer to get the part replaced (Saturn by then was gone, and sorely missed I might add). Now I have a Honda Civic and hopefully no recalls there.

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  8. This is as close to perfection as I’ll ever get:
    Daily Octordle #98
    Never mind that it took me four guesses to get today’s Wordle. You win some, and you lose some.

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      1. To be honest, I don’t recall what yesterday’s Wordle was. 🙂 If you do both the Wordle, Quordle, and Octordle every day, pretty soon your mind is awash in a sea of five letter words.


      1. Unless prior guesses have eliminated them, I can think of four words that would be a possible solution, and that was the situation I found myself in today.


        1. Can’t do that on the “hard” version I play, it’s denoted with an * following your score. In that version you must use all the letters you have already guessed in each subsequent guess.
          Wordle 318 3/6*



  9. Product recalls fall in the category of things that I don’t remember in any detail unless something out of the ordinary happened. So far, nothing. Because most of the cars I’ve owned have been preowned, I don’t recall any of them ever being recalled while I owned them. A “new” car to me is typically at least ten years old. I suppose that by the time the car got to me, any recall would have been dealt with long ago.

    Because I tend to buy meat, produce, eggs and other “essentials” from either a farmer’s market or a co-op, I have not been affected by a recall in a very long time. Of course, I’m fully aware that doesn’t mean there might not have been contaminated products somewhere along the line, but so far so good, we haven’t gotten sick or died as a result.

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    1. We pick him up tomorrow morning. We arrived in Oklahoma City early this afternoon, after a 3 hour drive through heavy rain. The Kansas Turnpike was difficult to figure out in terms of when and how to pay, but we found we can pay on line. We are in a tornado watch until later tonight. Getting the car ready for the pup and resting for the remainder of the evening. Tomorrow is complicated by my having to testify over the phone or Zoom in the Court case I talked about last week. The attorney said she will get me on and off quickly. I expect It won’t take more than an hour. I have my work computer, so that helps. I don’t know why things get so complicated in my life!

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      1. We live in different worlds. On and off quickly does not even come close to an hour in my estimation. On and off quickly is 10 minutes.

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  10. The weather since we left home has been utterly septic, with cold. strong winds the whole way, and lots of rain as well. I am hoping for a respite tomorrow, after the tornado watch is over.

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  11. the recalls on pacemakers and iud’s are the type of recalls you get peeved about

    heard about the lucky charms weirdness? people claiming it’s a problem but they can’t find any evidence there is a problem. appears to be possible scam claims

    i am a skippy guy too
    did real peanut butter for a fistful of years but i stopped and so did it
    never liked co op based peanut butter . skippy is just right
    paid 2000 on buick repairs way back when and didn’t find out there was a recall until
    after the car was gone they never contacted me
    buick honda chrysler all on my don’t buy again because company screwed me list

    i remember being in a restaurant and finding glass shards sticking out of my dates burger. called the waiter over and got the meal comped
    never went back to eat (drank there on occasion)

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