Mystery Musical Score

Over the weekend, I watched “Bunny Lake is Missing” with Lawrence Olivier and Carol Lynley.  It’s about a woman whose daughter has disappeared and many folks seem to think she has made up the daughter.  I hadn’t really intended to watch it but the opening credits listed a handful of characters and then I noticed “The Zombies”.  My curiosity about how you get American actress Carol Lynley, British legend Lawrence Olivier and The Zombies into one movie got the better of me.

At one point, Olivier, who plays a police inspector, takes Lynley to a pub to get something to eat.  The tv above the bar is tuned to a channel playing a broadcast of The Zombies.  They are not identified at all.  Then in another scene, they can again be heard on a radio playing in the background.  There is no reference to the band at all – and no indication of why The Zombies.   I looked it up after the movie was finished and apparently 3 of the songs in the movie were written by them.  But I couldn’t find anything that suggests how Otto Preminger (producer and director) hooked up with the band.  I guess since the movie was shot over 55 years ago, we’ll probably never know.

How long do you think you’d survive in a zombie apocalypse?

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      1. Count me in with Bill and Chris. I would need far more information about how zombie apocalypse (just what is that plural?) operate to be able to answer this question. And I am not sure my attention span will last that long at this point in my recovery from hip surgery. Or maybe any other time either since that term sparks no interest at all.

        I am off the heavy duty pain meds but I still sleep a lot, with naps and PT exercises interspersed with one another.

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  1. Since I have no idea how to defend myself against zombies other than run fast or fight back with my meat cleaver or a golf club, I don’t know how long I’d last. Probably not long . . . unless I could somehow get to the BWCAW and paddle into the wilderness. Can zombies swim or paddle canoes?

    Chris in Owatonna

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      1. LOL. Now THERE’S a “high-concept” movie/novel idea! The bears would just hang around to see if the zombies had any food. If not, they’d either leave or eat the zombies if they smelled enough like food. And woe be it unto any zombie that messed with a mama’s cubs! Can you say “torn to shreds.”? 🙂



  2. I used to watch The Walking Dead, before they killed Glen, and I figured early on that had I survived the virus in the first place I probably wouldn’t make it for more than a week. Bad knees, too slow.

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  3. I don’t actually know much about zombies either – the only thing I’ve ever seen is Shaun & the Living Dead and I read I Am Legend. But based on that, since you’re still technically alive after the zombies get you, why resist? It’s not clear to me if you can ever get rid of a zombie, so again, why not go with the flow?

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  4. In the book Gathering Moss (Robin Wall Kimmerer) I’ve learned that dried mosses can stay that way for years with no water – “All signs of life are extinguished when they are dry: no movement, no gas exchange, no metabolism. All enter a state known as anabiosis, or lack of life. And yet, as soon as water is returned, life suddenly is renewed. Their apparent death, followed by resuscitation, suggested that life might be stopped and then re-started…”

    They are the zombie plants.

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  5. OT – I’m wondering how tonight’s extreme weather affected various baboons? Here on the West Side it was a torrential downpour with high winds that lasted just a few minutes, followed by a minute or two of good sized hail.Most everything in the yard seems unscathed, except for my poor magnolia tree which lost virtually all of it’s flowers. It was lovely the four or five days that it bloomed, now it’s pretty pitiful to behold. I have rhubarb that’s ready to harvest already!

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    1. Sure was windy today. Then got warm, then it rained hard for a bit (.6”) with some pea size hail, but just a few, then it got sticky. Hate that.

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    2. We got almost nothing here in Southwest. In fact we were able to go out and plant last night and it was quite nice.


  6. We just had some rain, which has subsided, but no hail. There has been a lightening show, though – we just stepped outside to watch it – constant little illuminations within the clouds, and the occasional zaps across the sky. It’s really beautiful now that we are no longer in the path of a tornado…

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  7. Apparently the Zombies were hired to record a movie promotion which encouraged moviegoers to arrive at the start time of the movie. They didn’t want people coming in after the movie had already started.

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