The other day, when we were talking about ads, I had the tv on for a bit in the afternoon and I looked up just in time to see a young woman sporting a pair of jeans that were definitely flared at the ankle.  I actually backed up the ad to confirm I had seen it correctly.  Not only were the jeans flared out but the word “flare” actually flashed across the screen.  After fifty years it was a little hard to believe that flare jeans have become retro.

I called YA to confirm that flare jeans are “in” but she was very quick (and very vehement) in pointing out that it’s just a little flare that is in, not the huge wide flare jeans that were popular back in the 70s.  I remember the outfit that I put together for the first day back of sophomore year in high school.  Wide faded flare jeans with a “Make Love Not War” sweatshirt and a watch with a huge white wristband.  I thought I was the cat’s meow.  During the time that flared jeans were popular, I altered a few of mine by slitting open the leg and expanding the flare with bright patterned material.  All the rage!

YA tried to get me to promise not to purchase any flare jeans for myself.  She said “just keep your seventies memories to yourself.”  I’m pretty sure I should be insulted but I can’t quite figure out how.

Anything you’d like to come around again?  Or not?

28 thoughts on “Flair?”

  1. The ability of one worker to support a family (before the inflation finally started taking its toll on Americans’ income/savings–starting seriously in the 1970s), a world without central bankers like the Federal Reserve, kids’ first choices being to play outside rather than play video games, things that were built to last instead of built for quick obsolescence, no overcrowding in outdoor recreational areas like national/state parks, rivers and lakes I’m not afraid to swim in for fear of poisoning myself (shame on us, Minnesota!), no television programming between midnight and 6:00 am, ten toothpaste choices instead of 100 toothpaste choices, 50% fewer fast-food restaurants.

    That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head. 😦

    Chris in Owatonna (not wanting to sound too much like an old fogey–but who just did when he used the term “old fogey’! 😦 **harrumph**

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      1. I remember when the gas station attendant laughed at me when I said “fill er up or $5, whichever comes first” because the thought that anybody could imagine you could get $5 of gas in a VW Beetles was the silliest thing he’s ever heard.

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  2. On a $1500 school loan in 1970, I paid for tuition, room & board, and books at UMD. And I had a small amount of spending money left over. By the time I graduated I had $6000 to pay back. These days you can hardly buy the books you need for that kind of money.

    And I completely agree with Chris’ comment.

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    1. Just signed up for a course at the college this fall on meteorology. All online. Course I get the ’employee discount’ and just have to pay some course fee’s and buy the book. Which looks like it will be $180. Sometimes I rent books, but for the interesting topics, I want the book anyway. Still, stupid expensive for a text book.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    Most of what I want to see return I will not state here for fear of some Blog Kamikaze who will come in a fight about it. Nuff said.

    I would love Lou’s adequate hearing to return. This hearing loss and the hearing aids that accompany it are such a pain.

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  4. Ha, we all sound like a bunch of old farts today.
    Man, I’m harking back to April when I could walk! 🙂

    Our house, built in 1968, has a hot pink bathroom downstairs. I keep telling Kelly it will be back in style soon. I’m still waiting. At least the sink and toilet are white, so it’s not *that* bad.

    I used to be able to buy blue jeans that were labeled ‘flared’, but just means ‘not straight-leg’ jeans. I think now they call them ‘comfort fit’.

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  5. Love flared jeans!

    I’d love TLGMS to come back… I’d like to be able to turn on the FM radio and hear music that truly resonates with me. I enjoy classical music and I listen to it often but for me there is nothing like good old folk music.

    I agree with Barbara about being able to eat anything I want and not gain weight. I’m afraid those days are gone too.

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  6. I sometimes long for the days before smart phones. I like having access to my flip phone for emergencies, even to let someone know I’m running late. But seeing half the people walking down the street staring down at their phones makes me think we’ve really lost our way.

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      1. The paisley design – I had a lot of paisley print items when I was younger, including some wild pink paisley inserts that I sewed into a pair of flair jeans!

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        1. Ah! Of course, though I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything paisley, but that might be attributable to memory loss. Admittedly, some of the outfits I do remember, I have no desire to ever see again. What the heck was I thinking?

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    1. Mom and dad had a reddish, orange-ish couch that was the ugliest thing you ever saw. That’s where I learned what paisley was. I sort of hate it on principle now.

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  7. I would really like to see the return of analog television. I don’t have cable, just a converter box. It drives me crazy that anytime it’s windy the TV picture keeps breaking up and the sound cuts out. Analog worked much better.

    I still have some pants with flared legs from the last time they came around, about fifteen years ago or so.

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