I Missed It

Boris Johnson resigned?  When the heck did that happen?

I know I’m not thrilled reading the news these days but I do check in every few days.  Yesterday I saw a couple of things on Facebook that drove me to CNN.  Lots of news about the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination but nothing about Boris.  So I thought I’d check out BBC.com.  Absolutely nothing.  Thinking it was a fool’s errand, I just typed “Boris Johnson” into Google and finally found the news.  Seems as if four days later, it isn’t a headline any longer.  Like you shouldn’t blink or you’ll miss big chunks of what’s happening in the world.

The year after I graduated from high school, I spent 8 weeks living with a family in Mexico (their 2 daughters had spent the summer with us the year before).  Back then – yes, when dinosaurs roamed the planet – no BBC.com, no CNN.com, no streaming.  Just the daily newspaper, which in that corner of Mexico really did not carry any international news at all.  I felt a little cut off from the rest of the world while I was there – I’m assuming it’s how those bio-dome folks must have felt.

I came home from Mexico on a bus through Nogales to Albuquerque – stayed in a hotel one night and then flew home the next day.  That morning in Albuquerque I took a long walk and before returning to the hotel, I stopped at the corner drugstore and bought copies of several news magazines (Time, US News & World Report, Newsweek, even the Atlantic Monthly).

Apparently while I was in Mexico, there was a problem between Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.  Despite having the top news magazines of the day in my hands, I couldn’t really figure out what had happened.  If you don’t read the first news stories, it’s hard to “catch up”.  To this day, I’m not really 100% sure exactly how it all played out although I know that Cyprus is divided by a Green Line with the Greeks in the south and the Turkish in the north. 

I’m a little worried that this is how it will be for me and Boris Johnson.  I’ve found a few op eds and I THINK I’ve got it down, but am still a little surprised at how fast the story came and then went!

Anything gone missing in your world this week?

50 thoughts on “I Missed It”

  1. that’s a little like asking to have all those not here raise your hand
    you don’t know what you don’t know
    boris ran into an integrity challange and a number of british politicians resigned in protest after having boris once again do his trump imitation
    so much of his cabinet resigned out of disgust that he could no longer pretend it was just a bad hair day
    he said he’d resign but then as all england breathed a sigh of relief he backslid and said before he goes he’d like to refill all his cabinet positions and help find his replacement before he goes
    should only take a short couple of weeks or months
    england is outraged but donald jr seems oblivious

    no wonder they like having a queen
    maybe we should elect oprah as our queen

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  2. In the early 1980’s, Husband and I lived in Winnipeg, and planned a trip to Minneapolis. I hadn’t been back to the State for a while. The only hotel I knew of in downtown was the Curtis Hotel, which was the place everyone seemed to stay. I phoned directory assistance to get the number so I could make a reservation, and the operator told me the Curtis Hotel wasn’t there anymore. What!? Not there!? There must be a mistake! The exasperated operator told me “Ma’am, they blew it up!” Sure enough, they had imploded the Curtis to make room for the sports stadium. I forgot where we ended up staying.

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  3. The only time I’m out of the news loop is when I’m in the BWCA for a week or so. ahh, blissful ignorance! Amazingly, when I get home, life as I know it is usually exactly the same as when I left.

    24 hours globalized news is so recent of a phenomenon that I believe people are overwhelmed by it. Instead of hearing about bad important news within our own little neighborhoods or communities or regions, we’re subject to the death, destruction, and duplicitousness from every nook and cranny in the entire world. As if being told about it makes it our personal responsibility. If I can’t keep the drag racers with missing or amped-up mufflers from going zero to sixty in three seconds flat on my road, then why should I feel responsible for a brutal dictator in a third-world country?

    The news business has gone off the rails, folks. 99% of what goes on in the world is positive, yet we’re made to believe 99% of what happens is negative. That’s why I avoid TV news as much as possible. Just give me the headlines so I’m vaguely aware of what’s going on.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  4. Anyone who missed BBC yesterday missed fine conversation and good food. You also missed all Lou missed before he turned on his hearing aides. Brother, that frustrates me. Trader Joe’s crackers were a hit!

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      1. They were called Trail Mix crackers, I think. My daughter discovered them and proclaimed them the best she’d ever eaten. I thought they were good and different, but pairing them with Laughing Cow cheese, took them to another level for me.

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  5. The day after SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, we decided to stream the PBS News Hour (can’t stomach any news hour on a daily basis); got to the end, and realized there hadn’t been a word about it – lots of other stuff that had kept our attention. Had to go back and stream the day of the event…

    This is why we subscribe to this news mag “The Week”. Recap of everything national, international, several different opinions in each major article, arts (including books), science & tech, business & econ, a cartoon and a puzzle page. : )
    It would be a pretty depressing read, but they also have some bright spot sections (“It Wasn’t All Bad”), and the cartoon cover, based on some timely story, is usually worth the cover price.

    Missing lately: my equanimity… at least yesterday. Too much dumb stuff and sadness in the world, plus we’re reading (aloud) Chief Joseph & the Flight of the Nez Perce by Kent Nerburn. Truly “The Untold Story of an American Tragedy”… but there are so many other stories like this.
    This too will pass…

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    1. I’ve had ‘The Week’ on and off over the years. Just got another ‘free sample’ last week and trying to decide if I should do the 6 weeks free again or not.

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  6. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    The rabbits in my back yard are going missing due to an unknown predator, and that is a good thing. The Admin Assistant at Hennepin County Master Gardener’s office, who wants husband to assemble bench, is not emailing or calling me back. I just dropped a Vitamin D oil on the floor and it is missing, too.

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  7. We are in the throes of puppy thievery, and things go missing but of course we can’t chase him to get them back, as that is the ultimate reinforcer. “I’ll trade you” works well, and he drops what he has stolen for his faux rawhide chews.

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  8. I’m going to be missing for the next week. I’ve been working lately and getting ready for a trip with a couple of friends. I wanted to go to BBC yesterday, had even marked it on my calendar, but I had to work. Tomorrow we’re going to Munising, MI for a few days to kayak on the Big Lake and have some fun girlfriend time. The only news I will be listening to will be from the Superior waves. I don’t even know if there is WiFi in the vrbo cabin we’re renting. A welcome escape.

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  9. Ha- where does the time go??
    And yet, last Thursday seems like forever ago.

    My recover seems to be up and down. Probably to be expected. Just frustrating. I’m not in any pain, and I’m only on Tylenol and yesterday didn’t take any all day. But also feel like I’m having more trouble getting around today. I think everything is just sorting itself out yet.
    And it hasn’t even been two weeks yet. Which barely seems possible.

    I wrote that I smashed the amber flashing beacon on the top of the gator. I’ve got the base, and I’ve got the amber top globe. Can’t figure out where the actual LED strobe and electronic parts went. They should be RIGHT THERE! Weird.

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  10. When I was in the Peace Corps, ‘1977-79’ living on a remote Atoll in the Chuk District of Micronesia I would get my mail at the whim of the field trip ship’s schedule which could be a month or more in between. PC gave us Time Magazine to catch up on US news. When my bundle of mail finally arrived I would put the magazines in chronological order starting with the oldest first and read up to the last issue I got. One time by the time I got through the bundle there were three popes in the news; one died, the next one elected had also died shortly he entered the papal office and Pope John Paul was now on the throne. Amen!

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    1. Back then, before the advent of personal computers, the internet, and cell phones, when you were “stationed” in an outpost like that, by the time you got the news it was history. My time in Moscow and Greenland was like that. It was an odd sensation always playing catch-up with the news. Somehow, just a few days’ delay, and you felt like you were out of the loop and the news seemed to lose its urgency. Not that I could have done anything about it either way.


  11. I’m conflicted. There are definite advantages to not keeping up on the news, I get that. News can be overwhelming, depressing, and downright scary. It is wise to be selective about what, and how much, you expose yourself to. But to my way of thinking, ignorance isn’t bliss. We can’t fix things if we don’t know or acknowledge that something’s amiss. We can’t make good decisions about issues if we don’t understand what they are. Surely, an uninformed opinion about anything isn’t as valuable as one supported by facts. I see it as a personal responsibility to be as well informed as possible about what’s going on in the world, and I think it’s short sighted to care only about issues that directly affect me.

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  12. Casey Kasem American Top 40
    Quite long but I thought the show started long before the week of July 4, 1970
    Maybe I’m influenced by American Bandstand.
    At any rate, I enjoyed / enjoy weekly music count downs.

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    1. I listened to Casey Kasem doing a countdown of Top Twenty through Radio Luxembourg way before that, back when I was still in high school (in the late fifties). The show may have had a different name, but essentially the concept was the same, starting with the lowest rated song, and playing them all in sequence until you arrived at number one. I was familiar with Casey Kasem years before I ever set foot in America in 1965.

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  13. OT – Our new next door neighbor is a young woman who makes a living as a nanny. She’s also a really talented painter. She just had a visit from a friend who had brought with her two ten week old chocolate lab puppies – Kit and Kaboodle. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such gentle and calm puppies; just adorable. Sure glad I didn’t miss them, they made my day.

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  14. Something Missing

    I remember I put on my socks,
    I remember I put on my shoes.
    I remember I put on my tie that was painted
    In beautiful purples and blues.
    I remember I put on my coat,
    To look perfectly grand at the dance,
    Yet I feel there is something I may have forgot ——-
    What is it? What is it?. . .

    – Shel Silverstein

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