Under the Sea

“Life is so much better when you learn to have just a little bit of fun, or a lot bit of fun, because we all believe in magic at some point,” Maui says. “A lot of times, life can get pretty dull and boring. So why not just enjoy every aspect of it that you can?”

These words were spoken by Merman Maui.  Maui is part of a growing group of folks worldwide who have taken to the water as merfolk.  It’s called “mermaiding” and there are competitions, including a World Championship.  Even the scuba diving industry (PADI, SSI and NAUI) have gotten on board and now all offer mermaid courses.

A quick internet search comes up with dozens of sites that sell mermaid tails, from very inexpensive ($20) to a site which is so expensive that you have to email them for pricing (some second hand tails on their site are listed around $2,000). 

Merfolk report that they enjoy the feeling of refuge in the water, the quiet and even peace.  “When you put your mermaid tail on at the beach or pool, you become a superstar” says one mermaid who performs and teaches.

I tried often to do the mermaid kick as a child but definitely never mastered it.  Maybe if I had an actual mermaid tail and fins I would do better!

What magical creature would you like to exist? Or to be?

40 thoughts on “Under the Sea”

  1. I want there to be fairies, or faeries, the wee folk – not bad fairies, mind you. I know someone who has seen Devas at dusk, just out of the corner of her eye. And Husband’s mother when she was very young saw fairies by the elderberry bushes out on their farm.

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  2. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I am not sure if Yoda or Gandalf would be considered magical, but they certainly were fictional characters with the superpower of wisdom who mentor young, less wise characters. In life I could have used a mentor like that with some wisdom, and who had my best interest at heart. Meanwhile, I have been envious of Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak. That particular magical device is mighty appealing to me. I would love to use it in Washington DC right now.

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  3. I bet a fun series could be created of all the superheroes and mythical creatures as senior citizens. (Sitting here whining about my sore knees and back today…)
    I’d like to have a winged horse!

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  4. Research has indicated that trees do indeed talk to one another and communicate in ways we can hardly comprehend. I would love to understand this communication and be able to speak the tree language. I think my ancestors must have been Druids. I feel the pull of that kind of magic.

    I like elves and all the mythology around elvish folk. I enjoyed their parts in Tolkien’s magical trilogy. Can I live in the Shire?

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    1. Ugh, the comment “Insert obligatory joke about Furries” was supposed to come after that. Maybe WP was trying to save me from making a really lame comment. Guess that’ll show you, WP!

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  5. This is Clyde giving an explanation of my absence.
    I have been living through an ever increasing massive wave of pain with migraines that can almost knock me out. Cannot do much of my pt. By good chance my neurology appointment finally came up yesterday. She has put me on migraine meds which I have to build up. Then she will do shots in front and back of my head because of how bad my neck and occipital tendon and nerves are. I did 4 scans this morning. She thinks she will need an mri of my brain but I will have to be put under for it because of my pain and claustrophobia. I have something on the very edge of my brain that could be tumor (not likely) or a silent stroke or shrinkage. Not cause of pain. But need a good image.
    Very hard to keep up with all I have to do. Social interactions a challenge


  6. Thanks, vs, for the nod to Copenhagen in today’s header photo. Also, today’s blog is one of the two “extra” posts I got to preview yesterday.

    Guess I used up my allotment of belief in “magical” creatures somewhere along the line. At one point I believed in Santa Claus, but the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy were never part of my belief system. Growing up I read all of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. I also enjoyed reading about the various Nordic gods, trolls and elves, and my mother introduced me to an assortment of fairies and other supernatural beings. But, I don’t recall a time when I believed any of them were real. I just liked the stories. Likewise, I never thought of Greek or other mythologies as relating anything but fanciful stories, entertaining and revealing as they might be.

    The nuns at the Catholic boarding school exposed me to a whole other level of magical thinking, and for years I struggled, trying to convince myself that I was a “believer.” Eventually, I had to admit that I couldn’t reconcile the conflict between what the Catholic faith teaches and what my own heart and mind tell me.

    Like the Velveteen Rabbit, I had a teddy bear that was Real, but most of the magical creatures in my life have been an assortment of real people and animals that have somehow crossed my path.

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    1. There were lots of lots of pictures of mermaids to pick from but when I scrolled past The Little Mermaid, I couldn’t resist.


      1. I appreciate that, though truth be told, I think she’s one of those well known sculptures that has been over hyped. I was disappointed the first time I saw her. She is located in a very lovely area, with lots of historical buildings, a very impressive fountain, other points of interest, and good restaurants, so there’s that.


        1. I was in Copenhagen for a day back in the early 80’s. One of the things I wanted to do was see the Little Mermaid. I was expecting, well, maybe not the size of the Statue of Liberty, but something more impressive. Like you PJ, I was disappointed.


  7. When our daughter was 5, she had the chicken pox, and during an oatmeal bath, asked me to level with her about Santa and the Easter Bunny. I told her the truth.

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  8. Star Trek technology, give me the holodeck any day. And of course I’d love to have a dragon but I don’t know if I have enough space. Maybe a mini dragon.

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    1. Actually I have visited and I have seen The Little Mermaid in person but I don’t even wanna think about how long it would take me to find my own photo.


  9. For about four years, from maybe age six to ten, granddaughter had mermaid tails. It was so fun to see her gliding through the water. She always drew an awed crowd. At one resort they vacationed at in Palm Springs, they had mermaid swim classes that provided tails for the participants who didn’t have their own.

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