Puppy Physics

Our Cesky Terrier clearly has never heard of the Pauli exclusion principle, which states that two objects cannot occupy the same space simultaneously.

Try as he might, Kyrill can’t fit two of his favorite small tennis balls in his mouth at the same time. He loves his balls and runs all over the house with them. Much of the time he looks like a soccer player, one ball in his mouth, the other getting pushed down the hall and around the room with his front paws. He seems to experiment at times with both on the floor in front of him, picking up one and trying to pick up the other, as though he thinks the rules might have changed and he can have both in mouth.

Cesky Terriers are some what different in temperament from other terriers, in that they prefer (in fact, they insist) on being with their people instead of running off and exploring. Kyrill is very conflicted when we are both outside with him, as he wants to be with both of us simultaneously, even when we are in different corners of the yard. He has, apparently, heard of the superposition principle of quantum mechanics, which essentially states that one object can exist in two places at the same time. I have no idea how that possibly could be true, but it appears to be an actual proven principle. Kyrill hasn’t figured out how to make it work for him when husband and I aren’t together in the same room.

What natural laws do you wish you could suspend? What is your experience with animal devotion or loathing?

39 thoughts on “Puppy Physics”

  1. Gravity. Always thought it would be fun to fly.

    Nothing big in the animal devotion/loathing department. Two out of the three cats we had over the years liked to “hug” me with their paws around my neck.

    Got attacked by the neighbor’s German shepherd when I was ten. Since then, I don’t/can’t like/trust any dog. Wish I could because lots of dogs are cute, but I’m always on edge. My wife (a dog lover) thinks I can just get over it, but you can’t get over an instinctive, visceral fight-or-flight reaction.

    Chris in Owatonna

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    1. You have mentioned that attack before. Wish I could suspend that moment, rewind it and allow the dog to befriend you. It must’ve been so traumatic.

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    2. If you want to work on that incident, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy) is astonishingly effective. It’s been used to help military veterans and abuse survivors with PTSD–I don’t know exactly how it works, but it really does, even over Zoom. I can recommend someone if you’re interested!

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      1. Thanks for the suggestion, Crow Girl. But I’m a cat person by nature. Even if I wasn’t afraid of dogs, I don’t care much for their slobber, odors, shedding hair, need to walk them at least 2x/day, and the fact that I believe almost all dogs should be “Free range” vs. cooped up in houses for 22-23 hours per day. Dogs should be able to roam free at a very minimum in a large, safe yard (fenced in). When I put myself in the place of the average pet dog, I feel quite sorry for their lives. I would never want to be a dog. Cats aren’t much better off, but at least they can be relatively happy as indoor pets.



  2. Rise and Defy Gravity, Baboons,

    We had a cat who LOVED Lou, and I mean obsessive love. She sat on the toilet, waiting for him when he showered; perched next to the bathroom sink she watched him shave: she took residence in the bed but only where HE slept. Unfortunately, she took to stalking me and leaping out at me unexpectedly at any time. She was only a 7 pound cat, so there was little actual threat, but there were many surprises. She spawned a Christmas letter that was very popular with our mailing list recipients, as she recounted scurrilous gossip about me and the dog, and all the wonderful aspects of Lou’s life. Then, on Election Day 2002, she vanished. We never found her. She used to escape the house and crawl into Lou’s kayak, sitting there where he sat, but this time she was not there.

    I also would suspend gravity, but only when I wanted to bounce around the house, ala Mary Poppins at tea with Ed Wynn’s character. The rest of the time I want to be firmly attached to the earth.

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  3. The “law” that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
    Today, August 17, is Black Cat Appreciation Day
    My black cat, Veloca (named after the Velociraptors), was a great animal.

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  4. Yes, I’d like to suspend that one about the rich get richer and the poor poorer, and whatever law of nature it is that creates greed – the need/want for more-more-more (wealth or power) to fill… some huge lack somewhere in one’s past. ?

    When we lived for a summer with our friends on the farm, 1981, Laddie was the collie-shepherd mix and he and I understood each other. He remembered me years later when we would visit, though I’m not sure the word “adored” was in his vocabulary. My cats liked me well enough and would cuddle with me, but that’s about as far as it went… well, as far as I know – who knows what a cat might think?

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    1. That law needs to be suspended pretty soon, Wes. The right wing idiocy is becoming rapidly more prevalent in your country, and soon the three biggest powers will be crushingly authoritarian. The rest of us won’t be far behind then.

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  5. My hair dresser told me that she had to take her son and daughter in law’s dog into her home after the birth of son’s second child after the dog took a strange dislike to DIL and destroyed her personal things like clothes and shoes. The dog’s favorite thing was to urinate all over her DIL’s shoes.

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  6. Today I’d like to suspend the law of entropy. I just learned this morning that one of my college friends, someone I’ve kept in touch with for over fifty years and who I saw just a couple of weeks ago, died yesterday.

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  7. Funny aside… my t-shirt today says “You Matter. Unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light and then You Energy”.

    Hot and humid today in St Louis!

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  8. Gravity, that’s a good one. But it’s a law. Actions and reactions… there are times and situations where it would be helpful if that wasn’t always quite the rule.

    Animals are so cool. They can be devoted in the most interesting ways.

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      1. My friend Philip had chickens when he lived in a tiny house on Western Ave. with a wild and wonderful garden out back. He had six chickens, one of which turned out to be a rooster, which was a no-no within the city limits. He got by with it one whole summer though, and I’d often find him sitting in chair in the shade of a big tree with that rooster on his shoulder. Eventually some neighbor complained about the early morning wake-up calls, and Philip had to find George a new home, which he managed to do. One where he would not just end up in a soup pot, but live freely in a more rural setting.

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      2. Well, they are attached enough they never miss a feeding time.

        I got some chickens from a lady once and hers were pretty tame. There’s an old FB picture of me with a chicken perched on my shoulder.
        Course when they’re that friendly, they’re the first ones the coyotes catch too.


  9. Update on our pet status: Zeus (Spanish pronunciation, Zayooss, named by his donor) died after expensive surgery a while ago. Leaving us with 15 cats and three dogs. As of a couple of nights ago, we’re back to 16,after a stray kitten was brought to the door, with a promise of help to find him a home when he’s big enough. He’s dead cute and funny (as I say, he’s a kitten), but won’t be accepted by our bunch of bullies, so will have to go.
    Out of last year’s intake of five, Hannah, named for Isaac’s favourite cousin, has recently taken a great liking to me, and every so often will get under my feet, meoawing, until I pick her up and fuss her. Nothing extraordinary though.
    Back in England, Katy, a little black cat, was really fond of me at a time when cats weren’t allowed on our bed. She slept on the windowsill in the spare room at night. When I’d get up in the morning, before my feet were on the floor, I would hear Katy hit the floor in the next room, ready to meet me at the door. She got over me as she got old and bitter, though.

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  10. Our most recent cat, who we inherited when my grandson was born and he proved allergic, was attached to me. I think that was because, whenever we visited, prior to his birth, I always made a point of seeking her out to say hello and give her a little attention, which she lacked in their chaotic household.
    The cat before that was completely attached to Robin and would wrap herself around the back of Robin’s neck whenever Robin sat down.

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  11. My first cat, Franny, was not mine to begin with, but she chose me. She was supposed to move with her original owner, but would have none of it. She came back, insisted on it.

    I think she was the most devoted of my cats. Till Sammy, who came and lived on my porch. He was shy of me at first, but once he was won over, he would follow me around, looking up at me with that “we belong together” expression.

    Most animals seem tot trust me pretty well, except for a dog that belonged to one of my co-workers at the flower shop. She would come in for a visit on occasion and bark at me nonstop. Only me, no one else. I don’t know why.

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    1. Isn’t that really weird? A friend of ours had a standard poodle, and that damn dog took an instant dislike to me. He’d follow me around trying to bite my butt. He’d do the same to one of the owner’s sisters, so I don’t really feel special.

      My uncle Ove had a very peculiar gait due to a birth defect. Our cocker spaniel, Lady, would bark at him, and only him, incessantly from the moment he walked in the door. Just would not stop. None of us could understand why as Ove was the sweetest, most soft spoken guy, who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but Lady hated him.

      Our Portuguese water dog, Charlie, hated our next door neighbor, Tommy, but that we could understand. We had rescued Charlie from that household because we witnessed Tommy abusing him on several occasions. Kicking him cursing him, and keeping him tied up outside in too short of a tether with no shelter, food, or water. Whenever Charlie spotted Tommy he’d growl, bark, and show his teeth, with everyone else he was a pussycat.

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