Pushing Yourself

This gardening season has lacked much of a strategy except the constant drive to weed and water.

We typically are more planful in terms of weed mitigation in the spring, laying down wet newspapers in the rows and covering it with topsoil, making sure all the soaker hoses are laid down, etc. I suppose having the new puppy slowed us down somewhat, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t until last weekend that Husband decided enough was enough and he bought 30 bags of black cypress mulch to spread in the flower beds.

It was really hot on Sunday but he insisted he was going to get it all spread out, and so he did, all 56 cubic feet of it. He told me he pushed himself as hard as he could, more out of a sense of pride than anything else. He is not happy with the changes that age is exerting on his body, and wants to be able to work like he did when he was younger. He needed a nap on Sunday after all that. He was so tired he forgot to take his wallet out of his jeans pockets, and it got laundered. I should also add that over the weekend we vacuumed and dusted and made two kinds of corn chowder, potato salad, cherry strudel, and chicken enchiladas. Don’t ask me why. It just seemed like a good thing to do.

I tell myself that once we are both fully retired we will have the time to garden and cook at a more sedate pace and we won’t be so worn out all the time. This habit of pushing ourselves is getting tiresome.

How do you push yourself or pace yourself? When are you likely to overdo it?

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  1. Because I’m basically lazy, the compost box in the yard is more for disposal of grass clippings and kitchen garbage than for fertilizing anything. But last Friday I decided to turn its contents. The job took about 45 minutes and yielded a LOT of compost (which I’ve no idea how to use.) I was also really whipped. The following day was neighborhood “dumpster day”, and I stood directing traffic for 4 hours. I also lifted some of the heavy old “Sunday School” tables that a local church had donated to the neighborhood association when they were replaced by modern plastic ones. I was again whipped.

    Retiring hasn’t given me more time, but more things with which to fill the hours that used to be devoted to a job.

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    1. You are right, and I discovered it again recently when I “retired” again at age 71. Still so much to do, but finding it hard to push myself right now, with the heat, and accelerating aches and pains.

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  2. The reason for all the cooking was that Husband brought up from the Lutheran freezer in the basement (the one where the casseroles and leftovers go) what was labeled as minestrone but what was really roasted turkey, and, because we had been to a local sweet corn stand, and because we had too much smoked sausage in the freezer, we made turkey chipotle chowder and chowder with smoked sausage in it. We had planned to make enchiladas anyway, and we had too many cherries and also had phyllo in the freezer. I tried to remember the kind of potatoes we use in the turkey chowder without looking at the recipe, and instead of getting two russet potatoes I got a bag of red potatoes, and we had half a bag already, which I forgot about, so I had to do something with all the potatoes.

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  3. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I am most likely to overdo things in the garden. About 10 days ago I did that so I required a midday nap. I love a midday nap, so this was no sacrifice. As I have aged, I find I cannot tolerate heat at all, so I try to work in the garden in the morning when it is shaded.

    I am trying to pace myself at work and cut back to 2 days per week by the end of the year. This has been difficult given the high need for Mental Health interventions right now, but the shortage of workers. My intern from last year signed on with us part-time, so that will give new clients a therapist who has a future! I am so tired and foggy today, that I am not working at all, not even on line. Probably I will not work tomorrow either.

    My Dr. Prescribed paxlovid yesterday, which I then started. It gives a funny taste in the mouth. I am still tired and have a sore throat today, so not much has changed overnight.

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  4. There are a lot of things I’ve let slide lately – I just can’t seem to get myself to tackle the tech stuff – I really need a new desktop computer, and don’t know where to start. My printer has finally really stopped working. The one “young” man who helped us with these things moved to Arizona… But I really need to push myself about this so it gets replace before it totally dies.

    Overdoing – likely scheduling things, and this week it is meetings. And I move too fast now, usually, for Husband (who had a stroke June of 2021); would be much more effective communicating with him if I could slow down a bit.

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  5. Well, I retired in October 2018 but I’ve been working so many on-call hours at the same job ever since I retired that I feel like I still work full-time. The young new staff who work there now need a lot of time and experience before they have the maturity to really care for the people we serve and be really good at it. There is also a lot of baseless hubris in their attitude. It’s hard for me to stay and just as hard to go. I really have been stretching myself this summer by working a bit more than 50 percent while also having fun things to do like kayaking on Lake Superior and going to the Tall Ships festival and music concerts. Over the past week or so I’ve had my little red Honda Civic posted on Facebook marketplace and I sold it yesterday for more than I spent on it when I bought it. That was a really busy-making experience. I had car dealerships sending messages from as far away as Dallas, TX. There are lots and lots of scammers out there – wow! Weeding through all the messages and figuring out who was actually a human being from southern MN took some time! My car was really in demand and I did sell it to a family from Owatonna. Their teenage daughter is heading for college in the fall and her dad bought the car for her. You should have seen her delighted face! But yes, it was stressful and busy and I had to attend to it between work shifts.

    One of our clients passed away, not unexpectedly, but one of those overly-confident young people was there when he departed. She was texting with her friends in another room and not right with him when he passed. I would have been right with him, holding him and telling him it’s okay. She doesn’t know exactly what time he passed. I think the questions she has had to answer since then have only been slightly troubling to her. Is it awful that I really want to hang some of these people by their toenails?

    Several years ago I pushed myself to extremes getting Rock Bend Folk Festival off the ground. It was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I loved it but it was an incredible amount of hard work for weeks before the festival and then for the week following the festival. I miss the fun and camaraderie but I don’t miss the hard, constant work at all. Rock Bend has an excellent line-up on Saturday. I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey Foucault and he plays around 2 Saturday afternoon. David Bromberg is playing late afternoon. It looks like a fantastic schedule both days. I plan to be there for sure on Saturday, maybe Sunday too. By the way, it’s still FREE, FREE, FREE! (So there’s my annual plug for Rock Bend! Please see http://www.rockbend.org ) Let me know if you’re coming! I’d love to see you!

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    1. Can’t make it to Rock Bend, Krista, and as a Seekers fan, folk isn’t my thing, I’m afraid.

      Hanging your work descendants by their toenails seems like a good idea. Everyone on the Trail seems to be my kind of person – if they are there to do a job, they get on and do it, to the best of their ability. But it hasn’t been my general experience in life that many people are like this. Trouble is, there aren’t enough hooks to hang them up on.

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      1. Fenton, the ‘folk’ in Rock Bend Folk Festival kind of means ‘all kinds of music.’ There’s everything from Americana, and blues to jazz to Tex-Mex. There’s also a lot of talent from right here in Minnesota. So folk = folks.

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        1. Fair enough, if I was somewhere in the vicinity, I’d make an effort to get there. But I’ll be several thousand miles away, unfortunately.

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  6. i believe in moderation in all things
    especially moderation
    i’m in a mode lately that asks me to do what i can and it is possible to keep this up indefinitely but i hope a time is coming soon where i can back it down a hair
    i’ve got 4 new start ups i need to get to this year

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        1. OT:The Seekers…… I know now that I wasn’t the only boy in England to fall in love with Judith Durham pretty well as soon as she stepped off the ship on Southampton docks in 1964. Occurs to me suddenly, for all I know, I’ve stood on the very spot while I was driving trucks. Wow.
          And most of us who are still living are still in love with her! I’m sorry, I may have said all this the other day. I was so bewitched, I don’t think I had any idea that the Seekers were actually great musicians. After I met Jane in 1992,and stopped listening to them (because Jane was jealous of Judith), I gradually came to think of them as not “authentic”, not remembering how great they sounded. I didn’t see how they were qualified to have hits with gospel songs, when black people didn’t, all those sort of thoughts. (Actually the gospel songs were b sides). But as soon as I started listening again recently, all that went out of the window. “Authentic”, who cares? I loved them then, and I love them now. But I don’t think of them as a folk group.

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  7. I really have to push myself to do things like washing the mini-blinds – I’m willing to do the weekly mopping and shaking of rugs, but things like this just shouldn’t need me, and I have a very hard time motivating myself. Husband used to love clear, clean windows, so he took care of that, so it’s been a while…

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  8. The peach man came to town with Washington peaches last Thursday, and I missed him, which is lucky because I would have had a crate of peaches to deal with in addition to the other cooking.

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  9. This is a bad day to ask me this question. Having been out of town for a week, I had to make a list before I went to bed last night so I could get it out of my head. I had done eight errands by 830. Then came home and did the inside of the house list. I got way more done than I thought I would but now I’m exhausted. Will make the decision about raspberries and jam tomorrow after I get up.

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  10. Ot.
    Got the text about Steve’s Memorial service. Sadly, I’ve attended far to many but zoom has been wonderful. When my Dad passed in March, it was all zoom. We had 1300 logins! The breakout rooms lasted for 4 hours. Probably the only good thing about covid


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