Not For Human Consumption

Our puppy is an avid chewer, and we get him faux rawhide treats to satisfy his cravings. Rawhide is hard to digest, and the fake stuff is described in one site as made from “Human grade food ingredients that are nutritious, highly digestible and completely healthy for your dog”.

As I perused a new bag of chews, I noticed in rather large letters these words: Not for human consumption. These were flat and thin chews about 4 X 6 inches in size. There is certainly nothing about them that made me want to start chewing on them. Are there people who would actually think it was ok to chew on these things? Are people that ignorant? Have parents given them to their teething infants? What would make a company put something like that on their products? I just don’t know what to think!

What are some perplexing and unnecessary warnings you have seen on products? What foods do you think are not for human consumption?

59 thoughts on “Not For Human Consumption”

        1. I wouldn’t say this if Mum was still with us. But the liver she used to cook, might have been Tuesday night. It was the most horrendous thing known to man. Eventually, somewhere, I don’t know when or where, I discovered that liver could be OK. You could get your teeth into it, and it didn’t have those seams of gristle that tended to make it worse. So yes, I’ll have some of those onions.
          In fairness, Mr Burgess, our butcher, did get hold of some pretty ropey meat.

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      1. Yep. I got to the park-and-ride expecting to wait about a half an hour for the first bus but the bus was there and as soon as I got on she took off. So got to the fair early.

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    1. I was going to ask for an update. Perhaps you should live blog for us. I won’t get there until 9-2 (Master Gardener booth, then frolicking about after that).

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  1. Back in 1966 in Cheyenne, I used to babysit for a pediatrician with two little kids. His two year old daughter liked their dog’s milk bone treats, and according to Dr. Andersen, they were a healthier snack for her than many sugary snacks intended for kids, so he didn’t fuss over it.

    In the case of you dog chews, I’m wondering what is in them, that despite the claim that they contain “Human grade food ingredients that are nutritious, highly digestible and completely healthy for your dog”, makes them “Not for human consumption”? I wonder if it means they are safe to eat, but you won’t like them?

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  2. I hope I think of one eventually. Every one of these exists because we have such a litigious society. If a company that exhibits these warnings hasn’t already been sued for an action, they know they could be. Half the people are looking for someone to blame for… everything.
    Look, I’m doing it right now!

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    1. I think we all know it is #45’s fault. It finally appears to be Open Season on the guy, so I am blaming him for anything causing me misery, including excessive litigiousness — my COVID, the ash borer bug that killed the tree in my back yard; the crazy neighbor behind us who just obtained 2 (TWO!!) Doberman Pinshcer dogs; the Asian beetles in my garden; and hungry rabbits. All his fault.

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      1. Seriously.
        Another little thing about 45.
        I like a lot of old time hillbilly music, right on up to Hank and Lefty, and a bit beyond. I like just a little bit of more modern country. But I’m so suspicious of those guys ‘politics now. I could make the effort and find out exactly who likes trump and who doesn’t. But it seems kind of intrusive.
        That’s what he’s brought it to, isn’t it?

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        1. he brought a realization that a much bigger number of people that we see and live amongst everyday are people we should be very concerned about
          on tv they only show the homicidal maniacs. the real concerns might be the population demographic that simply want the god gay alien force to deal with all their phobic lightning bolts.
          40% on the left and 40% on the right with maybe 1/2 of each being extreme. lefties are tough to be around but righties are dangerous to be around
          it’s the 20% in the middle that decide our fate
          i’m hopeful but far from confident


  3. I believe it would be a legal requirement to make the “Not for human consumption” statement. For human food, you would have to jump through more hygiene etc hoops. I’d guess that’s all it is.

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  4. Rise and Warn Everyone of the Danger of Getting Up in the Morning,

    My personal favorite: on some brand of Peanut Butter—Warning: contains peanuts.

    I’ll bet at the State Fair there are plenty of warnings about, but I really think they should post: Warning—politicians campaigning!!

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    1. Not necessarily. As Fenton pointed out above, food intended for human consumption probably has stricter rules and regulations for how they are stored, handled and processed than foods intended for pets and livestock.

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  5. People frequently ask me what my best story is from my last job at a prominent downtown St. Paul non-profit. Here it is: One day, my boss said that he was going to forward me a voicemail message and that I should, “Handle it.” He shook his head as he walked out of my office. A few minutes later I picked up the message. There was a clearly embarrassed & hesitant female voice that said: “Um…hi. This is going to sound crazy but I’m a host at Minnesota Public Radio’s Classical music station. I park in your parking ramp and walk across your property every day. Well, the other day I was walking to work when I …um…accidentally ingested… one of your landscaping plants. It made me really sick and I had to go to the emergency room. Now, I don’t want to sue you or anything. But the doctor asked what the plant was and I didn’t know. So, I’d like to get a list of your landscaping plants so I can be sure that I didn’t do any permanent harm to my body. If you could let me know, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.” After shaking my head in abject disbelief, I called up our groundskeeper and played him the message. He said, “That explains it! There was a woman a few days ago that asked to meet with me so she could get a list of our plants. I thought she was landscaping her home…” The two of us walked around the property, trying to figure out A) what plant she was referring to and B) how it could be ‘accidentally ingested.’ Part A became clear pretty quickly. We had Wild Blue Indigo that was just sprouting and it looks a lot like baby asparagus. Part B was a greater source of entertainment. My best theory was that the woman in question tripped on the sidewalk and, as she fell forward while screaming in surprise, had one of these stalks slide down her esophagus (hence ‘accidental ingestion’). The only remaining question was how snarky to get when calling her back. Fortunately, I got her voicemail, so I left a polite, non-sarcastic message about what it was and asked her to try not to snack on our landscaping plants anymore.

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  6. The oxygen absorber packet in the jerky I just ate has Do Not Eat in tiny lettering along with a picture of a fork and knife with a slash over the utensils. Also Do Not Microwave in REALLY tiny letters.
    “Ne Pas Manger”
    “No Coma”

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    1. Nothing to with it but : I was using up the sachets in our cupboard, ketchup, mostaza etc, that Jane’s mother pockets in every Cafe she goes into. Oh, and the packets of sugar. After a day or two, I remarked on the sediment I was getting lately, in my tea and coffee. And a funny taste.
      You know already, don’t you. I was using those little packets you put in with clothes to keep them dry.

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  7. YA and I have one of those heat guns that strips paint off of wood. When we first got it I did read the instructions, because that’s who I am, and was amazed to find that one of the instructions said “this is not a hairdryer. Do not use on hair.” I got to tell you, I stopped right then and there, realizing that at least one person had probably done that in order to get that warning on the list. A really really really stupid someone.

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  8. As I feed budgies inside and wild birds outside, I have learned that food is most important to the species captive to humans. I try to get my People to eat the variety necessary for their well being.

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    1. Yes, in fairness to the people of Spain, who, like rural English people, have a poor reputation for animal welfare,quite a few people in our village break the law and feed the many stray cats we have here. But there’s a common theory that cheap food is OK for street cats. It doesn’t really make sense if you give it any thought. We have a lot of cats ourselves, and do the best we can by feeding dry food only, but of good quality. The street cats leave the cheap biscuits until the absolute last, and clean up the ones we put down, often not eating the cheap ones at all. But no one catches on..It would be cheaper for them to put down less, but better.


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