Learning How To Fetch

Our puppy is a delightful little fellow who never misses an opportunity to teach us new things. These past couple of weeks he taught us to fetch. We didn’t even know it until recently.

Kyrill loves to play with balls. He rolls them around and chases them. They often roll under the sofa and love seat in the livingroom, and the space is too small for him to retrieve them, so he barks and we get them for him.

I became suspicious of the sheer volume. of balls that were going under the furniture. I draped blankets in front of the sofa and love seat to block balls from rolling under, and then I noticed him roll the balls under the unblocked ends of the furniture. He was doing this on purpose! This was a Terrier game!

The Cesky Facebook group told me this is typical of the breed, and they all have yardsticks close at hand to retrieve all the toys their dogs like to shove under the furniture. Who would have guessed?

What are you favorite and least favorite games to play. What have animals taught you? Who has been the most successful getting you to do what you don’t want to do?

44 thoughts on “Learning How To Fetch”

  1. Whenever my mother and I are together we play aggravation. We each play three colors and we are very cutthroat about it. In fact when we were in St. Louis in July, YA played with us a couple of times (then we only used two colors each) but she didn’t like it because she said we were both too mean.

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  2. Favorite games are the Civilization series, currently number 6 and Settlers of Catan.
    The Birds have taught me patience and that reluctance to eat veggies can be overcome with treats.
    To do something you don’t want to do? The ex-wife. Badgering wears me out.

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    1. WooHoo, it let me in!

      Animals have taught me that nature/nurture is an important part of behavior. Mostly this has been with dogs who want to just run and run. Only one of my dogs did this past training. All the rest would come when called, and this dog we have now, just wants to be home with us. Her training was all focused on getting her past some abuse she suffered as a pup. I am off now. Have a good day.

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  3. I don’t seem to be present when games are played these days. They seem to have been replaced by electronics/conversations on trivial subjects by non – farming people. I don’t seem to share others’ ability to admire one type of trainers over another.
    But having said “Trivial” – I did enjoy Trivial Pursuits for a few years, though we never did “train” Jane’s dad to stop answering questions for the wrong side. We played Monopoly a few times while Isaac’s friend stayed for two weeks recently, and that’s always fun, though the night tends to disappear long before anyone wins. Cheater’s Monopoly, no, can’t hack that, it’s only for real cheaters.

    My cow, Sarah, was highly successful at making me let her keep all her milk for her calf. Wasn’t as if she didn’t have enough…… but a few epic battles convinced me to give up. There would be a quarter inch of more filth than milk in the bucket, which would have been airborne more than once during the struggle. She would have had a hoof in it a lot of the time, with me trying to get the hoof back out. Somehow, I didn’t get kicked to death. And she didn’t end up flung in a tree (she was only little). We were both suffering so much rage, it had to stop.
    Other than that, she was hilarious. Seriously, she was. I loved her to death.

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        1. he comes over to us and we pat his chest until he burps. Then he goes and lays down.
          sort of figured that out by accident because he would always come over to us after taking a big drink of water. and we’d pet him and then he’d burp and then he’d be happy.

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  4. Husband and I love Wordle, won’t miss it. We do it right before bedtime for some reason, and lately we’ve been on a streak of 4s and some 3 tries, and last night by dumb luck we got it in 2!

    Also Mexican train and cribbage – every so often we go to Burger King with a coupon, and we take the cribbage board in and have a game. Closest we come to a “date”.

    The birds are teaching me to get out in the morning and listen more often – was finally out there this a.m. around 8, which is too late for even the tail end of the Dawn Chorus, so I heard almost nothing. Going out early tomorrow.

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  5. Games. My parents played a lot of cards. 500. They’d try to get me to play and I wasn’t interested. I played a few times when they’d be short handed, but it just never interested me. I always wanted to play Monopoly as a kid and they hesitated on that too; said it took too long to play a game. maybe that’s why I didn’t like their games and never got in the habit of games then?
    We played games with our kids when they were interested. Daughter did more than son. But she’s over them too for now.

    I love the question of who gets you to do what you don’t want to do! There’s been a few people over the years that would guilt me. I got better at dealing with some of them.
    And we laugh knowingly at the young dads whose little girls have them wrapped around their fingers.

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    1. I suppose the odd person can use guilt on me but it’s rare. And one time when Jane said that I wouldn’t be rushed, I took it as a compliment, though not meant as such. And now that I’m retired, no, especially now, I will NOT be rushed. I’ll do it in my way, in my time, and I’ll do it right if possible. But don’t try and rush me.

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  6. I’ve always enjoyed playing games of all sorts, even silly board games. Scrabble, Checkers, Chess, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly,Yahtzee, Boggle, Clue, and various card games. I’m not necessarily a skilled player, though I’m pretty good at Scrabble, but I just think its fun, depending on who you are playing with. Husband only think it’s fun if he wins, so we don’t play together. He likes to play Chess, but takes so long contemplating his moves that I lose interest, so we gave that up, too.

    I loved playing tennis, and for years I’d play at least two or three times a week. A torn meniscus slowed me down for a while, and eventually a knee replacement put an end to it.

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  7. Chess.
    In our early teens, my brother Neil would goad me into making a move, because he didn’t have all day to watch my indecision. As soon as I moved he’d be unpleasantly scornful of my idiocy. That’s kind of how he still is, much as I love him. I’ll play the odd game if pushed, but I haven’t played Neil since the sixties.

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        1. I was thinking I might be the last person left in the world. Except there seemed to be someone in the WP office. You know, sending my messages on. But not the guy that eats messages.

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        2. Response to 10.26 comment: it’s reassuring that I don’t think I’ve come across a single Baboon who wouldn’t agree with that.


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