Where in the World is VS?

A friend of mine recently re-located here and just moved into her new townhouse; she invited me to come down for a few days to visit.  Although I have been to this state, I’ve never been to this city before, despite having sent a few groups here over the years.  I’m looking forward to a few relaxing days of sightseeing and entertainment.

    • The city is named after a Continental Army general during the American Revolutionary War.
    • The person who first called the U.S. flag “Old Glory” lived here.
    • The largest songwriter’s festival in the world is held here.
    • There is a full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon in this city.
    • President Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase “good to the last drop” here.
    • This was the first city in the nation to be granted an FM-broadcasting license.
    • The first seeing-eye dog training school in the U.S. was founded here.

Where am I?  And if you know, what should I see while I’m here?

40 thoughts on “Where in the World is VS?”

  1. Rise and Shine, Baboons!

    I do not know this one, and I still much catch up on the Baboon weekend. VS, I thought that with your retirement this game might go by the wayside. But no!

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        1. This particular state is riddled with Elvis’s. The home of his “mentor” Colonel Parker is in this city and there is a big Elvis show coming up next week.

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  2. Yesterday we went to two bookstores—one owned by Ann Patchett and one MASSIVE used bookstore that was just amazing! Then we walked through a very trendy little neighborhood snd got 100-layer donuts at a popular bakery!

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  3. Not my favorite state to work in and visit. Was stuck for 8 hours in the airport with all the packages. Felt like a lost package, which I do not count as one of my 3 visits. East end of the state has lovely scenery with people who were not.

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  4. Jane and I went into a little restaurant somewhere in town, and she was sitting back in the corner, and really, she did look very young. The waitress wanted to see ID for her, and she said “Huh?” “Sorry, you have to be over 18 to buy alcohol in this state”. We’d come by cab and had no ID, so Jane said, OK, I’ll just have water. She was not pleased. She was coming up 34 at the time, and later, I said, I don’t know why you’re so upset.
    There is just a bit more about that evening, but it doesn’t make me look good.

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